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Gambling in Europe has stabilized in 2022

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Posted on 30 December 2022 by "T".

In Europe, the gambling sector has stabilized in 2022 after the devastating effects brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a joint report by H2 Gambling Capital and the European Gaming and Betting Association, the gross gaming revenue (GGR) increased by 23% within the year to €108.5bn, up from €101.2bn.

The land-based gambling sector was able to make a significant comeback mainly due to the re-opening of casinos, pushing revenue in that sector up by 34% to €70.3bn, compared to €47.2bn in 2021.

Meanwhile, in the online gambling sector, the revenue grew by 8% from €35bn to €38.2bn.

The annual report covers the EU-27 and UK gambling markets, which includes aggregated data and forecasts for Europe's gambling market, online gambling products, and information about the different national gambling markets in Europe, as well as the latest revenue and customer data from EGBA member companies - bet365, Betsson Group, Entain, Flutter, Kindred Group, and 888 Group-owned brand William Hill.

Maarten Haijer, secretary general of the EGBA, said: "While the steady upward trend of online gambling continues, land-based gambling is now rebounding from the widespread shutdowns of casinos and betting shops during the past two years."

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» Gambling in Europe has stabilized in 2022

 dule-vu02/01/2023 07:25:21 GMT
no matter how big grow was when we had corona situation and we thought that this will be biggest grow and after that players will play less,thats not case and every year players spend more and more money on every way of gambling!ofcourse we have more people every year,but its always suprise when we see what numbers are in this area and how much they earn from us!
 geseco1203/01/2023 02:23:36 GMT
The coronavirus affected many industries in the world, and I believe that the casinos were the hardest hit, although it is not the same to play online than in physical machines, but now they are recovering and we expect more soon.
 CALICUL03/01/2023 03:33:09 GMT
The coronavirus has made all of humanity change in different ways of living or thinking. The casinos that resisted, did so because they had good strategies or full pockets, otherwise it would have been difficult for them.
 tomex1103/01/2023 06:12:53 GMT
well, for sure, people will move more to land-based casinos to play after the pandemic has ended. Although it seems to me that online gambling is more convenient for people and nowadays more popular. Anyway, casinos have a mega income because they had a lot of money there. let's take, for example, poker and thieving absurd commissions on some pokerroms ...
 dule-vu03/01/2023 10:39:44 GMT
no matter on what way people gamble,everything will just grow,but ofcourse its good that players are back in normal things in local casinos and that they dont need to close them down again!but we all know that most money will be spent on online gambling and this will just grow every year!more and more people love online gambling!
 geseco1204/01/2023 04:40:18 GMT
it is true that most of the games are played online, I think we all now have access to internet, to a computer, and that is why it is easier for us to play at home with our computer than to go outside to play, I hope that everything returns to normal little by little.
 dule-vu04/01/2023 10:19:53 GMT
people spend billions online and who know where is end of that!we can see how one company buy other for billions just to have everything on one place and that take their business to earn even more!in this year grow will be even bigger, I am sure, people are more at home that with other people,like it was before corona!
 geseco1206/01/2023 16:27:51 GMT
people like to play at home, I think they have more possibilities to do it than going to a casino and play, they can do it anywhere, that is a great point in favor of online games, I hope that this will be normalized every time so that this will always grow.
 CALICUL06/01/2023 16:30:03 GMT
I like to play anywhere if the chances of winning are good everywhere. I only played live, but online and in the neighborhood yes. I like when they win because they are lucky players who took important sums.
 geseco1207/01/2023 22:59:10 GMT
In my town where I live there are no casinos, I have to travel to nearby provinces to play, there is only one casino in the whole region, a pity that these games are not well seen by society, but hopefully this will change in my region.
 CALICUL07/01/2023 22:59:23 GMT
is very nice
 tomex1108/01/2023 07:00:33 GMT
I also have few casinos, even though I live in a large city in the capital of Poland in Warsaw, there are only large casinos at hotels and that's it. Live poker is practically non-existent due to government regulations and a huge unprofitable tax. People prefer to play online because it's more convenient, and there is a wider selection of games, although recently it has been different due to legal regulations ...
 CALICUL08/01/2023 11:41:01 GMT
casinos are in most European countries because people play and there are enough winners who bring many customers in the hope that they will also win. As long as there are winners in the casinos, there will be customers, and that is very good.
 geseco1209/01/2023 01:57:20 GMT
I hope there will not be another pandemic like this one because if not we are toast, the covid19 pandemic has left us very touched, we hope to learn from that and look for immediate solutions to be able to fight it faster.
 CALICUL09/01/2023 02:00:11 GMT
the pandemic can be stopped if humanity makes scandals...
 tomex1109/01/2023 07:54:37 GMT
The casino always wins because its commissions be it on slot machines or poker or bets and no matter if it is live or online. they have their commissions and margins it's the same in roulette and other games the casino always wins over the players. In my opinion, they exaggerate a bit and take too much from the players to organize the games...
 dule-vu09/01/2023 09:16:07 GMT
thats why they earn every more and more money, because more and more people gamble online every year and thats why they grow so much! probably in this year they will earn even more,but ofcourse that casino always wins, no matter when they have sometimes big wins from players and they pay some jackpot!
 geseco1210/01/2023 03:34:53 GMT
that is true, the casino will never lose, it will always be the opposite, it will be winning many times, their business is already profitable from the beginning, now that everything is normalizing they have returned with strength and they are invoicing much better.
 dule-vu10/01/2023 09:46:02 GMT
its just question when somebody can stop and when to take money out of casino,because in longer period you will back that money to them! its great to win and to take from them bigger amount,because they dont deserve to take so much money from players and to earn billions every year,but thats some other story!
 eloy210/01/2023 22:57:11 GMT
The covid-19 affected many industries in the world, the gaming sector has stabilized in 2022 after the devastating effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic, now that everything is normalizing they have returned with force and are billing much better.
 CALICUL10/01/2023 23:41:41 GMT
unfortunately some politicians are trying to bring another pandemic, His name Flurona or something like that. I hope that this thing does not happen and many things need to return at normal because is nice.
 geseco1211/01/2023 05:21:56 GMT
we all want everything to always develop normally, as before, but this is not so, there are still sequels of the pandemic, I hope that now if we are prepared to face another one in later years, and that it does not affect many people.
 dule-vu11/01/2023 07:12:47 GMT
ofcourse that we are not happy that casinos earn so much money,no matter is that your local casino or online casino site,because that mean that players lose lot of money and they earn more every year! ofcourse its good that everything is open,but online industry is much bigger and people spend lot of money on this way!
 tomex1111/01/2023 07:47:44 GMT
it used to be beautiful times, a lot of promotions without a deposit and from a deposit, a lot of online companies and live casinos in every country, and now only restrictions, obstacles, and taxes from space, It could somehow be legalized globally in all countries with sense and appropriate taxes so that everyone has the profit of the company, the state, and that it pays for people to play...
 dule-vu11/01/2023 08:19:16 GMT
yeah,they give less free promotions or free gifts!

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