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Bounty Belles (iSoftBet)

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Posted on 17 February 2021 by "T".

Enter the world of slots in Wild West town as a bounty hunter in search of the Bounty Belles, a new video slot released by iSoftBet. A familiar Wild West-themed slot game awaits but with a refreshing twist - you get to track down an all-female outlaw gang and once you do, you get to collect their bounties!

Check out this classic Wild West-themed slot game that comes with several features including the very exciting Wild Bounty mode!

  • Bounty Belles has a 5x3 reelset with 243 up to 1,125 ways to win.
  • You can win up to 10,877x your bet in this video slot game.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a RTP of 95.99%.

This slot game is packed with awesome and rewarding features such as: a Wild Symbol, the Wild Bounty mode, a Bonus Symbol that triggers the Free Spins, Deadman's Draw with multipliers, and up to 1,125 ways to win!

The Sheriff's Badge serve as Wild symbols, which can replace any symbol in a win line, except for the Bonus symbol. The Wild symbols only appear on reels 1 and 2.

Wild Bounty Mode

If you get the Wild symbols on reels 1 and 2, it will trigger the Wild Bounty mode. Reels can expand by 1 or 2 rows higher during the Wild Bounty mode. Wild Bounty mode can be triggered on any spin.

Landing any Bounty symbols on reel 3, 4 or 5 while in Wild Bounty mode will award the bounty amounts attached to them.

During Wild Bounty mode, any bounty symbols which land in view on consecutive reels, starting with reel 3, will award the amounts attached to them. Bounties are only paid on consecutive reels and must start on reel 3.

Watch out for the minor, major and grand bounties on reel 5!

Free Spins

Hit 3, 4 or 5 Bonus Symbols to trigger the Free Spins feature, which starts with 10, 12 or 15 free spins respectively.

During Free Spins, the Wild Bounty mode can be triggered on any spin.

Deadman's Draw

During Free Spins, any win can be multiplied from a draw of cards.

Multiplier cards will be dealt, then shot and removed. The last card left will award the multiplier shown on the card to the next winning spin - this includes normal winning symbols and bounty symbols.


Track down the beauties with bounties on their heads and collect rewards with iSoftBet's newest slot game Bounty Belles!

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24 comments on "Bounty Belles (iSoftBet)"

