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BitStarz Player turns €1 Bet into 52,655x Rare Big Win on Nolimit City slot Misery Mining

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Posted on 08 February 2023 by "T".

This BitStarz player just proved you don't have to bet big to win big.

When it comes to gambling, most of us have come across the phrase "go big or go home". While it sounds pretty much accurate, it doesn't always have to be the case.

One lucky player started the year 2023 in "glorious misery" after he placed a humble small bet that then turned into an incredibly big win. Fancy winning thousands of cash by just playing your favorite online slot game!

Misery Mining, a slot from Nolimit City, has blessed one player, who scored a rare 52,665x multiplier win - imagine taking home an incredible €52,665 from just a €1 bet!

Misery Mining (Nolimit City)
First released on March 2022, Misery Mining takes players to a revisit in the coal mines, where they are greeted by the same enraged dwarf from Fire in the Hole xBomb, but this time with more white streaks in his hair. Behind all of the filth, heat, and misery, this dwarf has just one life-long purpose in mind - to mine for diamonds and other valuable gemstones.

Misery Mining has a 7x7 reel set that will start off as a 3x3 layout with the rest sealed off by barriers. The slot's main feature, xBomb®, allows players to blast through any barrier, resulting in a more intense experience.

Misery Freespins, xBomb Wild Multiplier, xBomb Mining, and other features are also available. A total stimulated max pay-out of 70,000x will be rewarded when finding le grande jaune - All hail the liquid gold!

The Quest for Rare Big Wins at BitStarz
If you're looking for a different slot with giant max multipliers that could give you a shot at the next BitStarz rare big win, check out Tombstone R.I.P. (300,000x max multiplier) from game developer Nolimit City. In June 2022, this high volatility slot game rewarded a player with €30,000 from the game's minimum bet, a humble €0.10 per spin!

You can also try other high multiplier slots such as: Casino Zeppelin Reloaded with a max multiplier of 102,838x, and Wild Flower with a 114,000x max multiplier.

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BitStarz, an award winning casino, has lots of deposit/withdrawal options; a ton of casino games; 24/7 live support; thrilling promotions & competitions!



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39 comments on "BitStarz Player turns €1 Bet into 52,655x Rare Big Win on Nolimit City slot Misery Mining"

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» BitStarz Player turns €1 Bet into 52,655x Rare Big Win on Nolimit City slot Misery Mining

 CALICUL19/02/2023 08:02:03 GMT
the chances are not difficult to calculate, if we know the numbers and that doesn't matter because here only a few are lucky. The important thing is that you don't lose, and if it happens to have some profit, that's good.
 geseco1222/02/2023 14:19:56 GMT
That's right my friend, the most important thing is to try not to lose, and if we lose, we should lose as little as possible, but always looking for luck like this player who with minimal entries was able to win a tremendous prize.
 dule-vu22/02/2023 14:20:19 GMT
Maybe on some other casino site!
 geseco1223/02/2023 18:10:46 GMT
This player knows how to play these slot games, the most important thing is to have fun while playing and also to risk little money and always look for the biggest prize.
 CALICUL23/02/2023 18:12:17 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
This player knows how to play these slot games, the most important thing is to have fun while playing and also to risk little money and always look for the biggest prize.

it is exactly as you say Big Smile
 geseco1224/02/2023 21:14:11 GMT
That's right my friend, we all should always look for the best and risk a little, always play with responsibility and things will go very well, sometimes we want to win a lot in one day and that makes us play badly and lose.
 dule-vu24/02/2023 21:14:35 GMT
Hope that you will risk!
 geseco1225/02/2023 22:35:10 GMT
if we want to win something considerable we have to risk, it is not easy, that is why when a person wins amounts like this his emotion is indescribable, it is a magical and unique moment that is almost never repeated.
 CALICUL25/02/2023 22:47:19 GMT
I always liked the risk, but unfortunately the bigger gains eluded me and i couldn't be so successful. I play well, but at the casino i am the weakest. I have better luck in the lottery, than in slots.
 geseco1227/02/2023 00:50:45 GMT
it is not bad to try with small bets, sometimes it can happen like this man that with small bets he could get a big prize, for sure he would never imagine it, but it happened, crazy.
 dule-vu27/02/2023 00:51:21 GMT
Old thread!
 geseco1228/02/2023 04:43:12 GMT
Today I had a little bit of luck playing these slot games, I had a great session, it's been a long time since this happened to me, I was able to win more than 100 dollars in a couple of hours of session.
 CALICUL28/02/2023 05:52:46 GMT
congratulations Geseco, for your result and I hope that you win even more in the next sessions because it is very good when you win more important amounts and you will be even happier. Good luck in the future.
 geseco1203/03/2023 02:27:48 GMT
I hope this goes on for many more days, I love these games and I hope to always give myself time to continue enjoying what I am passionate about, I hope that everyone here is doing very well.
 CALICUL03/03/2023 05:30:00 GMT
you will find more promotions at BitStarz every year and nice prizes for players. Maybe you are very lucky and you will have a prize of over 10.k dollars if you are lucky. Good luck.
 tomex1103/03/2023 07:48:08 GMT
Congratulations geseco12 maybe next time you will win even more. Online slots are cool, but you also have to be careful not to lose too much and not get addicted. You have to play with your head because often after a series of wins comes a black series of many bets lost in a row that's how these slot machines are set, but we never know when the win will fall ...
 dule-vu03/03/2023 07:56:01 GMT
yeah right...
 geseco1204/03/2023 05:01:15 GMT
I always think that slots games are for fun and if we are lucky enough to win a lot of money, the most important thing is to always make the best decisions so that we don't lose out in the end.
 CALICUL04/03/2023 05:29:56 GMT
it is a very nice and rare win, as this news says, but this is not the only nice win from BitStarz, because even bigger prizes are won here very often, and these prizes are not rare wins like in this case, but often. It's nice that the players have good chances.
 geseco1205/03/2023 17:25:53 GMT
it is very rewarding to win thousands of dollars with these games, plus this player was able to turn pennies into thousands of dollars in one session, it shows that anyone can have a chance to win a jackpot.
 dule-vu05/03/2023 17:28:03 GMT
 geseco1206/03/2023 19:41:30 GMT
That's why more and more players try to play these slot games, maybe the next winners can be them, and of course it doesn't matter the amount of money you bet but the luck to win these great prizes.
 CALICUL06/03/2023 19:45:40 GMT
they play because here you can win seriously and many people have managed to win decent amounts. I think that many players are satisfied because the slots are good, even if they rarely win. Amounts are important and are very good. Big Smile
 geseco1207/03/2023 21:15:19 GMT
That's right my friend, many people have managed to win thousands of dollars, even millions, I have known close friends who have won big money with slot games, that means that it is possible.
 CALICUL07/03/2023 21:18:26 GMT
these players are very lucky and the feeling of winning is very nice. Sometimes I am happy with smaller earnings, but with such amounts, happiness is much greater. We also play as much as we can for good earnings, if we succeed.

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