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Posted on 16 May 2022 by "T".

The casino makes the perfect backdrop for a film

The world of the casino is well-documented on film. Whether it's the glitz and glamour of the Casino de Monte Carlo or a grubby backstreet card house in New York. Filmmakers have long had their imaginations captured by the ins and outs of gaming. Big wins at the roulette wheel, or desperate plays at the poker table, both stir up emotions in us that make for great storytelling. Here we've rounded up some of the most iconic moments in the history of casinos on film. If you've not seen them all, then add them straight to your movie night list.

Blackjack is interestingly one of the least represented games on film, despite it being one of the simplest to pick up. This guide to playing blackjack online describes not only how to play, but also gives options for the most accessible sites for those playing in Asia. Whilst the laws on gaming make it difficult to play in a land-based casino in many Asian countries, we thankfully live in a time where it's safe and easy to play on the internet. This was not the case in the film, Swingers, where two friends headed out to Las Vegas in order to change their fortunes. One of the most memorable scenes in the film featured the duo having a pretty heated conversation about whether you should always double down on an 11. It's the little details like this that show that Jon Favreau really knew his stuff when it came to casino games, in particular, the underrepresented Blackjack. As well as blackjack, there are plenty of iconic clips of other casino games in this film, but we'll leave it here for blackjack and move on to another big hitter for the next casino game on film.

Casino Royale
The clue is in the title, Casino Royale is about as true to the casino movie format as it gets. James Bond is up to his usual good hard spying work in this film, but it all really comes to a head in the casino. Here he plays a seriously intense poker game against evil genius Le Chiffre. Despite the explosions, intense thriller scenes and all-out action during many parts of this movie, the poker scene is the one that keeps your eyes glued to the screen, stopping you from blinking. The intrigue is in the subtleties of this scene, the raise of an eyebrow, the flick of the corner of a card. Every tiny movement is expertly captured and spliced together to really show the reality of a high stakes poker game (a very high stakes poker game).

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run features an iconic roulette scene

Roulette makes for great films, as all is won or lost by the spin of a wheel. Actress Franka Potente captures this emotional rollercoaster perfectly, as she struggles to find 100,000 Deutschmarks to save her boyfriend. The toughest part of this task, is that she has just 20 minutes to come up with the money. Getting desperate she runs through the doors of a casino and finds the nearest roulette table. We won't ruin whether she manages to make her money or not for you, you'll have to watch the film to find that out, but her ear-splitting scream when the roulette wheel slowly clicks to a halt is a veritable piece of cinema history.

Rain Man
This film is as much a study of the relationship between brothers as it is a casino movie. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman play two brothers in the movie. Cruise is a high-flyer, who happens to be struggling with enormous debts. Hoffman is a quiet man, who lives an institutionalised life owing to his autism. After the death of their father, the two brothers try to fix their hard feelings for one another and what ensues is some of the most brilliant blackjack playing on film. Owing to Hoffman's autism, he has a special way of understanding numbers and memory, that his brother cannot get his head around. Despite not understanding quite how he does it, Cruise decides to take a chance and try to clear his debts by taking Hoffman to the casino. Together they play at the blackjack table, whilst Hoffman uses his incredible memory to count cards. Although not admissible play in a real casino setting, the pair get away with it in the first instance, though what ensues next makes for a truly gripping ending.