 dule-vu17/02/2021 11:14:25 GMT
in last months I play lot of slota from this company,so for sure I will try this one to see how it will be!but what I see from this video,it looks very interesting!
 sirkosun17/02/2021 15:59:55 GMT
Over the past month, I have participated in three different Slot promotions from different providers and I have nothing to boast about.
It is difficult to get into the leaderboard and there were no big wins either.
Maybe I will be more lucky in this promotion.
Good luck to all.
 dule-vu17/02/2021 16:05:29 GMT
What slot promotions,leaderboards and big winnings are you talking about?this is just news about new slot from isoftbet company!
 geseco1218/02/2021 03:16:32 GMT
The slots have been made to enjoy it and have a little fun, I think that for this campaign the casino is having more boom due to the pandemic. I hope you are lucky and you can earn money with these great promotions that the room gives us.
 dule-vu18/02/2021 10:35:29 GMT
great thing in this slot is that when you get wilds on first two reels,you dont know how much he will expand on last three reels and what number of ways you will have,so you can hit big win if he expand till end!I am sure that people will play a lot this slot,because it offer something different then other slots!
 CALICUL18/02/2021 20:12:47 GMT
This slot game has nice prizes and is one that should not be avoided. What is beautiful can become superb, if the gains are very good. It's pretty hard but no one knows when a big prize hits you. This game will be appreciated by connoisseurs.
 geseco1219/02/2021 03:50:15 GMT
They are all in the online casino for the big prizes that are offered, it is difficult to get the jackpot, the chances are smaller, but despite that people enjoy it and play, I have been tempted and I always play some slots online and I have a great time.
 CALICUL19/02/2021 20:53:49 GMT
It's nice if you like slot games, but i hope there it exist some profit for your wallet after withdrawal(s). Many people lose money at casinos but the winners can be happy and we must have some gains, so as not to play in vain. Money can be obtained but now depending on fate and luck.
 geseco1220/02/2021 04:21:41 GMT
You are right, the luck factor is the key in online casinos, we cannot compete with software designed to win, but luck is when you try the most since the software releases the prize when it is already profitable, I think that is the question Sometimes the lucky ones play at the moment when the jackpot is in its prime.
 dule-vu20/02/2021 11:54:46 GMT
here is story and news about new slot from this company and how you like it and will you play it,from what you see from this video!its not about jackpots on slots,big winnings and how you can make cashouts when you win big!so it would be good that we talking about at least in some thread and not that we read spam in almost every thread!
 CALICUL20/02/2021 21:54:26 GMT
This new slot game looks promising and it has free spins, but of course you have to win them, when you play for real money. Earnings can be attractive as well. It's easy when we talk, but the practice is harder with it. Good luck anyway.
 geseco1221/02/2021 05:58:02 GMT
I had the opportunity to play casino for almost a whole day, my anecdote is that at the beginning I won, but as time went by I felt that I was losing money, and so it happened, little by little money was lost, that's why it is a bit difficult, but at the At first it seems that you win.
 CALICUL21/02/2021 21:38:21 GMT
I want to play more slot games, but for now i was thinking a year ago to go in another country for work and Covid 19 turned my plans upside down. I don't have a job that i like, but i would like to leave my country for a while. With a salary like in the west i can afford to try these games like bounty belles or something different.
 geseco1222/02/2021 06:08:50 GMT
The slots are going to be there friend, they will always make you smile, we just have to wait for all this to happen to continue playing live poker, the slots, etc., they are very good that it helps to have a good time. always accompanied with friends to remove laziness.
 CALICUL23/02/2021 00:38:47 GMT
The idea is that: we can win, if we play more slots but not on different days. I prefer to play one day a lot. and not in 7 days very little. Until a proper win, we have to keep a balance when playing slots, without losing too much money. Bounty Belles has beautiful prizes after a relatively easy calculation, and luck can come at any time.
 geseco1223/02/2021 08:05:00 GMT
In slots you have to play a couple of hours just, because sometimes we are winning and we want more and sometimes that takes its toll, we know that as we spend more time our odds in online casinos drop drastically, so we must be cautious.
 dule-vu23/02/2021 14:14:54 GMT
ok members,it would be enough of this posts that have no sense and have nothing with this slot!nobody from didnt play this slot,nobody talk about this slot or anything that have connection with it!its not thread about casino games and how you need to play them (even some of them dont play it at all,but write it)!
so its best to close this thread,when we dont read anything new about this slot and its just for collecting points!
 CALICUL27/02/2021 22:30:46 GMT
to play for many hours, you must not lose too much until a possible adequate gain. Most players try a little and when they lose, will no longer risk because the fear that they will lose even more money. Anyway, it is very difficult to make a profit but a huge win is the main objective for all players.
 CALICUL30/08/2021 18:00:42 GMT
I still haven't won free spins many times to stay in the game for a long time, because i don't invest too much in slots and lose quickly. This year i managed more, but for now i'm still a kind of amateur. I hope to succeed more in the future.
 CALICUL25/09/2021 15:06:57 GMT
it's nice to collect rewards from a female band, but even more important is to win with this very nice slot game. I suggest for slot lovers to try a little here, because this game has qualities as well and you will be convinced of this thing.
 CALICUL23/10/2021 15:44:01 GMT
At the beginning, i didn't win any money with slots like you, but maybe in the future i will have the opportunity to prove... I must to have an inspiration to enter in a suitable game, that will make me for win something. Bounty Belles or any other slot is fine, but until then, we have to play sometimes.
 CALICUL12/11/2021 20:31:45 GMT
is a fun game with little chances of winning a lot of money but the big prize can be won much easier as other slots because it doesn't a huge jackpot. The symbol bonuses are interesting and the success of this slot is quite good. The important thing for us is to enjoy and see what happens...
 milan_timko13/11/2021 00:27:43 GMT
So cali, do you play with some kind of strategy on those slotgames? Do you play till you have a good strike and than try your luck on another. Or do you just have your favourite games that you will play where you feel comfort with.
I'm not very in with those things. Cant figure it out.
 dule-vu13/11/2021 00:28:47 GMT
he dont play slot and casino games at all,especially for real money,so everything that you read in this threads about slots,he just spam to collect points!you can see how old is this thread!
you would believe something to person who say that new jersey is city?
Big Smile

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