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The effectiveness of archetype-driven communication for the gambling industry

Posted on 15 November 2022 by "T".


For the creation of their content, including the content that will animate their advertising messages, brands and companies have a plethora of reservoirs to draw from, serving at full capacity to set a different tone and look to their online and offline communication.

Even the gambling industry has a valuable opportunity to renew itself, to enliven its online content with narrative elements drawn from well-known stories that are already well imprinted in people's collective imagination, or at least in part of their target audience. Consistency in content affects all brands, regardless of their industry or specific nature, and must always be taken care of very carefully so that it is always interesting and rich in stimulation for the audience.

Archetype-driven communication is based precisely on this, on the creation of special content that carries with it the shadow, the afflatus of a story that we know we have already seen or heard somewhere, and yet cannot remember in its entirety.

It is the archetypes, those primordial figures that already exist in the human being's intellect even before he or she begins to speak, walk or interact with others. It is that visual information and content that ancestors have passed down for generations, and that in equal part is still passed down to every child who is born, as if it were a true legacy of the human species, immortal and indestructible, capable of traveling through space and time.

The role of archetypes

For those involved in communication, this means above all identifying effective themes and stories that are able to represent the brand image in a certain way, triggering in the consumer involuntary associations of thought that will put him in touch with one of the darkest parts of his consciousness, precisely that in which the fundamental brand archetypes are based.

Many brands have already successfully traveled this path, hinging all their online and offline communication around the figure of a very specific archetype. Nike, for example, is the hero, while Ikea can be likened to the figure of the common man. This characterization will manifest itself in extremely subtle forms in the company's advertisements, content and any publication, online and offline, gradually instilling in consumers' consciousness the feeling of being in front of something familiar, something already seen.

This feeling is directly linked to the presence of archetypes in each person's individual consciousness, a presence that can also be felt distinctly (though not completely) through a particularly effective advertising message.

Gambling brands, too, have begun to effectively exploit these media by including in their messages and content (including offline) clear references to a universe that is clearly recognizable on the side of their clientele, generating positive mental associations that will induce people to play their favourite games and to bind themselves even more closely to the brand in question.

For example, some Swiss casinos, for their communication campaigns in some cities, have chosen to focus on a veiled movie reference, even using some slogans that appeared in one of the most well-known movies dedicated to gaming and the casino world, Ocean's eleven. The archetype, in this case, is not represented by a single human figure (such as the hero or the common man), but by a universe with distinct characteristics, such as that related to the world of gambling in Las Vegas, with all the most traditional casino games.

An additional ally

This strategy is also easily replicable online, thanks to the new weapons of online communication through social media. With a campaign built around the concepts of archetype-driven communication, each brand will be able to bring a completely different tone and look to its content, increasing overall engagement and eliciting positive impressions from its audience. All of this will inevitably result in increased loyalty from people, but also in a significant increase in followers and total interactions.

Brands specializing in gambling have also started to revolutionize their online content for quite some time now, offering an interesting mix of exhilarating gaming experiences (and made even more interesting by the presence of mythical bonuses and free spins within everyone's reach) and extremely useful guides to help each player settle in smoothly within the portal, from registration to the moment of the first deposit, thus allowing them to start their online adventure in the best possible way. All games have been carefully evaluated by a scrupulous team of experts, and are therefore an absolute guarantee in terms of safety and reliability.

When we glimpse the presence of an archetype, whether in a book, a movie or an advertisement, our heart begins to beat faster, involuntarily connecting with the roots of our soul.

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7 comments on "The effectiveness of archetype-driven communication for the gambling industry"

 dule-vu15/11/2022 10:35:49 GMT
must read everything,because its big text and dont understand what they talking in whole news!as I read on first and will look what you use,what you play and how they will follow you and then to offer in what are you most interested in?!
 bowie198416/11/2022 23:32:18 GMT
Dunno, seems like they try this type of manipulation with promos that feature big jackpot wins and winners, yet we almost never see flesh and blood humans behind these adverts, they just tell us that 'a player' has won 'a big prize' and they are 'very happy'.
No photo, no video, no proof that it actually happened - just mentioning it so next time when you see a jackpot slot you will be thinking that you could be lucky as well in the end.
Very manipulative IMO.
 dule-vu16/11/2022 23:32:43 GMT
Thats what I say every time about news from bitstarz site!they just publish how somebody got big win at their site and not a single word about winner!every time same story!
 bowie198418/11/2022 20:30:25 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
Thats what I say every time about news from bitstarz site!they just publish how somebody got big win at their site and not a single word about winner!every time same story!

It's possible these are true stories and not just a marketing scheme for any online casino, still they won't make me think about playing on those sites. It's an ineffective form of communication, especially when they don't put a proof next to these tales...
 dule-vu18/11/2022 21:42:06 GMT
They had this kind of news every week and it cant be true!
 bowie198419/11/2022 14:24:29 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
They had this kind of news every week and it cant be true!

Yeah, most of these sites are not operating on the kind of profit margin which would allow payouts like these (six figure jackpots) often.
 dule-vu19/11/2022 16:02:55 GMT
Thats why I dont like them!

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