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Playtech to Launch their World-Class Games in Canada

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Posted on 20 January 2022 by "T".

Playtech, the world's leading gambling tech company has signed a new deal that enables them to deliver world-class games to Canadian players.

Playtech has teamed up with Canada's NorthStar Gaming, and the partnership will see the London-listed company's games included in the most trusted online sportsbetting and casino brand in the region.

The new partnership involves Playtech now being able to roll out their IMS platform, alongside their casino products including poker, bingo, live games and online slots for NorthStar's launch in Ontario.

Playtech will provide their new partner with their tech platform so they can deliver a player-focused experience for players in Canada, which will be completed once regulatory approvals and licenses have been acquired.

Michael Moskowitz, Chief Executive Officer at NorthStar Gaming, said, "NorthStar Gaming is thrilled to be the exclusive Canadian partner in the media and publishing sector with Playtech, the world's leading gambling technology supplier. Playtech's exceptional suite of tools will give us an unmatched edge in the marketplace, given our proprietary content and localization - something we know consumers are looking for."

Aside from its top-tier products and services, Playtech is renowned for working with its licensees to raise industry standards in responsible business and safer gambling.

Mor Weizer, Chief Executive Officer at Playtech, commented on the partnership, "We are delighted to announce our partnership with NorthStar Gaming as it prepares to launch its market-leading online gaming business in Canada. Our success is driven by strategic partnerships with industry-leading operators around the world, and we are excited to partner with a leading entertainment company like NorthStar Gaming. At Playtech, we are driven to deliver a sustainable, commercially viable and engaging entertainment experience - for the benefit of all stakeholders."



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13 comments on "Playtech to Launch their World-Class Games in Canada"

 CALICUL20/01/2022 12:23:44 GMT
I hope it will be a successful launch
 geseco1221/01/2022 03:41:53 GMT
so friend a very good launch for the canada country, many of them will be able to enjoy the tremendous games they are offering, may they enjoy it and win, which is what we all want when we play slots.
 CALICUL21/01/2022 03:47:11 GMT
you are right and i think these alliances are more profitable
 antonis32121/01/2022 04:30:12 GMT
Good luck to Olaytech for their new business plans and collaboration in Canada , very duccessfull and we'll known brand in casino games , the future is bright for sure for Playtech
 CALICUL21/01/2022 04:31:33 GMT
they need some luck, that's for sure
 eloy222/01/2022 05:49:52 GMT
what a good launch in canada many of the players could enjoy these incredible games that they are offering I wish you all the best of luck I hope you win
 dule-vu22/01/2022 08:49:30 GMT
this is good news for players from canada!
 eloy223/01/2022 05:24:17 GMT
ohh, how surprising, this is good news for the players of Canada, many of the players will be able to enjoy the incredible games and win many prizes, congratulations and good luck to each one of them
 dule-vu23/01/2022 06:41:30 GMT
Playtech have some really good slots and live games!
 geseco1224/01/2022 03:58:11 GMT
with good games like these many players want to play it, and not only because of the software which is also good, but also because of the great prizes they offer, anyone would like to win, and that's why many try it.
 dule-vu24/01/2022 04:32:32 GMT
players in canada will enjoy in their live games!
 eloy226/01/2022 04:54:43 GMT
what incredible news with these good games many players will want to play it and apart from the incredible prizes that offer good luck to all
 dule-vu26/01/2022 06:11:09 GMT
the have some reall good games!

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