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Playtech partners with Sony to Create New Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Live Games

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Posted on 04 March 2021 by "T".

Much to the delight of TV game and live casino fans, Playtech has announced that it plans to develop not one but three new Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? branded live games.

Playtech has partnered with Sony Pictures Television, the company that carries the license for this popular TV game show.

In the latest expansion of its live casino segment, the company said, "Playtech will develop three versions of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in cooperation with the show's owner, Sony Pictures Television."

Commercial Director, Brand Management and Interactive at Sony Pictures Television UK Stephan Zingg said, "Playtech Live is creating some of the most innovative online gaming experiences on the market and we are very excited to start working with the team. We are positive that the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? brand will deliver new elements of entertainment to the player and enhance their experience."

Chief Operating Officer at Playtech Shimon Akad commented, "We are very proud to be chosen as Sony's partner to bring the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? brand to the live casino market. Securing prestigious brands like this is a key pillar of our content strategy as we look to deliver the most engaging responsible gambling entertainment experience in the market."

CEO at Playtech Live Edo Haitin added, "Our vision at Playtech Live is to deliver the best possible entertainment experience. This centres around building game show content that is underpinned by leading global brands, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has proven consistently over the years to be an absolute favourite worldwide. Our ability to develop engaging product features and live game shows, allowing players to experience first-hand the thrill and excitement of playing one of the most enduring game show formats in television history, that is what an entertainment-led experience is all about! This is only the beginning of our journey at Playtech Live and we cannot wait to start working on developing these three new games, which we are sure will be an exciting addition to our already engaging portfolio."

This latest collaboration with Sony comes merely a week after the announcement of a new partnership with the industry's leading online betting company 888 Holdings, and Playtech continues to make deals with established brands and further strengthen its position on the market.

Playtech's ability to develop engaging iGaming products and live game show has given it a huge boost - players at 888casino are able to enjoy playing Playtech's exciting live casino and RNG games since February 18, 2021.


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26 comments on "Playtech partners with Sony to Create New Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Live Games"

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» Playtech partners with Sony to Create New Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Live Games

