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Lucky BGaming Slot Player Wins AUD 20K in Two Minutes on PlayAmo Casino

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Posted on 07 August 2021 by "T".

Starting with an AUD 11 bet, the exposure went as high as 1,831x

BGaming's Lucky Lady Moon slot has recently paid out over AUD 20,100 to a lucky PlayAmo casino player in just two minutes!

Starting with an AUD 11 bet, the player managed to snag 4 Scatter symbols on the reel that triggered 15 Free Spins, which were then re-triggered two more times. One of the Free Spins brought a combination of 5 Scatter symbols. This would normally pay 500x in the base game, but during the Free Spins round all winnings are Tripled. Therefore, the extremely lucky player hit Super Mega Win and multiplied the bet by 1,500 (equal to $16,500 AUD).

The lucky streak wasn't done yet as another series of Free Spins began and further increased the total win to $20,142 AUD - which means the exposure went as high as 1,831x!

First released in December 2020, Lucky Lady Moon is a 5x3 reel slot game with alluring music and graphics. The game features a Wild Multiplier, unlimited Free Spins, and a Gamble Feature with a high RTP of 97%.

BGaming is one of the world's first software providers to offer Provably Fair games and support cryptocurrencies. Currently the brand's portfolio includes more than 60 products with HD graphics, featured on many reputable platforms and 300+ online casinos all over the world.


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14 comments on "Lucky BGaming Slot Player Wins AUD 20K in Two Minutes on PlayAmo Casino"

 geseco1208/08/2021 03:17:47 GMT
This player is quite lucky, starting with a bet of 11, he managed to win 20100, the slots can give that type of prize, now to enjoy what he won and continue playing, that indicates that anyone can have that possibility and with good luck for course.
 dule-vu08/08/2021 05:43:56 GMT
even its in AUD,you still need to have nice amount on your account to have this kind of bets on any slot!its 6,25 e for single bet,so he was lucky to get on start scatters and not to spend much and then to get best thing in bonus,5 scatters which is rare and pay a lot!what a crazy win and nice story for this company!
 dule-vu09/08/2021 18:13:35 GMT
I am sure that lot of people will think how this is just maybe good promotions and newes from this company and casino,because they promote them selfs in this news and offer links to their companies,so same I would think when I read this news more and more!
we know how rare is to get 5 scatter on this kind of games!
 antonis32109/08/2021 19:37:02 GMT
So , this must be around $14.000 , not bad at all , winning this amount with 8$ spin . Free spins , everyone loves them . He hit 5 scatters and slso two more rounds of free spins during the normal free spin session ?This is magical , the ultimate strike of luck , evrything to go perfectly during the bonus round or free spins . Lucky player .
 dule-vu09/08/2021 19:46:06 GMT
Yeah,5 scatters pays lot of money,in bonus is x3,so its crazy when you get something like this,no matter on what bet!
 geseco1209/08/2021 21:58:40 GMT
They are stories that they put so that more can enter him and want to take something from these online games, this one sebio to be a lucky player to win, luck to those who try this game and can also tell how they are doing.
 dule-vu09/08/2021 22:34:27 GMT
Probably lot of players will try this slot,to try to make something like this player,but ofcourse it will be hard to get 5 scatterrs!
 geseco1212/08/2021 02:23:35 GMT
It is difficult to be able to get the jackpot from a slot machine, but this man made it happen by being able to win a large sum of money playing, that motivates many to play, because it is not known when you can be one of the lucky ones.
 CALICUL12/08/2021 07:58:59 GMT
congratulations to the winner and good luck to you too
 CALICUL19/08/2021 23:35:14 GMT
what can i say about this player is that he was lucky and was able to win this amount. I would be happy to win something too, but unfortunately luck left me for a long time. I hope he comes back. Any amount of money offered by the casino can be won with a little luck and good luck with that.
 CALICUL18/09/2021 11:37:53 GMT
I hope to hear more good news about this casino because these things can make us play more and eventually be more successful. A better wager can greatly increase the chances of winning something and we must take advantage of it.
 CALICUL21/10/2021 14:36:58 GMT
this year were winners in casinos who took millions or hundreds of thousands euros or dollars. Nothing is abnormal, especially since this prize is smaller, but very beneficial for the lucky player. Anything can happen, and that's why we have to play more for a good win.
 CALICUL11/11/2021 20:03:25 GMT
It's generally harder to win, but this 97% RTP game is very interesting. It's a bit rarer here and even if the prizes aren't too big, that doesn't mean there can't be enough winners with smaller prizes. The winners are satisfied with a little, but more often.
 CALICUL07/12/2021 09:39:12 GMT
It's a big deal, but think of it as earning a few hundred k or millions of dollars in just a few minutes. This kind of thing turns your life upside down and if you put your head on your shoulders you will know very well how to spend your money very well.

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