Guide: Single Tournaments no-limit (Low buy-in $5 - $30)

Single Tournaments no-limit (Low buy-in $5 - $30)

1. Introduction.
2. Position.
3. Early limits
4. Middle limits
5. Final stage.


Single tournaments are growing very fast on the online poker sites, due to the exciting action players can get there.

At the lower limits, there are a lot of new and inexperienced players. You have to handle your play according to that.

You have to play very tight in the early stages of the tourney. You donít want to risk your entire stack without having a premium hand.


One very important thing in all types of poker is the position. In no-limit Texas Holdíem, position has a very big influence on your decision. Its simply impossible to get good results without taking the position into consideration.

The 3 different kinds of position is early, middle and late. The three seats left of the Big Blind are early, the next three middle, and the last are late positions.

Its always an advantage to be in late position because you can react according to the players before you, giving you a greater chance to catch them, or allowing you to save money.

In general, you should play very few hands in early position, a bit more hands in middle, and further more in late position.

Early limits

Level 1 and 2 (10/15 and 15/30).

In the early limits, you have to play only premium hands like AA, KK, QQ, AKs, AK, from early positions. These are the only 5 hands worth risking your whole stack. You can also play hands like 10-10, AQs, but donít risk all your chips on them. Limping in the late position with hands like 3-3, 67s, when there is several callers, is also a profitable play. You have a good chance to clean out a big hand, who has limped in early position. Remember however not to risk much without the nuts. And, as a rule with small pairs: ďNo set, No bet ď.
Donít try to bluff on this stage!

Middle limits

Level 3 and 4 (25/50 and 50/100).

You can continue playing with the same stile in the 25/50 level; maybe loosen up a bit on your steal requirement. There is a little more to steal now.
When the blind hits 50/100, still play tight aggressive, and stick to the positions. Here you can steal more with marginal hands like KJ, Q10s, but remember not to call without premium hands. WHEN YOUíRE IN, YOU WANT TO BE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!

At this point of the tourney, you should be able to recognize tight and conservative players, and try to steal their blinds. But remember ďDONíT MAKE CONFRONTATIONS WITH OTHER BIG STACKSĒ

If youíre short at this point, donít go on tilt and throw your chips away. Just be patient and find a decent hand before going in. A lot of players treat their last chips with no respect.

If you have a big stack, donít get involved in heavy action without premium hands. Dont let the roles get reversed!

Final limits

Level 5, 6, 7, 8 (100/200, 150/300, 200/400, 300/600,

Now you have to make steals in order to survive. Its crucial to take the blinds now and then, otherwise you will soon be short stacked.
If you have a very big stack and are close to the money, you can steal from the low stacks, because the will try to hang on. But if there is some very active short stacks, you can relax and wait to youíre in the money.
Remember the first goal is to get in the money, not to win the tourney.
If youíre low stacked, donít panic, but try to find the best situation to get your money in.

If your heads up in the final stage, you have to be very aggressive if youíre low on chips and try to take the blinds.

If youíre big stack, try to catch the low stack by check/call play if you have hit top pair or something similar.

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