Guide to playing blackjack online

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 CALICUL23/05/2022 22:27:48 GMT
There are some good movies about poker in the past, but here's each one with its own script. People always make movies because they make a living from this job and obviously they have to work and look for stories.
 geseco1224/05/2022 20:28:37 GMT
I think it would be great if they would release more often movies with this format, it would be something very cool, for casino games lovers it would be something special, I love that movies have scenes of casino games.
 dule-vu24/05/2022 20:28:46 GMT
This movies are great!
 geseco1225/05/2022 20:58:00 GMT
movies like this are more fun and entertaining to watch, I really like these movies with gambling scenes, where many people play and there is a lot of suspense because of the big prizes, I hope they can make a movie.
 dule-vu25/05/2022 20:58:05 GMT
This movies have everything,they danger,fun,almost everything that people love!
 geseco1226/05/2022 21:58:47 GMT
I love movies, and much more when they have formats like this, I think they should release more movies like this, we all like this, to have on screen many emotions with these games.
 dule-vu26/05/2022 21:58:57 GMT
This movies are great,same as oceans twelve and other parts of it!
 geseco1227/05/2022 22:36:47 GMT
the movies with these scenes of casino games are very good, I think it will be very accepted by people, we all like movies with a touch of emotions and I think poker is a game where you will always get goose bumps as we say in Latin America.
 CALICUL27/05/2022 22:41:34 GMT
I haven't seen that, but it will definitely be something that will leave a serious mark on the minds of those who will be watching this movie. I think it is well done especially since the explanations are eloquent. Definitely worth watching for players.
 geseco1229/05/2022 00:00:34 GMT
all poker players do not like to watch movies with poker game scenes, we know the adrenaline that you feel when you play this beautiful sport like poker, soon will come movies with this format and will be very exciting for everyone.
 CALICUL29/05/2022 00:03:42 GMT
here it can be adrenaline for the most emotional, when they see a movie with a very good script that brings them palpitations or other emotions. I don't compare myself to them but I like good movies because I can see something that attracts me
 geseco1230/05/2022 00:52:23 GMT
movies are always very good when you make a good script, where emotions come and go, now casino games in these movies would be incredible, it adds more excitement.
 CALICUL30/05/2022 00:54:44 GMT
I like movies since I was a child, but they have to have a good script, they have to be well directed, and the actors have to show their professionalism in them. Such a thing is worth watching because that's why we love cinematography.
 geseco1231/05/2022 01:58:05 GMT
I particularly love action movies too, and it would be great if this year they would bring out action movies including scenes of casino games, poker, but always games like the ones they organize now and not like we are used to see with alcohol, smoking and naked women.
 dule-vu31/05/2022 04:42:41 GMT
In this kind of movies you can have everything,gambling,action,love,whatever you want!
 geseco1201/06/2022 02:11:51 GMT
Of course, for a movie to be very good it has to combine several factors such as action, love, and of course casino or poker games, I think that way all the viewers will like it a little more, hopefully one will come out.
 dule-vu01/06/2022 04:52:52 GMT
Most of this movies have everything of this to be interesting!
 geseco1202/06/2022 03:03:35 GMT
it is true, we all like movies with this format, hopefully a good movie can be developed this year and we can enjoy it, I think it will depend on the great screenwriters and the budget.
 dule-vu02/06/2022 04:59:17 GMT
Maybe they will!its still lot of time till end of year!
 subsonic24/06/2022 14:53:43 GMT
The funniest scene in Casino Royal is the final hand of the famous poker game.
A flush, a full house, a stronger full house and a straight flush. Plus 4-5-6-7-8. A hand like that happens several times a day, doesn't it?? Blink Big Smile
Someone pls calculate the odds of that! Cool Club But it's still brilliant!
The movie was made in 2006, so you can't forget the new craze, Texas Hold'em Poker. It was inevitable that Bond would be caught up in the spirit of the game and show that he is the best player in the world, a poker player who knows from the slightest twitch of an opponent's hair that he has to throw his poker away, because the opponent has the royale flush!! Spade Spade Big Smile
 dule-vu24/06/2022 15:14:33 GMT
Yeah,that is craz hand and its in casino in montenegro!
 subsonic10/07/2022 10:46:38 GMT
I am missing something.. I think you could also include Casino (1995), which is the elite of genre. It isalso arguable that we haven't seen the city of sin portrayed in such detail sinnce. The great actors, the unique atmosphere and the fast-paced plot are just the icing on cake, and all of these combine to make Casino perhaps the last tru gangster film on the 90s, and inescapable classic! Smile
 CALICUL10/07/2022 10:59:04 GMT
I like biographical films or with beautiful stories and it is interesting any kind of film if it is built on an attractive subject. I think people should be more careful when they watch this kind of movie because they say a lot of things.
 subsonic15/07/2022 15:56:11 GMT
Maybe I could also include Ocean's Eleven (2001) althought it could be personal because it's one of the my favourite film- The film gives an insight behind the scenes of the casino security...The Bellagio the main filming location allowed the crew full access during the shoot. They were also given acces to their industrial cameras for use in the film!
A classic heist movie that can re watched anytime, and the cast is something else!
 CALICUL15/07/2022 16:18:03 GMT
I've seen several movies in the past about that, but i'm not interested in watching them again. When something new and interesting appears, i look, but otherwise i'm not the kind of person to watch the same movie too many times. I've done it in the past, but now i don't want to. Time is precious.

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