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Evolution Completes Acquisition of Big Time Gaming

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Posted on 02 July 2021 by "T".

On April 12 last year, Evolution Gaming made a deal to acquire the entire issued share capital of Big Time Gaming by means of paying a whopping sum of up to $534.5m (€450m) in the form of cash and Evolution shares.

All of the regulatory approvals required to complete the transaction have been received, and Evolution Gaming has finally completed the transaction on Wednesday and acquired the shares.

On Wednesday, the board of directors of Evolution resolved to issue 1,105,032 shares. The right to subscribe for the new shares accrues, with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, to the sellers of Big Time who have subscribed for the shares against set-off of their receivable of US$166,300,000 against the newly issued shares, according to a press release.

The subscription price in the issue is US$150 per share, in accordance with the agreement, is equal to the volume-weighted average price of the Evolution share on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period March 23 - April 7, 2021.


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4 comments on "Evolution Completes Acquisition of Big Time Gaming"

 dule-vu03/07/2021 11:13:06 GMT
we can imagine how much money is in the game,about whole gaming industry,gambling and everything that have something with it,when they can spend this kind of money in europe on shares of other company!ofcourse they want to grow and to have everything in one company,that they dont have to fight with lot of companies on market!
535 millions,pfff,piece of cake!
 CALICUL04/07/2021 13:46:13 GMT
Evolution Gaming bought Big Time Gaming but sold 1,105,032 shares and that means they will share some future profits. It is important that they have customers and earn more money. After that all shareholders will be happy too.
 CALICUL04/09/2021 20:29:06 GMT
This business is good as long as Evolution Gaming will work seriously and do beautiful things. They paid some money for try to expand and to become a strong name in this industry. That means they are able to climb even higher in this industry and for that it deserves appreciation.
 CALICUL14/10/2021 12:30:59 GMT
when you buy a company of a competitor or a business partner, it is the most beautiful thing and what i can say is that: then things will be simplified and there will be no need to do other calculations, that existed before. The business will be much more organized and things will go better.

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