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BitStarz Player turns $1.70 into $41K win on Mental Slot Game by Nolimit City

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Posted on 07 April 2022 by "T".

A small bet garners one lucky BitStarz player an incredible 24,289x Rare Win!

The flurry of big and rare wins keep on coming at BitStarz this month of April, and this time one lucky player managed to turn their humble $1.70 into a whopping $41,689 win just by playing Mental, the mental asylum horror-themed slot game from Nolimit City.

How it happened
The lucky player was just going on about his gameplay when he scored a round of 11 Mental Free Spins, one of several different free spins rounds offered in Mental slot.

During the round, the player hit 4 big wins, including a huge $40,511 win on their third and final spin.

The game is downright dark and sinister, but with a mad win like this one, it is absolutely worth playing!

About Mental slot (Nolimit City)
Mental is a slot game that subverts expectations and dares to go where no other have traversed. The sinister theme and the array of innovative mechanics are meshed to bring forward a complex and unique take on what a slot game can offer. Mental offers a 3-2-3-2-3 reelset area with over 1,024 ways to win, which significantly increases with added xWays®. Watch out for the blood-thirsty scorpions and spiders that activate a Lobotomy Freespin, which awards a Mental Transform for each spin.
Chances of wins are boosted whenever 4 or 6 fire frames appears; collect 3 scorpion symbols to unlock a bonus mode with sticky Fire Frames which can be upgraded to Lobotomy or Mental Freespins - all these features combined can deliver the whopping 66,666x bet win potential.

Nolimit City's Mental slot game was first released on August 31, 2021, and would you believe it - an Asian player was able to land the "This is Mental" feature and it happened within just 2 hours of the game going live!

The Asian player scooped up the game's biggest win possible - 66,666x their total bet. They won over $10,000 with only a humble bet size worth $0.20.

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55 comments on "BitStarz Player turns $1.70 into $41K win on Mental Slot Game by Nolimit City"

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» BitStarz Player turns $1.70 into $41K win on Mental Slot Game by Nolimit City

 CALICUL02/05/2022 14:27:23 GMT
we don't like the casino because it requires an investment that is lost much faster. With poker or betting we can recover or win more often, which is why many avoid casinos. Sometimes it's good to play here too.
 geseco1203/05/2022 15:27:21 GMT
It is very true, casinos are very risky, in the long run you end up losing a lot of money, but if you are very lucky you can get some big prize that will balance your losses, but in the end each one chooses which games to play, for me poker is more regular and you can win in the long run if you are a good player.
 CALICUL03/05/2022 15:30:05 GMT
I would like to be a better bettor on assorted bets and if this happens I would risk more money in these casinos. Here you can win nice sums and it is not excluded that we will be among the winners.
 geseco1204/05/2022 16:33:30 GMT
I believe that this is always possible as long as you are lucky at that moment when you are playing, jackpots can come out at any time, that's why it is recommended to play very often, maybe you will win on any given day.
 CALICUL04/05/2022 16:36:02 GMT
I like BitStarz according to certain aspects that I read about, but unfortunately they do not extend and I have to opt for casinos that are licensed in my country. I think people who have slots as a hobby might laugh at some money here to see how it is.
 geseco1205/05/2022 20:15:41 GMT
always in life as in the games there are moments of luck that we have, in this case this man was able to turn a few dollars in thousands of dollars in this casino, you can get when you are perseverant in what you do, luck to all.
 dule-vu05/05/2022 20:15:47 GMT
Yes,you need luck,but you must play every day!
 geseco1206/05/2022 22:39:40 GMT
it is true my friend, in order to have better chances of winning more money is to play almost every day, but you must also be careful not to fall into the ludopatia of these games because otherwise you get lost and instead of being happy and calm you fall into a lot of depression.
 CALICUL06/05/2022 22:42:29 GMT
I don't know why you have to play every day because it's not normal for the winners to be the ones who play the most. Sometimes it is good to be among those who play less, otherwise it would not be right
 geseco1208/05/2022 05:16:34 GMT
but it is a matter of luck, I know players who play all their lives and have never been able to win big prizes like this, and others who play little have been able to win, but it is always left to luck.
 dule-vu08/05/2022 06:47:56 GMT
This amounts are luck,but lot of good winnings are on other sites!
 geseco1209/05/2022 15:55:17 GMT
in the casino money is won very often in small amounts, but in large amounts are very scarce, that's why you have to be very lucky to take it, this man could have won a large amount with only a small bet he made.
 CALICUL09/05/2022 16:03:02 GMT
It is obvious that it is not easy to make a lot of money with less investment. Whoever plays with little money can only win a lot of money if the prizes are awarded in a way that is possible.
 geseco1210/05/2022 16:56:21 GMT
it is very true, in order to win big money in the casino you must play in big bets, but this man has achieved it by betting small, that means that we also have chances to win a lot of money with little.
 CALICUL10/05/2022 16:58:38 GMT
as I said, you can earn good money with less investment, but not all slots. Each slot game has a prize system that is chosen by them and we have to accept that
 geseco1211/05/2022 18:15:56 GMT
each game has a certain amount of money to be distributed, some are bigger than others, the important thing is to play constantly at any level, luck can surprise you at any time, these games are like that, you just have to have fun.
 CALICUL11/05/2022 18:23:08 GMT
You can find many slots in almost any casino and you don't always know what you want to play. You have too many slots and you get lost in the game but if you are careful you choose something beautiful and you are happy
 geseco1212/05/2022 18:28:15 GMT
news like this makes us think that it is worth dreaming big, this player could turn a few dollars into thousands of dollars playing slots, it is not easy, but perseverance can achieve it, of course with a little luck too, jijijijiji
 CALICUL12/05/2022 18:30:52 GMT
These stories are often too interesting, but for better credibility the winners should be exposed so that people are happy and everything is ok. Good luck for all.
 geseco1214/05/2022 01:11:53 GMT
these stories fill you with joy even though you are not the winner, because you know that you still have a chance to win something big with small investments, that doesn't happen every day, that's why it's very exciting when it happens.
 CALICUL14/05/2022 01:20:33 GMT
I'd like to feel lucky like this, but for now I'm limited to sports betting and poker, and on Saturday and Sunday I'll be making lottery tickets. I have to increase my bankroll again to play at the casino, because in 10 days I lost almost everything.
 geseco1215/05/2022 01:29:01 GMT
Too bad my friend that you have lost a lot of money, keep on playing poker hard to increase your bankroll, don't give up, poker is a game that becomes profitable when you study and play with solid strategies that are winning in the long run.
 CALICUL15/05/2022 01:32:14 GMT
that's the risk, but I'm generally too unlucky even if I'm not a weak player. It's true I'm not a professional either, but when I win I try to play casino because I like it and I want to try to win something here.
 geseco1216/05/2022 03:25:30 GMT
it is true what you say, there are moments of bad luck and you do not get anything and you can lose a lot of money if we keep playing and do not stop, you have to know when to take a break to minimize losses in these games.
 dule-vu16/05/2022 04:58:59 GMT
You must prepare yoursele that most of days you will lose money!

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