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BitStarz Player scores C$400,000 Big Win on GameArt slot Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming

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Posted on 30 December 2022 by "T".

One BitStarz player celebrates Christmas with an incredible CAD400,000 big win thanks to a newly launched slot game on the site, Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming.

This sensational big win amount isn't the only thing impressive about this win either.

The lucky player only bet CAD 5 and won a remarkably huge 80,000x multiplier. And, this all happened just days after Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming slot from GameArt went live at BitStarz!

How it happened
No need to speculate how this big win occurred, because there's video evidence (check out the link at the end of this article).

The video clip shows the player triggered the slot's Raid Bonus feature along with a Taxes special symbol, which adds all the values of the bonus symbols in view to itself.

During the bonus feature, things started off unexciting, with the player getting their last spin with just a 40x multiplier. However, on the last spin, an additional reel was unlocked and three extra free spins were awarded. During these three spins, the player gets another Taxes symbol, a crucial item to the big win.

In Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming slot, the Taxes symbols feed off each other. This means they will add all the values of all the bonus symbols in view in addition to the value of the other Taxes symbol. This allowed the player to go from just a 100x multiplier to a pair of multipliers that unlock an 80,000x win. The player must have felt overly excited seeing on screen a life-changing winning amount!

Get your Big Win only at BitStarz!
If you're looking for a different slot with giant max multipliers that could give you a shot at the next BitStarz big win, check out Tombstone R.I.P. (300,000x max multiplier) from game developer Nolimit City. In June, this high volatility slot game rewarded a player with €30,000 from the game's minimum bet, a humble €0.10 per spin!


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35 comments on "BitStarz Player scores C$400,000 Big Win on GameArt slot Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming"

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» BitStarz Player scores C$400,000 Big Win on GameArt slot Piggy Bjorn 2 - Winter is Coming

 tomex1104/01/2023 06:11:53 GMT
dule-vu but I see screenshots of winnings on various forums from ordinary people who do not cheat from this casino ... I'm tempted to play there because lately poker and betting are not going so I'm thinking about playing slots in a casino and I'm thinking what casino to choose here... Although I don't know if playing slots makes sense especially with my bad luck with other games lately...
 dule-vu04/01/2023 10:30:38 GMT
dont believe them at all and thats end of story!every promotions is same and you can win big money from this news just on this sites?yeah right!other thing is that they have licence on curacao or some place like that!
like I said,bowie found also big mistake from big win from their news!
 geseco1205/01/2023 15:04:00 GMT
yes there are cases of casinos that cheat, but casinos that have been in this industry for many years and are recognized in many countries I don't think they would dare to do something like that, but one must always be aware of everything.
 dule-vu05/01/2023 15:35:20 GMT
Thats why I dont believe them much!
 geseco1206/01/2023 16:29:50 GMT
everyone will draw their own conclusions about it, not all casinos cheat, some are straightforward and transparent, but we must always pay attention to these details and listen to news like this, to always be prepared.
 CALICUL06/01/2023 16:32:02 GMT
I know this because there were winners who took different amounts of money. The big prize is 12,000 dollars in my neighborhood... Big Smile
 tomex1107/01/2023 07:01:00 GMT
this casino is not cheating because I am talking about a lot of screenshots with winnings on other forums from regular users who do not cheat and have no purpose to make up winnings in this casino.. Although I personally have never played there so I can not say 100% whether the site is worth recommending.
 CALICUL07/01/2023 12:26:52 GMT
I said the same thing, but some members think it is
 geseco1207/01/2023 23:00:55 GMT
it is a great prize that this man won with these casino games, sometimes you always have to be constant in everything to be able to achieve something, congratulations to this player, surely it will not be the only prize he will win.
 CALICUL07/01/2023 23:01:13 GMT
a good casino
 tomex1108/01/2023 07:06:24 GMT
with big wins it happens differently as in the casino sometimes one lucky spin is enough, and sometimes you can play all your life and lose your fortune dreaming of a big win and not win anything big. This player was also very lucky, although as they say, you have to help your luck.
 dominicwee08/01/2023 11:29:09 GMT
BtStarz good casino,
 CALICUL08/01/2023 11:37:17 GMT
I like that many players praise this casino and it adds a lot of credibility against those who accuse. I already knew a year and a half ago that this casino is an interesting and a good one. Good luck
 geseco1209/01/2023 01:58:46 GMT
I think it is a casino that I like a lot and I also hear many players say about this casino and they have a good reputation for it, I hope it continues like this and keep the transparency.

 CALICUL09/01/2023 02:02:14 GMT
transparency can be more, if the players insist and it is a casino with enough confidence Big Smile
 geseco1210/01/2023 03:36:47 GMT
I have read many comments in forums where they speak well of this particular casino, I hope they are being transparent and that what they say is true for the safety of all users, the most important thing is that they are always correct and that they are not hiding anything.
 dule-vu10/01/2023 09:43:05 GMT
they dont publish anything about winners and thats wrong!
 geseco1211/01/2023 05:20:05 GMT
it is very controversial when things like this happen, but what we do know is that this man has won an out of the ordinary amount of money, congratulations to this player, and I hope that all this is true and that the winning players of these games are rewarded.
 dule-vu11/01/2023 07:14:56 GMT
when they start making normal news,maybe I will believe them!till then they can just make this big news and how only at their site you can score big and get massive amount of money on some slot!also lot of members believe just because something is published,even they dont play there or have some other informations about winner!
 geseco1217/01/2023 03:08:59 GMT
Sometimes I believe that we will never know 100% of what it really is, but we must know that this does happen, I have seen people win money in these games but never people win millions of dollars, but hopefully it is always true and not a lie.
 dule-vu17/01/2023 07:16:33 GMT
how can we know that is real without single information? from all this years we didnt had single information about winner from this site, no matter when they gave tesla car or when this kind of big win is in question! so ofcourse we dont belive in it and only they pay this kind of big winnings, which they also have in news, only at our site you can win big, yeah right!
 geseco1218/01/2023 14:30:47 GMT
sometimes I always think about this and I agree with you bro, sometimes they do not give enough information so that this does not generate doubts in the same users, but hopefully this can change.
 CALICUL18/01/2023 14:33:06 GMT
there are players who said that it is good here, and this in the comments from BRM. If they say so, it means that money is earned there. Those who do not trust can try and risk a small amount. With big prizes, i don't know.
 geseco1219/01/2023 15:50:53 GMT
but in the end what matters is to win, and I think that if there is news like this is because there was a winner, we should not always think about the negative, maybe it is real and we are arguing that it is not, the most important thing is to enjoy the games and have a good time.
 CALICUL19/01/2023 16:00:16 GMT
I agree that this casino takes pictures of some big winners in BitStarz. In this way, things would gain much more credibility from everyone and we can risk some money here.

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