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Win €10,000 Cash in Las Vegas Gold - Level Up promo on BitStarz

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Posted on 02 December 2021 by "T".

Out with the old, in with the new... It's Las Vegas Gold - Level Up time here on BitStarz!

Work your way through 40 rockin' rooms at this Sin City casino and get your hands on the glitzy €50,000 individual prize pool.

What happens in Vegas...
Level Up adventures have become the hottest casino promotions at BitStarz. Much like the legendary tournaments from the past, the mechanics in this one are the same, but this time players are headed to the bustling virtual BitStarz casino, where players quench their thirst at the bar, kick back in the entertainment room, get their hustle on at the tables, or tie the knot with Elvis Frog presiding - it's entertainment all the way!

All you have to do is to play your favorite slots or table games at BitStarz between November 22, 2021 and January 7, 2022 to earn points that will see you through the 40 levels on the tournament map. Be the first one to reach the end and the €10,000 cash prize is yours!

As soon as you start playing when the tournament starts, you will automatically be entered in this promotion.

How to Join:

  • First things first, sign up for a BitStarz account here and get 30 Free Spins (no deposit bonus) + 100% up to €500 / 5 BTC & 180 Free Spins
  • Play your favorite games at BitStarz
  • Reach the next level
  • Get a prize credited to your account
  • Have fun no matter what you do at BitStarz!

Make sure you do everything in your power to stay in the running for incredible prizes in this exciting map quest.

Make your way to the inner corridors of the casino, casually striding through a share of the sensational €50,000 individual prize pool along the way.

Be the first one to crack open their Jackpot Vault at the finish line and the grand prize of €10,000 cash will be yours!

Terms and Conditions
The promotion runs from 13:00 CET November 22, 2021 - 15:00 CET January 7, 2022.
Only real money bets will count towards the promotion. Any bonus money bets will not register.
Minimum risk wagering on table games will not count towards your turnover (including, but not limited to, betting on both red and black at the same time, etc). If this practice is discovered and found to be taking place, the player will be banned from the promotion.
Table games contribute 5% towards the turnover for the promotion.
All slot games contribute 100% towards the turnover for the promotion.
All prizes come with a 10x wagering requirement.
As you wager in the casino, you will reach new levels by reaching a new milestone in the progression bar. As soon as you've filled it up, you will reach another level. Each successive level and milestone increases in difficulty as you progress through the adventure.
Prizes are credited immediately.
Players with closed accounts prior to receiving a prize will forfeit their reward.
BitStarz reserves the right to amend the level requirements and prizes at any given moment.
Only the first player reaching the top level of the tournament will receive the prize consisting of €10,000 cash.
BitStarz reserves the right to ban players who are deemed as trying to abuse the promotion.
BitStarz reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.
BitStarz general terms and conditions apply.

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16 comments on "Win €10,000 Cash in Las Vegas Gold - Level Up promo on BitStarz"

 dule-vu02/12/2021 15:44:55 GMT
he,he,just when we have thread about problems with this site,they give promotion.... Big Smile
 ligador3702/12/2021 20:55:15 GMT
hahah I had not read that a thread had been created about that site, so I will be there shortly.
Promotions will always appear, whether they are reliable or not, it is the only way to attract people.
Not the slightest chance of getting those 10,000 (only for the one who gets there first). Well, I would not get to get part of the 50,000 either, I think.
 dule-vu02/12/2021 20:55:20 GMT
You have that thread below,so read his expierence with them!very bad!
 ligador3702/12/2021 21:04:34 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
You have that thread below,so read his expierence with them!very bad!

I just read and although the experience is not pretty, I think that he simply forgot to read the terms and conditions of the promotion (in my case it is the first thing I do to see if it is worth participating or not). Or he just didn't bother to read them. I think the requirements were clear, and he has not met one of the steps.
 dule-vu02/12/2021 21:04:38 GMT
But they asked him to make deposit and to give documents!then it wasnt problem!
 ligador3702/12/2021 21:07:38 GMT
very strange indeed.
 CALICUL02/12/2021 21:07:58 GMT
we certainly don't know , but this is the situation
 geseco1203/12/2021 02:29:06 GMT
hopefully you can meet the requirements to get the big jackpot there, many rooms do this kind of promos to attract more players, but at least there is something interesting to play for, good luck to everyone.
 dule-vu03/12/2021 05:54:10 GMT
Nobody will play this 40 level promotion,especially after yesterdays post from our usa member and his blocked account!
 dule-vu04/12/2021 19:18:27 GMT
this 40 level promotions are silly and players just can lose lot of money on games,because they will try everything to come till end of this levels and to be first and with that kind of play they will spend lot of money!
 ligador3704/12/2021 21:31:38 GMT
As I said in another post about another room, with a similar promotion. I do not like casino promotions when it is required to spend a lot of money, like here. In any case, it is still a good promotion for those who already spend a lot of money on live casino games. I'm not particularly one of those so I don't lose money on that.
It would be worse if there was no promotion (since the one who plays casino, would still do it). Although it's all marketing
 CALICUL04/12/2021 21:34:22 GMT
yeah, i know, but is a casino...
 geseco1205/12/2021 04:03:20 GMT
It is true, climbing levels in the casinos is very difficult, and in the long run you end up spending a lot of money, I think the room should make it more accessible and easier to not lose a lot of money, that's why today gambling is not profitable.
 dule-vu05/12/2021 04:17:18 GMT
You can imagine how much you can need to wager till you come till this level and to be first that will do it!
 dule-vu06/12/2021 20:17:32 GMT
this promotions isnt good for players,especially does who will just run to catch biggest level as they can!we all know that strange things can happen and that we dont see any winner from this site and they dont publish anything,no matter is it car of big win,they have secrets about everything,so players dont believe them!
 dule-vu07/12/2021 21:43:35 GMT
it would be good for all,that member who made that thread about site,to write did he solved something with them or he let it go and didnt want to make any deposit!probably lot members dont believe in this kind of big winnings and big leaderboards,so after that they will not believe more!

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