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5 Great Reasons to Check out Casumo

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Posted on 12 April 2021 by "T".

There are many online casinos out there right now that it can be quite difficult to choose which one is the best online casino for you.

If you're in the quest to find an online casino that treats its customers like "adventurers", then look no further, as Casumo is worth checking out!

Casumo has been around since 2012, and what's great about them is that they have succeeded in creating the world's first casino adventure - by combining both worlds of social and real money gaming, where players collect wins and points for each round they play.

1. Casumo App

They have developed their very own Casumo App, available for both Android and iOS, which can be downloaded from the Android App and App Store page. The Casumo App supports Fingerprint Login, FaceID and TouchID so you can log in quickly and easily. The Quick Launch option allows you quick access to the last four mobile slot games you played. It also has a Spotlight game search feature to browse all your favorite mobile slots directly in the App. Also, they have created another unique feature to the in-game experience which lets you minimize your mobile slot game by just pinching the screen.

2. In-game Adventure

Everything you do at Casumo, you'd come to find that it's always a part of a greater game. Just keep playing any of your favorite online casino games and you also get to take part in their In-game adventure - collect points and get rewarded with nice prizes as you level up. Prizes could be in the form of free cash, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, bonus spins or reloads. The more you play and collect points, the more prizes you will receive!

This is simply Casumo's way to thank all players for their loyalty and for choosing to play on the site.

3. Reel Races

Reel Races are Casumo's daily, fast-paced tournaments where players get to compete against others in real-time slots races for a chance to win cash prizes! Join Reel Races from the Casumo App too, and keep an eye on the leaderboard while competing from the top spot. You will get real-time, in-app updates of your current position, remaining spins and points - all these, with ever leaving the game.

4. Award-winning Online Casino
Throughout the years, Casumo has been duly rewarded with many amazing trophies. These are tokens of recognition attesting that Casumo is one of the best in the industry.

  • 2021 eGaming Review (EGR) Nordic Awards: Casino Operator
  • 2020 Industry Community (ICA) Awards: Online Operator
  • 2019 International Gaming (IGA) Awards: Online Casino Operator
  • 2018 eGaming Review (EGR) Nordic Awards: Mobile Operator
  • 2017 eGaming Review (EGR) Nordic Awards: Mobile Operator
  • 2017 eGaming Review (EGR) Awards: Affiliate Program
  • 2016 eGaming Review (EGR) Nordic Awards: Marketing Campaign
  • 2016 eGaming Review (EGR) Nordic Awards: Inhouse Innovation
  • 2015 eGaming Review (EGR) Awards: Mobile Casino Product of the Year
  • 2015 eGaming Review (EGR) Awards: Innovation in Casino
  • 2014 eGaming Review (EGR Awards: Innovation in Casino
  • 2013 eGaming Review (EGR) Awards: Rising Star

5. Fully Licensed

Casumo is available in core markets including Canada, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with its main headquarters located in the United Kingdom. To continuously support their players, they have formed a team of dedicated ambassadors working round the clock.

Casumo employs more than 300 employees from all over the world, working from the company's offices in Copenhagen, Gibraltar, London, Spain and Malta.

Casumo Services Limited hold licenses in both Malta and the United Kingdom. Such licenses simply mean that they are able to maintain a secure and safe gambling environment and provide a fully-compliant online casino website.

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26 comments on "5 Great Reasons to Check out Casumo"

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» 5 Great Reasons to Check out Casumo

 CALICUL12/04/2021 22:24:35 GMT
I heard nice words about Casumo on this site, but to be honest i haven't read more things on the internet about this casino. Who wants to spend a few dollars can do it without problems and after that will decide if it is beautiful or not. Anyway , Good luck.
 geseco1213/04/2021 00:50:10 GMT
This casino does not know it, it is normal that in recent years many online casinos come out that one does not realize they exist, that is why this page is so that they provide us with detailed information to read and investigate to play in them.
 dule-vu13/04/2021 11:18:33 GMT
I had account on this site and did play there for some time and had good experience,but now cant even open this site because of all this country restricitions!I think that this is now for year or two,where goverment start to blocked foreign site and now dont know much about them!but I see that some players who have streams on you tube,still play on casumo!
 bowie198413/04/2021 12:51:27 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I think that this is now for year or two,where goverment start to blocked foreign site and now dont know much about them!but I see that some players who have streams on you tube,still play on casumo!

They would use VPN to be able to access the blocked webpages, it's a very popular tool for those whose government is blocking certain IP addresses.
Unless the onlinecasino is blocking your country altogether but in that case they would just refuse to accept your registration, you would still be able to access their site.
Casumo is one of the best onlinecasinos out there, they have awesome promos and bonusgalore - I highly recommend to anybody who plays slots or table games frequently.
 Cesar1413/04/2021 16:01:57 GMT
It could be that using VPN as a tool to access these sites, but the problem could be that these sites have detectors and can cancel your account definitively, I think the problem would happen later, it should be legal to avoid problems.
 bowie198413/04/2021 17:27:28 GMT
Posted by Cesar14:
It could be that using VPN as a tool to access these sites, but the problem could be that these sites have detectors and can cancel your account definitively, I think the problem would happen later, it should be legal to avoid problems.

