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BitStarz Player scores $103K Big Win on Belatra Games slot The Night Racing

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Posted on 28 November 2022 by "T".

Do you have a need for speed and also want to win big on slots? You got it at BitStarz!

One lucky player hit the pedal to the metal, and it was indeed the right move, as they took home a whopping $03,815 big win on The Night Racing slot by Belatra Games.

The year 2022 has indeed been a great year for big wins at BitStarz so far. With over 4,000 games available at BitStarz, players are spoilt for choice!

The Night Racing (Belatra Games)

Are you ready for the night race?

Night racing is its own special, absolutely amazing world, full of adrenaline, drive and romance.

The Night Racing slot is a dynamic, colorful and original online slot. It successfully combines the classics of the base game and a unique bonus structure.

Interesting features are packed in the base game as well. For instance, when a Wild symbol drops on any reel, it expands on the entire reel and begins extra free spins. With each new spin, the Wild moves one reel to the left until it reaches the first reel.

Collect 3 or more Scatters on the reels to activate the Bonus with Jackpot round. It is a series of three respins with an additional chance to win a jackpot.

The Night Racing slot is the first Belatra game with a Craft Bonus option, which allows players not only to buy a bonus game at any time, but also to choose different variations for the bonus drop.

May the best slots racer win!

How does the idea of taking home an incredible $103,000 or even more just by playing The Night Racng slot? Who knows, you could be the next to drag it out in what is possibly the best racing slot around.

Congratulations to the winner, and keep on racing for those rewards!



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25 comments on "BitStarz Player scores $103K Big Win on Belatra Games slot The Night Racing"

 CALICUL28/11/2022 20:01:20 GMT
it is a very good prize that is won at Bitstarz and things have been going well there for a long time. This casino has made many winners with nice sums, and this proves once again that it is good to play here
 bowie198428/11/2022 23:21:16 GMT
Am I retarded?
How could he won $103,815 (with a multiplier of 9765x!!!) if the max. win allowed on this slot is only €20000?
It's right there on the banner in the middle of the article FFS:
- Bet limits €0.25-10
- Multiplier 2000x
- Max. win €20000
[ie.: 10€ (max. stake) x 2000 (max. multiplier) = €20000]

This advert is a fairy tale which never happened.
 dule-vu28/11/2022 23:50:31 GMT
I will read whole text now!
 bowie198429/11/2022 23:34:37 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I will read whole text now!

This was not about you - it's just so misleading that we have to read these headlines here and they could not be more far from the truth. It's all just marketing BS.
 CALICUL29/11/2022 23:40:34 GMT
what you saw is interesting...
 altsoub30/11/2022 03:10:10 GMT
so is good adv, there is talking about it . target accompliced Smile)
 dule-vu30/11/2022 06:03:50 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by dule-vu:
I will read whole text now!

This was not about you - it's just so misleading that we have to read these headlines here and they could not be more far from the truth. It's all just marketing BS.

Mate,ofcourse that I know that its about me!
It was just interesting what did you find and thats why I said that will read it!
Almost from start I write about their promotions and winnings and how they lie people,but we have member who believe in everything about them!if bitstarz say that is nigh outside,he would say ok,even it is day Big Smile
 antonis32130/11/2022 21:34:35 GMT
100k dollars is a lot of money to be won on a slot , congratulations to this player on this big win . Maybe we also have such a win one day , who knows Smile I wonder how much was the bet on the winning spin , that rewarded him with this crazy win .
 CALICUL30/11/2022 21:37:35 GMT
it's hard for a good amount of money, but it's possible. Big Smile
 geseco1201/12/2022 15:04:52 GMT
The year is about to end and this player has won that amount of money in these slot games, although it is difficult to get a prize like this, the player has achieved it, luck was on his side, now to enjoy and to continue.
 dule-vu01/12/2022 15:05:20 GMT
But its something wrong in news,like bowie says!
 geseco1202/12/2022 23:22:55 GMT
I believe that those who keep playing and are constant in these slot games, sooner or later will have the chance to win prizes like this one, this man will be very happy with the tremendous prize he won.
 CALICUL02/12/2022 23:25:41 GMT
if the prize is awarded correctly this winner is very happy, but there are voices that say other things about this casino and i don't know what to believe. We need evidence to have credibility and for the players to be happy
 geseco1204/12/2022 02:23:51 GMT
I believe that they will never do that, sometimes all the news are not as they are painted, but we know that many win a lot of money with these slot games, we can all participate and be lucky enough to win.
 CALICUL04/12/2022 02:34:32 GMT
i think the same, because at slots are many correct winners. I have seen and heard, but sometimes it can happen that it is not..., at different casinos... I don't know how it is at BitStarz
 Rogerio1004/12/2022 08:54:33 GMT
Slots are so fun, now my main game slots and blackjack, now about to make money but for fun have money that i will not be on the street if i loose and then play. Live don't like too much, but there at leat i get points for free meals or free rooms or something. What does just casino sites give you back is not so great,
 dule-vu04/12/2022 10:18:10 GMT
Just dont liste too much this two pro slots players!
This news like this are not normal and thats its,especially with mistakes like this what bowie says!
 androlo05/12/2022 06:45:00 GMT
Bitstarz casino offers free spins?
 dule-vu05/12/2022 07:01:37 GMT
they had for no sign up bonus some free spins!
 geseco1205/12/2022 15:59:40 GMT
it is a great amount of money, sometimes luck can surprise you in any game and casino in which you usually play, this man is the happiest, for sure he is already celebrating it as much as he can.
 dule-vu05/12/2022 16:33:40 GMT
Who know what is behind this!
 geseco1207/12/2022 02:14:54 GMT
yesterday i had a crazy dream, i dreamt that i had won more than 2 million dollars, i was a millionaire, hahaha, i had won the prize in a slot game in betsson, but it was very sad when i woke up and realized that it was just a dream hahahaha.
 CALICUL07/12/2022 02:22:13 GMT
a beautiful dream of course. I didn't have such a dream Big Smile
 Nightkid09/12/2022 13:24:08 GMT
Well I'm just going through here haha ​​because the truth is I don't like this type of game but I've seen many comments if it's true what I won or not, but if it was true I'm glad because the truth is that the casino leaves most of us dry hahaha and what one wins is usually what others lost, since the phrase "the house always wins" is not in vain
Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil
 dule-vu09/12/2022 13:27:48 GMT
well with bitstarz you never know!

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