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N1 Casino player wins €58K Mega Prize in Mystery Drops, while playing BGaming slot WBC Ring of Riches

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Posted on 09 June 2022 by "T".

June has become a special month for one N1 Casino player, as they managed to catch a Mega Prize worth €58,483 (or $62,200) in Mystery Drops while playing their favorite slot WBC Ring of Riches, a game developed by BGaming.

Player Lynjawen said, "As soon as I logged into my account that evening, I noticed a notification. I could not believe that this prize was really mine and had to calm myself first. Honestly, I can't realize that I have won this even now. Thank you very much for allowing me to try my luck and win so much. I will invest a part of my winnings in bicycle equipment as I will finally have a bike tour with my son this year. I have never won so much. I have no words to express my feelings."

The Mystery Drops promo is the first cross-brand campaign of N1 Partners Group, announced just last month, and offers real money prizes with no restrictions and no wagering requirements.

Chief Product Officer of N1 Partners Group Yaroslav Laptev said, "We recently launched Mystery Drops on the N1 Casino project, and we are glad that our player was lucky enough to win the Mega Prize. We congratulate the player and hope that luck will smile more than once, and the number of winnings will be even greater."

The integration of the multi-functional solution of the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator to N1 Partners Group projects enabled the company to make its very own unique Mystery Drops campaign for a special prize draw.

This means that people can continue to play their favorite online casino games and they are also entered into the random prize draw. They can win in any of the three levels of the promo campaign: Mega, Grand and Major. Prize amounts are progressive and random.



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47 comments on "N1 Casino player wins €58K Mega Prize in Mystery Drops, while playing BGaming slot WBC Ring of Riches"

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» N1 Casino player wins €58K Mega Prize in Mystery Drops, while playing BGaming slot WBC Ring of Riches

 dule-vu19/06/2022 09:21:39 GMT
Would buy a long trip!
 geseco1220/06/2022 00:27:43 GMT
We all want to have the opportunity to win something big with these games, the lucky ones are happy and we also want to experience that someday, the time we do not know, but if you have faith when you try.
 CALICUL20/06/2022 00:30:16 GMT
maybe this week I will have the opportunity to win something because i have embarked on an interesting tournament that will be next weekend. I will play the slots if i win something nice, so i can keep my bankroll...
 geseco1221/06/2022 02:05:17 GMT
it's always good to try, we don't know when luck can surprise us, these games are like that, at any time you can win, that's why many players are playing more often to have more chances.
 dule-vu21/06/2022 05:12:26 GMT
If you play often,you will have more chances to win this kid of jackpot!
 geseco1222/06/2022 02:32:49 GMT
it is very true, for you to have more chances to win the big prizes you have to be constant in your game, the more you play the more chances, it is not easy because sometimes you spend a lot of money and you get nothing, it is hard that, but that's how these games are.
 dule-vu22/06/2022 03:36:06 GMT
Thats most important,to play every day!
 geseco1223/06/2022 03:49:46 GMT
that's right, the more you play the more chances of winning big prizes, that's why we see news like this of people who win a lot of money with these games, but we must also think that behind those prizes there is a lot of game and also a lot of losses.
 dule-vu23/06/2022 04:45:41 GMT
But you never know who can be that lucky guy,its pure luck!
 geseco1224/06/2022 17:06:41 GMT
casino games are pure luck, that's true, that's why we must always play responsibly not to lose a lot of money in these games, we all want to win the jackpot but only a few are lucky enough to win it, so relax and don't obsess about it.
 CALICUL24/06/2022 17:20:29 GMT
I always talk about luck because here you need a lot to win and sometimes that happens. The big amounts are nice but for that it is much harder and we have to play more
 geseco1225/06/2022 21:24:30 GMT
it is true, to be able to reach some big prize, first you must be lucky and then always be playing so that you have more chances to win, it is not easy, but it is worth it, good luck to everyone.
 CALICUL25/06/2022 21:29:02 GMT
I agree that he is a lucky player and got a good prize, but compared to others who earn millions is a little lower. He was lucky and people often win because there are many games and prizes as well
 geseco1227/06/2022 01:04:35 GMT
There are prizes of all kinds, there are people who win millions with these games and others only thousands of dollars, but the most important thing is that you are lucky to be able to take it and that is very much appreciated, that is why any prize is valued.
 CALICUL27/06/2022 01:06:18 GMT
Luck must also depend on the fairness of the casino and in many places it is possible, because most casinos are licensed, people play and they make money. Luck has existed and will exist for many winners
 geseco1228/06/2022 03:12:14 GMT
that's right brother, if we try we will always have more chances to win great prizes, the games are like that and luck too, they can surprise us at any time and it would be great if they did.
 dule-vu28/06/2022 04:36:03 GMT
But jackpot games are something different!
 geseco1229/06/2022 04:52:42 GMT
The more you play the more chances you have to win the big prizes, luck can surprise you at any time, you have to be patient with it, and never stop believing that one day we will be the lucky ones in these games.
 dule-vu29/06/2022 05:57:44 GMT
Jackpots are hard to get,but we can play every day and maybe we will win something like this!
 geseco1230/06/2022 16:22:44 GMT
It is true, it is not easy, but it is worth to keep trying, maybe luck will surprise us later, I think these games are like that, at any time we can get big jackpots of money, good luck to all.
 CALICUL30/06/2022 16:31:29 GMT
yes, we must to play Big Smile
 geseco1202/07/2022 17:33:58 GMT
if we want to win something big, is not only play once a month, is to play very often, that's where the chances of winning something big is greater, it is not easy because many times you will lose money, but if you want to achieve it that is the way.
 CALICUL02/07/2022 17:35:04 GMT
there will always be slots as long as people play and bring a profit to the casinos. They won't stop creating slots if there are customers, and that's good for players. Here is a happy case and proof that something beautiful can be won.
 geseco1203/07/2022 17:47:55 GMT
There will always be people to play these slot games, it is a very good game, and besides great winnings for the users, if we are lucky we can enjoy these prizes like this winner.
 CALICUL03/07/2022 17:51:04 GMT
obviously people will prefer slots out of the desire to play for pleasure or out of a dream of a more serious win. Who wouldn't want to have fun or win? many will, that's why people play and try to win

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