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Push Gaming officially Releases Mount Magmas Jackpots Network-wide

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Posted on 03 September 2021 by "T".

Creator of innovative and exciting slot games, Push Gaming has officially released its first ever jackpots slot, Mount Magmas Jackpots, to a global audience.

The award-winning jackpot slot is now available to all online casino operators across regulated markets, having enjoyed an exclusive release with Swedish mobile casino LeoVegas.

A smashing success since its exclusive launch, the game has impressively performed and things will only get even better now that it has been made available industry wide to various partners.

Mount Magmas Jackpots takes players on a fiery journey set deep in the caverns of Mount Magmas. Look forward to multiple jackpots that may erupt at any time to provide sizzling wins.

With a total of 20 paylines, the 5x4 reelset slot includes a Daily and a Mega jackpot and a blazing base game with searing potential.

The game's Daily Jackpot has a set start and finish time, starting at €1,000 and must drop at a fixed time per day. Meanwhile, the amazing Mega Jackpot can be won at any time, but must drop by the time it reaches €100,000.

Watch out for long stacks of fiery rocks on the reels, with a full screen of the high-paying symbols netting up wins of up to 10,000x.

Things get even hotter as Magma Rocks appear on the reels and are collected by a Jackpot Volcano, taking players closer to the much-awaited jackpot eruption.

Once the volcano blows, players enter the Volcano Bonus Feature where they are shown a selection of top prizes. Players may either land on a Jackpot or an Instant Prize, which offers bet multipliers all the way up to 20,000x.

Commenting on the release, Push Gaming CEO James Marshall said, "Mount Magmas is another great production offering huge win potential and we're delighted to be launching it globally after its time with our valued partner LeoVegas. This is also a significant milestone for Push Gaming, with the title being our first Jackpots game, combined with it offering must-drop and timed Jackpots. We're looking forward to building on this in future releases."

Celebrating its 10th anniversary last October, Push Gaming has continued to strengthen this year following the acquisition of its MGA and UKGC licenses in 2020.

Considered as one of the iGaming industry's entertaining suppliers, Push Gaming's games are live across the majority of Europe's main regulated markets including the likes of Casumo, Entain (partycasino), and LeoVegas.



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15 comments on "Push Gaming officially Releases Mount Magmas Jackpots Network-wide"

 dule-vu03/09/2021 10:19:14 GMT
another slot from push gaming,but will see later if I find some video!from this we dont know much about slot!
 DinGo!04/09/2021 23:57:24 GMT
To be honest right now it,s hard to say anything about provider named Push-Gaming. Everything that i knew, is just they are not so popular, as NetEnt, Microgaming, or PlayNGo for example. Of course if you want to win you need to test different providers, because sometimes only couple of them plays well. You just need to choose the correct provider.
 dule-vu05/09/2021 00:03:11 GMT
Push gaming have some very good slots!they are not new company!
 geseco1206/09/2021 04:05:55 GMT
the slots have to be novel, that call the attention of the user, because in that way they will enter and play a lot, and this is not the exception, good slots, they fulfill the expectations of the players.
 dule-vu06/09/2021 04:57:11 GMT
Every company want to have one jackpot slot!
 antonis32106/09/2021 20:30:53 GMT
The Daily Jackpot is trigerred everyday at a fixed time , but the Mega Jackpot can be trigerred only after it hits the minimum $100.000 , that guarantees some good profits for the potential winner of this Jackpot . Good lyck everyone playing this Mount Magmas Jackpot Slot .
 dule-vu06/09/2021 20:44:36 GMT
Its strange when its fixed time in day,its better when its random,but ok!
 antonis32107/09/2021 22:58:24 GMT
Yes dulevu , I also like the random factor when it comes to jackpots , it's really good when you have absolutely no idea when it's going to be trigerred or even won . But these far too smaller Daily or hourly jackpots , they attract I think players , if you know that in 5 min exatly sb is going to win a Jackpot on a specific slot that you play , you might go and play then .

(The same happens with other promos , like free daily or hourly spins , the hourly spins will be won at a specific time , you only have to play one of the recommended slots then , so many go and play then , I have also tried it )
 dule-vu07/09/2021 23:01:04 GMT
Like lot of sites that have jackpots which need to be given before end of day and then it go few or 10 min before midnight!
 dule-vu11/09/2021 09:26:46 GMT
I think that red tiger company had first this kind of jackpot on their slots,where you have on left side how big jackpots it is and how he must be payed till end of day and every night they give it before midnight!ofcourse it was on all of their slots,so you cant know which you will play it!
 dule-vu12/09/2021 18:15:28 GMT
on my domestic site,we have very big jackpots on EGT games,so on every slot that they have you can get in any time chance to win jackpot!you get 12 cards and till you open three ladies with same color,you open cards!lowest jackpot is for club,then its for diamond,heart and biggest is spade!ofcourse its not easy that you get this chance,because it just open in middle of your game,but I didnt got any bigger then second jackpot!
 ligador3712/09/2021 22:14:27 GMT
surely in a short time we will read about some great prize paid on this slot site. I don't particularly like these games and sometimes I think there are too many games. but hey, I guess someone always plays them.
I also don't like that the jackpot is fixed, but I imagine it is made to attract players as the time to win it approaches.
 dule-vu12/09/2021 22:14:40 GMT
Maybe we will not wait for long time,who know!
 dule-vu17/09/2021 05:42:29 GMT
now every gaming company and every casino site want to have this kind of games and that every story is about jackpot,which is not good!people will spend lot of money on this kind of games!
 dule-vu22/09/2021 08:50:16 GMT
every provider want to make some big jackpot game or more of them and to take big money players on their games,that they spend lot of money!we all know that there is lot of high roller players and every month this number grow!

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