If they don't specify in their T&C that they do IP filtering you should be okay using VPN as long as you do the required identity verification after registering and specify your situation with support via email or chat.
Some sites are understanding about trying to circumvent government IP blocks - sometimes they even set up alternative websites to acknowledge how much of their current userbase would be shut out otherwise (Unibet/Bet365 did it with Hungary a couple years ago when the government started to block their sites and did not allow them to get hungarian gambling licenses).
 CALICUL13/04/2021 22:55:24 GMT
In many countries, casinos, poker rooms, sports bookmakers, etc. are banned... In Romania, the tax authorities charge fees to offer livelihood to these operators, but they are too stingy to pay it. In many cases it is also the fault of the representatives of the respective country. Casumo can pay if he wants a pie from there.
 geseco1214/04/2021 01:56:12 GMT
I am just getting to know this casino, and I think it is the same as everyone, they publish it so that we can play in it, but they should have more news about it, that they differ from the others so that we can play it and win something.
 Rogerio1014/04/2021 05:17:57 GMT
From what i read i this article i must say Casumo is the must try if you play casino games. I already know them and know they are good option and safe with good reputation. I know too about all great promotions they offer, but till now i didn't know that they get so many rewards every year. Great place to play.
 dule-vu14/04/2021 11:40:08 GMT
bowie I know that I can use VPN on some sites,but I didnt try it on casumo,because I already play on some with VPN,like on party casino page (party poker is different and there I dont have problems),but casumo isnt interesting for me anymore,so will not try my luck with deposits and other things and later that I have problems with cashouts!
but now when I try to open their page,getting message how from my country isnt allowed to come on their site!its their message,not from my goverment!
 DinGo!14/04/2021 15:15:01 GMT
It,s better not to use VPN at all. Because this can be the reason for casino not to pay you your winnings. For sure you can ask support team for possibility of use it, and even if they allow you to do that, it,s better not to use this at all. Sometimes if you use it they can ask you to verify your account again and this can take also some nerves.
 geseco1215/04/2021 02:53:17 GMT
That is the reason why we should not use VPN, everything must be transparent, because in the end the problems arise, and they do not allow you to withdraw the money, that is why you must opt ​​for the legal, if your country does not accept these types of rooms What are you going to do, choose another one and that's it.
 Rogerio1015/04/2021 12:29:44 GMT
I would not recomend to use a VPN for everyone. But if they keep restricting sites in your country one by one i gues you have no other option if you want to play an legite sites. But still would recomend better use allowed option or find a casino near you for live play if nothing else works.
 bowie198415/04/2021 19:20:05 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
but now when I try to open their page,getting message how from my country isnt allowed to come on their site!its their message,not from my goverment!

Oh, right - so the ban was from their end. Thanks for clearing it up. Nevermind my comment above then.
 geseco1218/04/2021 05:29:52 GMT
But most casinos are present in most countries that we already know, for example in my country most casinos are welcome, for that part I have no problems, but I see in forums people who are complaining because the casinos are not for their country, that will depend on many factors, but as I say they use vpn, I in particular do not use it.
 dule-vu18/04/2021 13:40:16 GMT
you can play because your country doesnt care about taxes and everyting else that come from this business,but when they start to care,they will close lot of sites because of that problem!so this is for most of europe,especially for EU countries and this will cotinue in next months also!
 Cesar1418/04/2021 18:11:30 GMT
That is how many players suffer from the regulations of these casinos, that is a problem that has to be solved in the near future, for the good of all, meanwhile one can play without restrictions in their country as long as it is allowed.
 CALICUL22/04/2021 14:14:01 GMT
unfortunately this casino is not in Romania, because their site is blocked when i want to look for him. I tried to see what can i find here, but unfortunately they don't have a paid license in my country and obviously i can't play here.
 geseco1228/04/2021 03:50:53 GMT
Lately there are some casinos that are leaving some countries, that gives me a little fear, knowing that it will no longer be available in your country, I have happened with some casinos in my country, that's why I always choose casinos that are popular and legal, because I know they will continue for many years
 CALICUL28/04/2021 16:06:59 GMT
In recent years the first thing when a casino, a poker room, or a sports bookmaker left a country it was because of the license. The culprits are both parties because some of them did not want to pay anything and others demanded too high taxes. I don't know if Casumo has been active in my country, but it is possible if it has many years on the market.
 CALICUL01/09/2021 19:06:34 GMT
it is the best to opt for a solid casino, that you know is safe and do not risk losing money from your account. It's not easy to find a good casino, but Casumo has publicity and is reliable. At the moment we can play with confidence here, if they has a license for each country or where they are allowed.
 CALICUL13/10/2021 11:17:37 GMT
Casumo is an important name in this industry and many players prefer this casino. I think they also worked in my country until 2016, but in the online environment i don't know if they were. I wasn't a casino player and I don't care about that in the past, but here are a lot of good things now.
 CALICUL04/11/2021 19:26:11 GMT
There could be more reasons if we think about it, because they have enough benefits for all kinds of people. Here we can enjoy with a lot of slots, that will make our lives much more relaxing, because these games are for few things, not necessarily with the thought of a win.
 CALICUL26/11/2021 00:11:30 GMT
I wish I could enjoy this casino but I don't understand why they don't try to enter many countries. They have divided the territories and each operates where possible, but there is no open world to have more players. I think they need to work harder on licenses to earn better.
 CALICUL14/12/2021 12:11:22 GMT
Casumo is a casino that has made a name for itself and with a little talent can grow a lot. Here everything is ready to make money by the players and no one can contradict that if you look at the prizes offered during the activity since the founding of Casumo. It's a good casino.

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