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Wild West Level Up Adventure at BitStarz

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Posted on 26 April 2021 by "T".

Are you the baddest reel-spinner in town? Prove it in BitStarz rootin' tootin' new promotion Wild West Level Up Adventure!

In true Wild West fashion, there is plenty of loot up for grabs, as every player can grab a €50,000 individual prize pool that's packed with free spins and bonuses.

Be the first cowboy to play your way to Level 40 and a super-cool €10,000 in cold, hard cash will be yours to take home.

Kick open the saloon doors and knock back a stiff whiskey - it's time to ride in Wild West Level Up Adventure!

The promotion runs from 13:00 CEST March 29, 2021 - 15:00 CEST May 7, 2021.
Only real money bets will count towards the promotion. Any bonus money bets will not register.
Minimum risk wagering on table games will not count towards your turnover (including, but not limited to, betting on both red and black at the same time, etc). If this practice is discovered and found to be taking place, the player will be banned from the promotion.
Table games contribute 5% towards the turnover for the promotion.
All slot games contribute 100% towards the turnover for the promotion.
All prizes come with a 10x wagering requirement.
As you wager in the casino, you will reach new levels by reaching a new milestone in the progression bar. As soon as you've filled it up, you will reach another level. Each successive level and milestone increases in difficulty as you progress through the adventure.
Prizes are credited immediately.
Players with closed accounts prior to receiving a prize will forfeit their reward.
BitStarz reserves the right to amend the level requirements and prizes at any given moment.
Only the first player reaching the top level of the tournament will receive the prize consisting of €10,000 cash.
BitStarz reserves the right to ban players who are deemed as trying to abuse the promotion.
BitStarz reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.
BitStarz general terms and conditions apply.


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35 comments on "Wild West Level Up Adventure at BitStarz"

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» Wild West Level Up Adventure at BitStarz

 CALICUL28/04/2021 15:47:59 GMT
for us the problem is solved i think, because we will not fight to get at level 40 in BitStarz. I have no idea how much a player must to play and get to a performance like this, because i didn't read the whole material to see if it writes. It's something for gamblers, not for us.
 Cesar1428/04/2021 21:19:06 GMT
That's right, not everyone will be able to reach that level, I think that the fans of casinos for fun I think they will, but the rest will not, now here we are to discuss some aspects of this casino and also to see if it is worth it to play or not and how much would be the loss to at least try.
 geseco1229/04/2021 04:10:37 GMT
Few will try to reach the goal, but surely it is a challenge for many of those who play in casinos, it is not easy to reach that level, only those who will have experience and banking will be able to play it until the end, good luck to all.
 CALICUL29/04/2021 17:37:25 GMT
in addition, the conditions and terms also matter, because they are not so pleasant. I read more now and this promotion is not so interesting, even for real gamblers. They will try to hit a lot of money, prizes or jackpots anyway but BitStarz can offer more.
 geseco1230/04/2021 04:41:56 GMT
That is why each casino offers according to their expectations and budgets, I think there are other casinos that can offer much more, but it is what we have, perhaps it will not be for beginners in this, but for veterans in the world of casinos.
 dule-vu30/04/2021 11:55:59 GMT
for some players will be good to be part of something like this and to try to come first to end of level 40 and to pick up prize,for others will be good to play for days and to be part of leaderboard,not to think who will finish play in just day or two!but its not poker,so for casino players its better when leaderboard is for days and you can see on what place you are in every moment!
 Cesar1430/04/2021 14:16:12 GMT
It is a matter of each one, but I think everyone wants to reach the goal that is level 40 and be able to be a recipient of that award, but those who do not, as you say will be part of the classification and will be able to see their participation and try to give the best to reach the goal.
 geseco1201/05/2021 05:02:38 GMT
All the players dream of being winners in the casinos, and I believe that everyone wants to reach the goal, where they can obtain great cash prizes, few are those who will be privileged.
 trippieme01/05/2021 06:04:00 GMT
Great News, Thanx for the information