 geseco1204/03/2021 17:05:08 GMT
This is great news for lovers of live casinos and television games, the union of these 2 great companies to develop three new brand live games is a reality and I think it will be a success, one of the CEOs OF LA company speaks and says that the goal is to provide the best possible entertainment experience to players, that is on another level.
 CALICUL05/03/2021 10:33:33 GMT
This game is very interesting and means that live casino can also offer this game for the online environment, because the live online version has been available for slot games for several years. It will be fine now for many players of course, but the online version i think will be rejected, so that people do not cheat...
 dule-vu05/03/2021 17:08:43 GMT
we will probably wait for some time to see how this live game looks like,but probably it will very interesting,because they know that they need to make at least good game as other famous live games,so they cant lose months on making bad thing!probably it will be different type of live game,because it need to look on original tv show!
 geseco1205/03/2021 17:43:18 GMT
Both the online and live versions are very good, each one will choose which of the two seems better to them, but I believe that this alliance between companies is for them to improve their proposals also that they want to give the best gaming experience to their customers and this it's very good.
 CALICUL06/03/2021 11:20:29 GMT
all we have to do is that we to search with interest on the internet, and see about that game and how will be, when it is placed on the market, because we can only know what it will be, when people receive the consent to participate in who wants to be a millionaire.
 dule-vu06/03/2021 17:25:28 GMT
at least we will know something about it when they made it,you cant know anything before and this will take for some period!but we all know that this live games you need to play for real money,so we all know who will not have chance to try it,from members.because they only use play money on casino games!
 geseco1206/03/2021 18:11:25 GMT
It is a game that is being promoted as one of the best, well that is what the organizations have told us, that they will provide the best experience to their players with first level games, you also have the possibility of being a great millionaire, although the probability is very short, but the desire to play it is great, good luck to all.
 CALICUL08/03/2021 15:39:33 GMT
people who know a lot of things and have a good general culture can make some money there. On TV are fewer participants, but there will be many applicants who can affect very seriously the pockets of casinos. Obviously it will be a pretty difficult game but many people are very smart.
 geseco1208/03/2021 19:34:17 GMT
In the casinos there is everything, there are people who have become a millionaire thanks to the casinos, but if you ask them how, they are going to tell you luck, finally it is my turn, I think these high rollers spend years playing and playing and some day it's their turn, the casino has that panorama, but each one with their game.
 dule-vu08/03/2021 19:48:33 GMT
it just interesting what they will offer on this live games,because we know how they made deal or no deal live game and how for example is on live monopoly wheel,but this game is specific and t would be hard to make call a firend,50/50 and ask audience!it would be different then any other game that we have online!
 CALICUL09/03/2021 16:42:11 GMT
I think like this newly created game which is named New Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Live Games will have the grand prize of one million dollars. The questions will be very difficult after the first threshold of 5 questions, because this game must have a long life with good profit for casinos and players.
 geseco1209/03/2021 20:02:26 GMT
This is how the casinos benefit first, once they have had their profit margin, that is where they release the prize, the million dollars I think it will be difficult to win it in a moment, I think it will be difficult at first, then they will release it and good luck to that winner who gets him at that moment, but it will be a good game and fun.
 CALICUL11/03/2021 18:22:37 GMT
I played this game online a few years ago but it was with a maximum of 100 or 150 questions. I hit him about 5 times and i became a toy millionaire. We only gain experience with that model and that's it. It is good that there are with real money for good of all winners.
 geseco1211/03/2021 21:36:23 GMT
Of course it is, you first have to try and adapt to the game, and from there you play with more volume, that depends on many factors, but the important thing is that you must try to have the possibility of winning that great prize, it does not go be easy, but luck is on our side and your dreams could come true.
 Cesar1412/03/2021 04:23:03 GMT
Live and online casino has been one of the most demanded hobbies in history, I think that this specific game has made many people want to play it, who does not want to be a millionaire and this is something easy to achieve, but with good luck .
 dule-vu13/03/2021 01:15:16 GMT
this will be very trick to make something like in real show on tv and to have main prize of 1 million euros,because this could be chance for every player (like on tv),to win this prize,so what would happen if few players will earn this amount,who would pay this amount?so this game must be some other type,like slots with this name on which you cant win this amount,its just symbols and gambling question like on tv show!
 geseco1214/03/2021 03:31:38 GMT
Today I think that online casinos are exponentially increasing, it is one of the most fun hobbies that exist, so it would be good to play it and make yourself a millionaire, it sounds impossible, but it is a matter of being able to enjoy it to the fullest, it is a game, and that you have to take it as such, and not get frustrated but win.
 CALICUL14/03/2021 22:15:14 GMT
Sony is a formidable company and this thing matters a lot here. I am very curious how this game will be formatted in live casinos and if it can be played from home. It would be a very good impact on the players if they do that.
 dule-vu15/03/2021 11:22:20 GMT
this is thing when somebody dont know what he talking about and dont know anything about casino games,slots and live games!this words if it can be played from home says everything about this member,but he think that he know everything and that he play casino games for years!ha,ha,what a joke!
they want to make game like we have other live games on casino sites!
 CALICUL15/03/2021 23:13:26 GMT
I know more than you in connection with this game. Who want to be a millionaire it is the only general culture game that I watched on TV and sometimes on youtube, but i also played it online many times. You only know the slot games. I haven't seen you to play poker. You're the invisible man in poker rooms. I hope to play this game in future.
 CALICUL25/08/2021 15:48:53 GMT
I found this game but unfortunately i didn't play it. I hope i will do it, if i remember the next time when i have a good bankroll in 888. I had one 2 weeks ago but today it has visibly shrunk and i must to grow it again. I will play - you want to be a millionaire -, because it is a super interesting and tempting game.
 CALICUL17/10/2021 12:59:52 GMT
I said that i will try to play this game but i need more serious documentation and to know if there is a translation made in Romanian. When you want to risk some money, can't do it if u know English well. In the case of this game, it is necessary to know or have a direct translation.
 CALICUL07/11/2021 19:53:27 GMT
this game is very good and a winner appeared if i understood correctly from another thread. Others will follow, because the amount will accumulate again and people can make substantial gains. It is important to play, if we want something beautiful to withdraw in a case of a nice win.
 CALICUL01/12/2021 00:56:03 GMT
this game is starting to be successful with each passing day and that is very good. I thought it was a game like at tv, but i was wrong. because it's different and here i mean one thing. The point is that: it doesn't matter how it is, how long people earn. What matters is the win and how you play.
 CALICUL21/12/2021 12:47:06 GMT
I like this collaboration because several companies have come together to bring out something good. This game is interesting and you don't have to be a professional to see it. What is beautiful is kept in our memory and we want to play when we have money to risk.

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