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BitStarz Player scores $89K Big Win on Red Tiger slot Lucky Little Devil

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Posted on 24 January 2023 by "T".

This BitStarz player started their New Year with a bang - an $89K Big Win!

While most people are going for their typical New Year's resolutions - losing weight, eating healthy, exercising more, quitting smoking, among others - this particular guy opted to spend the start of his year 2023 on playing a slot game at BitStarz.

Unlike start-of-the-year resolutions that take time to manifest noticeable results, his simple decision to spin the reels made him $89,601 richer!

Lucky Little Devil, a slot from Red Tiger Gaming, is certainly this player's lucky charm of the year!

Lucky Little Devil (Red Tiger Gaming)
First released on July 2017, Lucky Little Devil challenges players to hit a "Little Stroke of Luck" and activate the Fiendish Free Spins for Big Wins!

The 5x3 reelset slot has 10 paylines, has a cartoon-looking cute tiny devil theme, and carrying a maximum win of 1,481x player's bet.

The Quest for Rare Big Wins at BitStarz
If you're looking for a different slot with giant max multipliers that could give you a shot at the next BitStarz rare big win, check out Tombstone R.I.P. (300,000x max multiplier) from game developer Nolimit City. In June 2022, this high volatility slot game rewarded a player with €30,000 from the game's minimum bet, a humble €0.10 per spin!



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43 comments on "BitStarz Player scores $89K Big Win on Red Tiger slot Lucky Little Devil"

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» BitStarz Player scores $89K Big Win on Red Tiger slot Lucky Little Devil

 CALICUL03/02/2023 18:22:06 GMT
all players are capable of winning, but not all win. This is the risk of the game and we each try our chances. I still think it's better to collect a better bankroll and risk a little more, maybe my luck will come for the first time.
 geseco1204/02/2023 21:06:38 GMT
if we want to have prizes as this player has to risk in these games, the most likely is to continue playing very often to get more advantage in our odds, good luck to all and keep playing.
 CALICUL04/02/2023 21:07:56 GMT
there, in this casino, will be many winners in slot games because BitStarz have some players who spend money to win nice prizes. Here they have nice results and BitStarz is promising.
 geseco1206/02/2023 02:02:04 GMT
That is thanks to their perseverance, it is not easy to play for a long time these slot games because the variance is tremendous, they risk a lot of their money, it is rewarding to see you win a big prize.
 CALICUL06/02/2023 02:06:09 GMT
you will have to be lucky because others want to play here, but they don't have the license for the respective countries. Maybe they will get it. Good luck. Smile
 geseco1208/02/2023 02:48:23 GMT
when we play these games, the first thing is to have fun and have a good time, but sometimes luck can surprise you by giving you a big surprise like this player who has been lucky enough to win a big prize.
 dule-vu08/02/2023 07:11:52 GMT
for every long time play you have chance to lose a lot and its like that for every game, slots, poker, whatever you like to play! same as on slots, you can win big amount in just few spins,but you can also lose a lot when you play for long time! its up to every player to know limits, but lot of them, same as me, dont know when to stop!
 geseco1212/02/2023 19:49:02 GMT
when you play for a longer time is where you really see if you are a winner or loser, sometimes when you play for a little while you can be lucky, but much longer the luck I think is lost, I'm talking about poker, but in casino games that does not happen.
 dule-vu12/02/2023 19:54:48 GMT
Too much luck!
 geseco1213/02/2023 20:44:00 GMT
That's right, to be a winner in this you have to be very lucky, this man has been very lucky to be able to win this very big prize in these slot games, it is not easy to get prizes like this.
 dule-vu13/02/2023 20:45:07 GMT
but its not rigth!
 geseco1214/02/2023 22:29:04 GMT
even if it is not millions of dollars it is always nice to win a prize like this, sometimes there are moments that luck can smile on you and make you have a good time, good luck to all who play on these platforms.
 CALICUL14/02/2023 22:31:59 GMT
it's also good if you earn 1,000 or 2,000 with an investment of 30 - 50 dollars. Big Smile
 geseco1215/02/2023 23:50:59 GMT
Of course my friend, every prize is welcome in these games, we know that it is very difficult to get big prizes like this, but if luck is on our side we can achieve great things.
 dule-vu15/02/2023 23:51:34 GMT
But you dont play there...
 geseco1217/02/2023 00:29:11 GMT
And how do you know I don't play, I like to play in rooms like this one, I like casino games and poker too, I always like to play them, I don't play every day but from time to time I play some sessions with low stakes.
 CALICUL17/02/2023 00:48:50 GMT
many players want to play only with money from casinos or from BRM, as is the case with a "slot player" who comments here. They don't want to search in their pocket. Others players make deposits, take risks and they have much better chances of winning. It is difficult, but it is possible.
 geseco1218/02/2023 02:54:37 GMT
There are several ways to grow in this world of slots, some choose the first option and others the second, the paths are very different but both always need a lot of previous work to achieve the objectives.
 CALICUL18/02/2023 03:09:45 GMT
some players have an enviable luck and talent at these slot games. I keep trying to achieve something, but for me the slots are much too cold, to express myself clearly. I hope the day will come when it will be hot...
 geseco1219/02/2023 03:33:22 GMT
it is true, there are some players who are lucky enough to win something big and can have a better chance to grow very often in these games, but others have to deal with the small stakes for many years until they grow and move up to a level where most of them are profitable.
 CALICUL19/02/2023 08:00:46 GMT
you have to know and take risks, because there is no need to rush and you have to calculate how much you want to invest. You cannot destroy yourself to always invest money and lose it. Play carefully and risk as much as you need, and one day maybe that luck will come.
 geseco1220/02/2023 03:48:42 GMT
That's right brother, we must always play with responsibility in order to grow, luck will always be there and at any moment it can happen to us, the most important thing is to play calmly and concentrated.
 dule-vu20/02/2023 06:06:48 GMT
Thats most important!
 geseco1221/02/2023 05:00:25 GMT
That's right, we must let luck do its job in these slot games, we must not create false expectations about these games, we must always play for fun and with responsibility, that way we do not fall into gambling.
 dule-vu21/02/2023 06:18:33 GMT
ok, we all know that, we all know how we should play, but we can now go in other threads and write about something new! its not just this bitstarz winning that we can talk about!
we all know that lot of people cant stop playing or when they win bigger amounts, they try for more, so its not easy to just say or stop!
but when somebody is freeroll players and play for fun, or if you are from romania, then you cant lose anything,because you dont have anything, except earning from posts on forum...

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