Great News, Thanx for the information
 Cesar1401/05/2021 16:48:27 GMT
jajjaa the news will always be present on this page friend, and you will also obtain quality information so that you can choose the best casino and poker rooms, do not distrust this, and you can also get great prizes.
 CALICUL01/05/2021 18:32:36 GMT
BitStarz has interesting prizes anyway, and even if many will not reach many levels it is important to enjoy with that and sometimes to win something nice. What is more important here, is the jackpot, but of course it's not for everyone.
 geseco1202/05/2021 08:25:35 GMT
The big prizes are for some, those who reach the goal, which I think there will be some, but the important thing is to be able to enjoy the moment, the casinos are quite fun and you have a great time playing, of course we must always be careful not to spend a lot of money.
 Cesar1402/05/2021 17:28:33 GMT
It is clear that some may complete this mission, that is due to several factors, such as the banking they have and the methods they have, in addition to the experience of playing years in this casino, I know that it is not easy, but it does not see as something impossible, good luck to everyone in this race.
 CALICUL03/05/2021 13:40:57 GMT
I saw that players don't have too much time to accomplish this thing. Who tried this idea of BitStarz has time until 7 May. I don't know if they will officially name of the winner. However, it is too sophisticated a promotion for small and medium players.
 geseco1203/05/2021 14:06:10 GMT
They are right, time is an important factor to achieve this mission, there are many who dedicate themselves full time to these games and they are the ones who will mostly end up completing the mission, also it is not easy, but surely everyone wants that prize.
 dule-vu03/05/2021 16:59:50 GMT
I think that this is too big noise about nothing and lot of posts about something that we dont know much,because nobody that made posts here will play it and will not be on any position on this list!we all know that on end of promotion we will not have any information about winner,so thats why nobody care much about it and this casino site!
 Cesar1403/05/2021 18:41:32 GMT
but we will be aware to see if what they are doing is correct, because sometimes the policies of the casinos is not to reveal the name of the winner, it is also difficult to know, but we will take our own conclusions about it and we will know if it is convenient to play or not .
 geseco1204/05/2021 17:09:18 GMT
There is little left until the promotion of this casino ends, we will be aware of this, it would be good if they try to give the best information regarding the mission and the winner of this so that everything is clear and transparent.
 Cesar1404/05/2021 21:48:45 GMT
This is my friend, and we will see the winners, but surely it is a very legal and transparent casino because otherwise it would not be here, but of course I know that does not guarantee anything but we will be attentive to that.
 CALICUL05/05/2021 15:40:36 GMT
I don't know if the winners can be seen, but i can say that: in other places they were seen and played live for big sums, not online of course. Those who won big played in casinos and for average amounts as well. Whoever earns less, usually does it from their homes.
 CALICUL29/08/2021 18:11:55 GMT

it is the best to play and not be interested in different promotions or rankings here or anywhere. I personally almost always avoided different things that did not tempt me. I played online casino few times this year, but the amounts were no more than about $ 20. I didn't win where i played, but maybe i'll have the opportunity to play in BitStarz in future. Now i can't, because it's not in my country.
 CALICUL16/10/2021 13:03:28 GMT
I don't know how transparent it will be in BitStarz, but the players exist and that means this casino offers prizes and there is nothing doubtful. When you don't win, don't continue and feel this distrust. It remains to be seen, what it will be like in the coming months or years.
 CALICUL07/11/2021 19:36:36 GMT
when we play, the wild west is almost everywhere, because the risk always exists and everyone fights to make money. We also need luck here, but our chance is always and games like this are good to get something. I hope we win something in every month...
 CALICUL01/12/2021 00:38:59 GMT
the baddest reel-spinner in town is the "big slot player" who doesn't trust BitStarz because his comments prove it. He has to play there and see how it is, then decide if it's good or bad. I think is good in my opinion
 CALICUL20/12/2021 12:54:07 GMT
Bitstarz adventures can be very motivating if any of us win a big prize. The jackpot of this casino is quite important for any player and I am confident that many good things will happen here. I think they have facilities to make you play and win something.

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