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Player lands €1.4 Million MegapaysTM Jackpot Win on Big Time Gaming slot

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Posted on 15 September 2023 by "T".

Relax Gaming announced they have crowned their latest MegapaysTM millionaire, who won an impressive €1,460,843.89 after playing Big Time Gaming's slot Danger High Voltage MegapaysTM.

A Unibet player in the UK was simply playing on the iconic title at only 80 cents a spin when the massive Mega Jackpot dropped.

Created in collaboration with Big Time Gaming, Relax Gaming first released the MegapaysTM jackpot in 2021 with Bonanza MegapaysTM. This latest win adds another feather in the cap of Relax's stellar portfolio of progressive prize pools. It comes just weeks after Relax crowned its tenth millionaire on its Dream Drop Jackpot.

CEO at Relax Gaming Simon Hammon commented about the latest jackpot win:
"First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate the latest millionaire created by our MegapaysTM jackpot! It's always hugely gratifying to see players engage with our games and ultimately win large sums of money.uni
It's also  fantastic to see that win come via Danger High Voltage MegapaysTM, the original game is legendary, and the MegapaysTM jackpot is a fantastic addition that really adds to the excitement of the game."

CEO at Big Time Gaming Nik Robinson said:
"When we took the cult classic Danger High VoltageTM and put it into overdrive with the inclusion of MegapaysTM mechanic, we opened DHV to offer players the chance to win a once in a lifetime jackpot and this player has done it by winning a staggering amount! DHV MegapaysTM has that magic of bringing a truly epic experience for its players."

About Relax Gaming
One of the industry's leading B2B suppliers, Relax Gaming was recently named Best Mobile Gaming Software Provider at the prestigious EGR B2B Awards, Casino / Slot Developer of the Year at the SBC Awards, and in February was awarded GGA's Product Launch of the Year for Dream Drop Jackpots in February 2023.

Relax Gaming provides more than 4,000 online casino games, from its high performing proprietary slots to a significant, diverse library of content from hand-picked third-party studios via its partnership programs.



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36 comments on "Player lands €1.4 Million MegapaysTM Jackpot Win on Big Time Gaming slot"

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» Player lands €1.4 Million MegapaysTM Jackpot Win on Big Time Gaming slot

