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BitStarz Player captures Scorching $187,359 Big Win on Hell Hot 100 slot by Endorphina

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Posted on 08 March 2022 by "T".

When it comes to sizzling big wins, things are getting even hotter at BitStarz this March!

This time around, one lucky firestarter set the reels ablaze by winning a total of $187,359 on Endorphina slot Hell Hot 100.

This is the fifth big win over the last two weeks. During the month of February, BitStarz players walked away with a combined $1.37 million in big wins!

Hell Hot 100 slot
Hell Hot 100 is a slot game created by Endorphina.

This wicked slot shall bring out the best and worst in every player who dares to get close enough to Endorphinian fire. With a fine balance between diplomacy and intrigue among the demons in hell, a rush of twisted luck may rub off on you too! This radically new classic is polished in crisp designs to fuel their very own Hell Hot 100, featuring explosive graphics of hot and spicy fruit symbols.

This 5x4 reelset slot game has 100 fixed pay lines, with the game symbols being refined fruits. The Wild symbol is set to fire and substitutes for all the symbols, except for the Scatter. You can also gamble in their classic Risk Game. Selecting a card from the four cards dealt on the table can increase your win up to 10 times. If the chosen card beats the Dealer's card, the win is doubled and you can try again. If the Dealer wins in any round, the Risk game ends with no wins for you. 

Ready to test your luck and play with fire? Turn up the heat to see how much you can take.

Stay long enough and you may just win it all in Hell Hot 100!

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30 Free Spins
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BitStarz (lots of payment options & casino games) gives 30 Free Spins (no deposit bonus) + /$500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins welcome package!



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21 comments on "BitStarz Player captures Scorching $187,359 Big Win on Hell Hot 100 slot by Endorphina"

 dule-vu08/03/2022 12:11:07 GMT
Now we have every week at least one news about big win from this site and ofcourse with crazy amount on some slot!
This slot looks interesting and something that can be played more in future!
 geseco1211/03/2022 01:27:34 GMT
it's great that people are winning huge amounts of money every week, that's very exciting, that's why more and more people are playing and the prize pools are getting bigger and bigger. good luck to everyone in these games.
 CALICUL11/03/2022 01:44:10 GMT
BitStarz has a big prize in approximate every 2 months. I see that in these threads from BRM and that thing is great. Players gain confidence and will play here with more enthusiasm to win something bigger. Big Smile
 geseco1212/03/2022 02:30:36 GMT
I feel a great happiness to see that there are many people who win many big prizes like this, it fills me with joy to see this, and I'm sure everyone does the same, maybe the next winner of these prizes will be us, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL12/03/2022 02:35:44 GMT
beautiful prizes are often won here, even if there are many players who do not trust this casino. I say it's not bad if a lot of people play here and that means it's ok. Good luck, if you play here, mobsters.
 eloy219/03/2022 02:42:38 GMT
What great news it's great that people win great prizes every week this is very exciting for everyone that's why almost all people play and the prizes are getting bigger and bigger good luck to all players.
 dule-vu19/03/2022 05:19:04 GMT
Too many news about big wins from this site!
 eloy222/03/2022 03:21:07 GMT
How incredible that people win money every week that's why all people play with the purpose of winning large amounts for it every time the prizes are bigger good luck to all
 dule-vu22/03/2022 05:57:05 GMT
Too many big stories about this site ane every time about some big win and how they pay big amount to players!yeah,right!
 geseco1230/03/2022 14:37:04 GMT
We will always see very touching stories of players who play and win very big prizes, slot games can offer prizes that are crazy, that's why to win you have to play a lot to have a better chance of winning.
 dule-vu30/03/2022 14:45:03 GMT
Yeah,but we have too many of them on this casino site!
 geseco1231/03/2022 17:13:32 GMT
I know people that play a lot of online casino games, they tell me that they have been playing for years and they have never won a prize like this amount of money, that is why they are very privileged to win in the slots, not everyone can be that lucky.
 dule-vu31/03/2022 17:13:38 GMT
But you must play with very big stakes per spin to win this kind of amount,not on 1 e stake!
 geseco1201/04/2022 18:19:41 GMT
it's true my friend, if you want to win prizes of 6 figures or more you have to play with big bets, that's why many don't do it because it's a risk, but in general it's a matter of getting used to it to be able to reach the goal, little by little.
 dule-vu01/04/2022 18:20:37 GMT
Maybe somebody from forum will do it in future!
 geseco1203/04/2022 00:42:49 GMT
it would be a great joy for us that someone from the forum can win that amount of money in these games and can tell us about his experience, it would be great, but we must not lose hope, to continue.
 CALICUL03/04/2022 00:45:23 GMT
the first thing you need, is to try in BitStarz, if you want to invest something here. I think this casino is not restricted in your country and you will be able to take the easy step in their slots. Good luck if you decide to play here. Big Smile
 geseco1204/04/2022 02:20:25 GMT
there are good online casinos where you can play a lot and win big prizes, it will always depend on the constancy of your game and the amount you always bet, those who play higher odds are more likely to win something big.
 dule-vu04/04/2022 05:09:56 GMT
For me there are too many big winnings every week at their site!
 geseco1205/04/2022 02:38:02 GMT
excellent winnings is true, but you must also take into account the amount of money that players invest in order to win the jackpot, but I think that in general we are here to have fun with these games and win.
 dule-vu05/04/2022 05:06:26 GMT
But on this site we have too many big winnings and you can see that threads where you make comments!
To win this kind of amounts you must play with very big stakes per spin,not 1 or 2 e per spin!

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