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Lucky Player wins €3.9M on Microgaming slot Mega Moolah Goddess

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Posted on 14 December 2021 by "T".

Microgaming has made yet another multi-millionaire and the lucky player this time managed to win a life-changing €3.9 million just by playing the Mega Moolah Goddess slot.

Struck on November 16, 2021, the €3,947,030.58 prize marks the tenth payout of seven figures or more on the supplier's progressive jackpot network this year.

What's even more incredible is that this €3.9 million is the largest win to be achieved on the ancient Egyptian-themed progressive jackpot slot in its history!

This latest Mega win brings the total paid out on Microgaming's progressive jackpot network to date to more than €1.5 billion, with over 22 million all-time payouts awarded.

CEO at Microgaming John Coleman said, "I'm delighted to see another spectacular win strike on a Mega Moolah slot, particularly as it's a historic moment for Mega Moolah Goddess. Congratulations to the player!"

Did you know? Mega Moolah Goddess was released on May 13, 2021. The 25-payline slot offers four different jackpots, with the Mega progressive jackpot offering life-changing sums waiting to be won.

Congratulations to the winner - truly an amazing win. Imagine becoming an instant millionaire just as the year ends!

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Whether you play big or small, a jackpot could be in your arms reach!

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27 comments on "Lucky Player wins €3.9M on Microgaming slot Mega Moolah Goddess"

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» Lucky Player wins €3.9M on Microgaming slot Mega Moolah Goddess

 dule-vu15/12/2021 05:57:12 GMT
Another big win on microgaming slots!what to say,big luck for this player!crazy amount!
 geseco1216/12/2021 04:18:49 GMT
These are amounts of money that you can not explain, these people who win millions in slot games are privileged to get huge prizes, it is not easy to have their luck, but that's how things happen, keep playing, maybe next time we will be the lucky one.
 dule-vu16/12/2021 05:55:34 GMT
This is when jackpot be payed on lot of sites,countries,so it can grow till this big amounts!crazy!
 dule-vu17/12/2021 15:57:27 GMT
this mega moolah series of slot payed lot of mone in last months and its crazy how big jackpot they have,but we can imagine how much money players spend on them!who know how many sites have their slots and thats why he can grow till this big amount!
 geseco1217/12/2021 18:38:12 GMT
The positive thing is that you can have the possibility of winning large amounts of money, even millions in the slots, but what they will never show are the losses they have for the constancy of play that they do throughout their lives, I am not criticizing the rooms, but it is a personal comment, that is why we are playing to win the millionaire prizes.
 CALICUL17/12/2021 18:40:40 GMT
good money for this winner.
 geseco1218/12/2021 21:45:50 GMT
Imagine that winning 1 million dollars is crazy, and how can you explain this player that has won almost 4 million dollars playing slots, tremendous money that this player is getting, of course he will celebrate it in a big way, these news are not very frequent.
 CALICUL18/12/2021 21:45:59 GMT
a very lucky player
 geseco1220/12/2021 02:14:36 GMT
tremendous amount of money that this player won, few are the lucky ones to win big prizes in the slots, I believe that the constancy of playing is the key, you don't know at what moment you can be surprised by these millionaire prizes that come out when you least expect them.
 dule-vu20/12/2021 05:43:22 GMT
this jackpots from microgaming will be bigger and bigger in future,because more and more players will play them after this king of news and big winnings!
 geseco1221/12/2021 03:35:16 GMT
it is true, every year many players are coming to play these slot games and the jackpots are growing exponentially, that is why the jackpots are millionaire prizes, where all those who play can participate and win, it is expected that in the next years they will be better than the previous one.
 dule-vu21/12/2021 05:50:10 GMT
we can imagine how big they will be in 2022.,when they were this big in this year!
 geseco1222/12/2021 03:44:32 GMT
It fills us with happiness when we see news of people who win a lot of money in slot games, people who really deserve it for always playing these games constantly, many lose, but there are others who win a lot.
 dule-vu22/12/2021 05:58:50 GMT
probably they spend a lot of this slots,but when this jackpot come,you forger on everything!
 dule-vu24/12/2021 08:36:48 GMT
I know that one of first big jackpots was on mega fortune slot from netent and it was in millions,dont know was this before this big series of slots on microgaming,but what they do know with this is great,but on other hand bad for players because they will spend a lot!
 geseco1226/12/2021 00:32:08 GMT
tremendous prize that he has won, everyone would like someday to have the luck of this gentleman, millionaire prize that will serve him to live a life full of comforts and privileges, that has these games, that at any time you can change your life overnight.
 CALICUL26/12/2021 00:38:38 GMT
is a very lucky player who took a nice sum at a very strong slot. This is a beautiful thing in this industry and whoever wins such a big prize will be very happy for a lifetime if he knows how to spend his money.
 antonis32126/12/2021 06:50:03 GMT
Life changing money for sure , 4 million $$$$ , wow , unimaginable amount of money . Many are the winners of big jackpot game slots , with one spin to win so much that's awesome . Wishing to the lucky man or woman winner to spend the money well !!!
 dule-vu26/12/2021 07:14:01 GMT
Even less money would change life and not to talk abou 4 millions!big luck!
 geseco1227/12/2021 01:02:48 GMT
The huge amount of money that this man got just by playing these online games like slots, that's why many players are playing more and more often, everyone wants to win this prize, and of course 4 million dollars is a crazy amount of money.
 dule-vu27/12/2021 01:03:16 GMT
Thats why they earn so much money,because players spend every year more and more when they see this kind of jackpots!
 geseco1229/12/2021 02:36:42 GMT
with this kind of news, seeing people winning millions of dollars playing these online games, everyone wants to play, they want to try their luck, that's why more and more people are playing, and the jackpots are getting bigger and bigger.
 dule-vu29/12/2021 05:42:47 GMT
yeah,with this kind of news,as we both said,people will want ot play more and more,they will spend lot of money and jackpots will be just bigger!
 geseco1205/01/2022 01:04:43 GMT
Big amounts of money are mounted in these slots, many play them and the jackpots grow more and more, the luck of winning is little, but always the lucky one appears, and this player has achieved it, congratulations for the tremendous prize and enjoy that it does not happen every day.
 dule-vu05/01/2022 01:04:48 GMT
Great jackpots from this company!

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