 geseco1220/09/2023 11:54:52 GMT
the game of poker is different from the online casino, but in the end they produce the same sensation and emotion, there are moments when you can win a lot of money and everything is happiness, but there are also moments that do not go well and that is where you must show your true emotional control.
 dule-vu20/09/2023 11:55:55 GMT
great win for this player and big jackpot!
 geseco1221/09/2023 13:21:15 GMT
this time it happened to a player from the united kingdom, sometimes luck can come to you at the moment you least expect it, this player with only 0.8 dollars of spin obtained more than 1 million dollars, incredible what can happen in these games.
 CALICUL21/09/2023 13:22:16 GMT
Thumbs Up
 cocozza22/09/2023 08:28:23 GMT
Unbelievable, that is life changing win . My unique jackpot was for 75$,
 dule-vu22/09/2023 08:33:16 GMT
geseco12 when you will write things as they are and will see words and numbers as they are? second post you write that this win is in dollars and that it was bet in dollars and its so clear that is in euro and how big it is! its not so hard to write right things and not to write just to collect 50 points every day and not to know what a hell are you talking about! what a man!
 ligador3722/09/2023 13:15:35 GMT
What a beauty to win that amount of money with so little (in a single shot). Obviously that person must have spent more than 0.80 euros, but surely he has made a huge profit and must be much more than happy.
The most I play is 0.20 dollars per spin, and sometimes it seems like a lot. How poor mine! Haha
 dule-vu22/09/2023 13:29:08 GMT
ha,ha, we all have different bankroll Smile
 geseco1222/09/2023 16:06:26 GMT
for sure this lucky player's bankroll will not have exceeded $100, and he has been playing those levels and has been lucky enough to win that big prize, crazy what can happen in these games when luck is with you.
 CALICUL22/09/2023 16:59:14 GMT
he knows best how it was, but there are many players who win in casino games and there are enough who have important sums. It is not excluded that we also win something nice.
 ligador3723/09/2023 16:27:25 GMT
Of course, each one manages different amounts of bankrolls, not only in the casino, but in games in general. I couldn't bet 0.80 per play, because you have to invest a lot to make a profit.
The key is also once you win a big pot, stop playing or at least change games, because if not, you will lose the money.
 geseco1223/09/2023 17:20:19 GMT
It depends on how you are banking and also the moment, if you are winning you can go up a level, but this player has been lucky enough to win a millionaire prize with just a few cents of a dollar bet, that's incredible.
 CALICUL23/09/2023 17:22:59 GMT
a prize of a million or millions is something much too difficult for us, but it also depends on the amount you invest. You can risk more and have very good luck. It depends on the situations because in most cases you lose, but whoever wins is also very happy.
 geseco1224/09/2023 20:43:25 GMT
you are very right, most people lose, but it is something to have fun and have a good time, and if we are lucky enough to win that amount welcome, we should not be obsessed with the prize because it is very difficult.
 dule-vu24/09/2023 20:43:51 GMT
When you play for fun, you cant win real money, especially of few thousands and not to talk about millions!
 ligador3725/09/2023 02:23:34 GMT
Yes, it is assumed that when you win you can level up, and risk more, to win more. It depends on what you are looking for in this type of game. In my case I do it just for fun and not to make money (although it is another important purpose). But I couldn't make a living from this, I don't know if you understand. It doesn't cross my mind to dedicate myself to this professionally. That's why I keep my bets at 0.20 or 0.25 maximum per spin.
 dule-vu25/09/2023 05:12:58 GMT
Every player will raise his bets when he star winning! Even when you raise till 500 e, you will already make bigger bets, pay buy in future option and this kind of things! Everything that you will not do with 20 or 30 e on account! You can imagine what he will play when he have this jackpot on account!
 geseco1225/09/2023 21:38:39 GMT
I can imagine that when you have won that amount of money you have set out to play bigger and maximize your winnings, but you also run a big risk of losing a lot more, it's all a matter of being able to adapt to that.
 CALICUL25/09/2023 21:46:16 GMT
it's a lot of money for the players and that's good, but this thread is already passed and we can write in other ones as well. This player is one of the lucky ones and that's it.
 ligador3726/09/2023 03:02:28 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
Every player will raise his bets when he star winning! Even when you raise till 500 e, you will already make bigger bets, pay buy in future option and this kind of things! Everything that you will not do with 20 or 30 e on account! You can imagine what he will play when he have this jackpot on account!

I'm not saying that I should stop playing, but once I have obtained that amount of money it would be crazy to continue playing in the casino by increasing the level. What are you waiting for? Win another jackpot? I think the most prudent thing would be to invest that money or enjoy it in another way.
I'm not saying I would stop playing, but I wouldn't do it looking to win more money (and therefore risking more).
 dule-vu26/09/2023 05:18:15 GMT
I am sure that this player will try with higher bets then this 0,80 e, when he have this amount of money!
 geseco1226/09/2023 23:09:44 GMT
Of course, with that amount of money you have won in these slot games you will surely try to play higher to win much more and you will spend less hours but of quality, a good opportunity to continue climbing in these games.
 dule-vu26/09/2023 23:09:55 GMT
 geseco1227/09/2023 23:17:38 GMT
With this news we are given to understand that no matter the amount of money you are betting in these slot games, if luck is with you, you can win that amount of money with just a few cents of bet.
 CALICUL27/09/2023 23:37:59 GMT
luck always comes to certain poker players, sometimes once in a lifetime, sometimes several times, and it offers jackpots or quite large prizes. It is normal in the world of slot games.

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