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BitStarz Player scores $300K Big Win on GameArt slot Super Heated Sevens

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Posted on 22 February 2023 by "T".

Things got super heated on the first week of February for one BitStarz player as they managed to squeeze a massive $300,028 win from this fruit-themed slot game.

This sensational big win amount is another one of those "never judge a book by its cover" slots. Of course, all the games you can find at BitStarz have significant winning potential - all you have to do is to find the right one just for you!

Super Heated Sevens (GameArt)

Released on October 2021, Super Heated Sevens is a classic 5x3 reel slot with 20 paylines. Flames burst forth when a win occurs!

A Wild symbol substitutes all symbols except the Scatters. Scatter wins are paid out when symbols appear randomly on any position on the reels and are added to line wins.

An exciting Gamble Feature is also available. Choose between Red or Black to double your win. Winnings can be gambled up to five times.

Get your Big Win only at BitStarz!

If you're looking for a different slot with giant max multipliers that could give you a shot at the next BitStarz big win, check out Tombstone R.I.P. (300,000x max multiplier) from game developer Nolimit City. In June 2022, this high volatility slot game rewarded a player with €30,000 from the game's minimum bet, a humble €0.10 per spin!

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46 comments on "BitStarz Player scores $300K Big Win on GameArt slot Super Heated Sevens"

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» BitStarz Player scores $300K Big Win on GameArt slot Super Heated Sevens

 CALICUL03/03/2023 05:28:16 GMT
play there and maybe you will be one of the winners because it is possible if you are really lucky. Here you often win and it seems like an interesting casino, but it still has work to do before it offers millions to a single winner
 geseco1204/03/2023 05:05:18 GMT
it's always good to try games like this, maybe you get lucky some of the days and you can win thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes, that's what makes this so much fun, it keeps you in suspense as to who will be the next lucky one to win thousands or millions.
 CALICUL04/03/2023 05:32:52 GMT
I like BitStarz that has 3 or more great prizes in just one week period. This casino seems to be successful and probably operates in many countries and can offer satisfactory prizes for the lucky ones, and that is very good.
 geseco1205/03/2023 17:34:19 GMT
This casino is putting out a lot of news of people winning thousands of dollars, even millions, I don't know what their goal is, I guess to attract more people to their room, but this is incredible, congratulations to this player, I'm sure many more will come next week.
 dule-vu05/03/2023 17:34:34 GMT
 Rainbowengel06/03/2023 13:21:24 GMT
Really? I can not believe it
 CALICUL06/03/2023 13:22:42 GMT
Thumbs Up
 geseco1207/03/2023 21:25:43 GMT
we all can have the chance to win amounts of money like this, what you should do is always play continuously so that the probabilities are greater and win, good luck to all.
 CALICUL07/03/2023 21:27:01 GMT
very good for him and of course, we all can have the chance to win amounts of money like this. Big Smile
 geseco1209/03/2023 03:11:47 GMT
that's right, all of us who participate daily in these games have the chance to win something big, hopefully this year we can be lucky enough to win the jackpot.
 dule-vu09/03/2023 06:08:33 GMT
They call this win from regular play, not jackpot!
 geseco1210/03/2023 21:12:10 GMT
the most important thing is to play and win, but sometimes it doesn't happen like that, many sessions you play and lose money, but if you are perseverant and constant the probability of winning something big is closer.
 dule-vu10/03/2023 21:12:26 GMT
You are right!
 geseco1213/03/2023 16:48:33 GMT
that's right my friend, it's the day to day where many players face this situation. but the most important thing is always to be mentally prepared to face negative sessions for weeks at a time.
 CALICUL13/03/2023 17:38:25 GMT
many players prefer these slots, that's why they are always good, to satisfy the wishes of those who love these slots. I think that anyone who creates this kind of slot, he knows what the players want, and BitStarz is a casino who know many things, that's why they have players and many prizes.
 geseco1214/03/2023 18:31:04 GMT
Every time I hear more and more players that like these slot games, I think the biggest initiative to get us hooked on these games are the promotions they do to play, plus the great formats they do to make the game very entertaining.
 CALICUL14/03/2023 18:46:30 GMT
yes, it is something very good from the point of view of the prizes, because they also have smaller prizes where the lucky players will enjoy them. Good luck to the mobsters who playing there.
 geseco1215/03/2023 21:58:35 GMT
casinos are becoming more and more fun, I have been playing slot games for a long time now, and my biggest win so far is 135 dollars, I hope one day I will win a bigger prize.
 CALICUL15/03/2023 22:05:28 GMT
maybe that luck will come, if you are a slot player who risks some money every week and sometimes several times. We can never know what will happen, but good luck in future for good money.
 geseco1218/03/2023 02:10:46 GMT
that's right, the more you play and risk money every day you can have more chances to win big prizes like this player, luck is like that, at any time you can become a millionaire or at least win big jackpots.
 dule-vu18/03/2023 03:36:29 GMT
Old thread and many big wins from this site!
 geseco1220/03/2023 18:07:13 GMT
for sure this year will be full of this news, of people who win a lot of money with these slot games, let's hope that one day luck will smile on us and we will be able to win prizes like this one.
 CALICUL20/03/2023 18:32:19 GMT
there are many casinos, and the most credible ones will have many winners. BitStarz can be one of them and think that there are many winners that we don't hear about, if we don't read. Slots bring a lot of winnings, that's why people play.
 geseco1222/03/2023 00:42:29 GMT
when we are always playing the opportunities are much more open and that is why we have more chances to win big prizes like this, we should always play but with responsibility, good luck to all.
 dule-vu22/03/2023 00:57:36 GMT

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