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BitStarz Player shoots a $83,233 Big Win on Gunspinner slot by Booming Games

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Posted on 01 July 2022 by "T".

In the Wild West town of BitStarz, there are wanted posters of outlaws with huge bounties on them, and one particular gun-spinning outlaw needs help in robbing the Wild West bank's stagecoach. In exchange for your help, he's willing to split the loot with you!

One BitStarz player decided to help and little did they know a Big Win is waiting to be hit - the lucky player managed to bag $83,233 worth of loot on Gunspinner slot by Booming Games.

Gunspinner slot - Booming Games
Flex your fingers, take ten steps, spin around and hit spin.

Booming Games has done it again with their Wild West slot, ‘Gunspinner'.

Join their gun spinning outlaw as he endeavors to enrich himself by lightening the load of the Wild West bank's stagecoach.

Help him to blast his way in to uncover three shelves stuffed with riches, from moneybags to gold bars. This medium volatility, 20 payline slot from Booming Games has all the excitement and tension you'd expect.

Each time the Gunspinner throws his dynamite at the bank's stagecoach, he tears open the back doors, giving the player the opportunity to land symbols otherwise unavailable.

In the base game this Bank-Reel feature includes Wild Multipliers, Freespin Scatters, and Double Gold Bar symbols, opening up the opportunity to win 6 of a kind with the games highest paying symbol.

In Freespins, +1 and +2 Freespins symbols are added to the reel. Couple that with the further addition of Locked Wilds and you've got the makings of a great haul.



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39 comments on "BitStarz Player shoots a $83,233 Big Win on Gunspinner slot by Booming Games"

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» BitStarz Player shoots a $83,233 Big Win on Gunspinner slot by Booming Games

 CALICUL07/07/2022 23:36:35 GMT
I don't know how many players BitStarz has, but it will definitely grow because it knows how to advertise and attract customers. The prizes that are awarded are sometimes enough for people to come and play here.
 geseco1209/07/2022 02:08:54 GMT
I feel a joy when I see news like this, people who earn a lot of money with these games, I really like it, I feel like it happens to me, it would be something wonderful to be able to win something big.
 CALICUL09/07/2022 02:12:06 GMT
I am also happy when the players win and i would also like to win more serious amounts. It is really difficult at the casino, but it can happen that you take a large amount and to be happy until another possible more serious win. Big Smile
 geseco1210/07/2022 02:39:16 GMT
I think it would be a good profit when you win prizes that exceed 100k, good money to start playing big, but to get there you have to play constantly and be lucky, every year we see winners in these games, hopefully someday it will be us.
 dule-vu10/07/2022 07:52:45 GMT
Its just question for how long he play and how much did he spend till now!
 geseco1211/07/2022 03:23:49 GMT
it is true, many times we see the players' profits but we do not see the losses, sometimes they can be more or less, but the most important thing is to be able to enjoy these games.
 dule-vu11/07/2022 04:29:10 GMT
Almost all players enjoy in slots,but on end its important what you earn!
 geseco1212/07/2022 03:34:07 GMT
we all want to win, but very few manage to win a lot of money with the famous jackpots that are in play, hopefully we will be very lucky this year and we will be able to obtain considerable winnings.
 dule-vu12/07/2022 04:35:56 GMT
If you think how to win jackpot,then you will just play this kind of games and you will lose a lot!
 geseco1213/07/2022 04:07:55 GMT
sometimes we think a lot about the big prize and we fall into the mistake of playing more often without control and lose a lot of money, we must be aware that this does not happen very often and we must always play responsibly.
 dule-vu13/07/2022 04:34:52 GMT
This come only to few players per year!jackpots are not payed every day!
 geseco1214/07/2022 04:31:02 GMT
This of course is not an everyday occurrence, that's why we should enjoy it to the fullest when we win considerable money, it's very special, we all dream of winning something big with these games.
 dule-vu14/07/2022 04:39:16 GMT
Ofcourse this isnt jackpot,its very big win from bonus game,but even for this you must play every day!
 geseco1215/07/2022 15:27:54 GMT
although they are not big prizes from players who win millions of dollars playing slots, this is a very good prize, anyone would like to win that amount, hopefully you will be lucky and win something similar or maybe more.
 dule-vu15/07/2022 15:48:03 GMT
It will be great if any of is lucky to win such amount!
 geseco1216/07/2022 16:20:29 GMT
it would be great if some of the people here could win something big, we know that it is not easy to obtain strong earnings, but it is luck and anything can happen, that's why many people play it.
 dule-vu16/07/2022 16:20:34 GMT
We had before news about big winnings from members,but not anymore!maybe in future!
 geseco1217/07/2022 19:04:02 GMT
a good amount of money to be able to live and play quietly for a year, I love these games and much more when you get profits like this, we all want to but only the lucky ones win it.
 CALICUL17/07/2022 19:06:31 GMT
I knew that BitStarz is a medium or maybe small casino, but it offers quite attractive prizes and quite often. I read in the last two years or maybe more about several winners who won good money here. It is very good.
 geseco1218/07/2022 22:00:18 GMT
It is good money, this player will be very happy for the prize, there are few who are lucky enough to win something big in these slot games, good luck to all.
 dule-vu18/07/2022 22:00:23 GMT
Dont believe much in this big winnings at bitstarz!
 geseco1201/08/2022 18:59:02 GMT
it is a good gain in this slot machine, even if it is not millions that wins but it is very good to have a gain of this nature, good luck to all who play in these games, it is not easy, but you always have to give it your best.
 CALICUL01/08/2022 19:03:10 GMT
any amount that exceeds a few hundred dollars is very good, but only if the investment is too small and you have a convenient profit. Players can have a chance at this, but of course, according to everyone's luck.
 geseco1202/08/2022 21:39:54 GMT
any prize that can be obtained in these games will always be highly valued, we know that these games are 100% luck and that is why we will appreciate that it is not every day.
 CALICUL02/08/2022 21:43:57 GMT
if these winners gave interviews, they could talk about their games and investments. For now, there are few who do it, the rest of the winners remain anonymous. I think it is better for them to be made public in civilized countries

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