Guide to High Roller Online Casino Gaming

Your Basic Guide to High Roller Online Casino Gaming

  • What is a High Roller?

High Rollers are essentially the VIP players of land-based and online casinos. In the gambling industry, a high roller can also be referred to as a "whale" since they tend to wager large amounts of money.

There is a small band of reputable casinos online which could offer not only very high-stakes gambling, but also the best promotions and VIP clubs for high rollers.
VIP players are always given special treatment, with rewards varying from exclusive bonuses to cashback promotions, to VIP tournaments with huge cash prizes, a personal account manager, holiday cruises, special gifts, and many more.


  • High Roller Online Casino VIP programs

Online casinos are aware of the fact that those who bet big would naturally want to be acknowledged for the time and money they have spent gambling. This is exactly why they have established special loyalty programs as a unique way to reward their best VIP casino players.

In land based casinos, one has to bet around $20,000 per session if they want to be considered a top-level player. This is very different at online casinos because you can make a single $1,000 bet and already you can get instant access to a prestigious VIP club.

In the land-based casino setting, VIPs are offered various kinds of complimentary rewards such as free drinks, free accommodation and even personal assistants to help with anything they want. However, since giving such physical complimentary treats cannot be done at an online casino, they instead reward their high roller players with loyalty prizes, VIP bonus cash rewards, points in exchange for merchandise or extra play credits to be used on their favorite online casino games.


  • How to become a High Roller?

The requirements to join a VIP club may vary from one online casino to another, but the trend is that the amount you need to bet is bigger at dedicated high-stakes casinos than it is at standard casinos with VIP programs.

To become a high roller, you need to have these two things:

1. Cash - The amount of cash you place on a single bet and how much you wager in a single session is the most significant aspect if you wish to get the most out of the best VIP programs at online casinos.

2. Frequency - It varies from one casino to another, but placing $500 on a single wager is absolutely a high-roller level already in most online casinos. How frequent you wager huge amounts will also affect your VIP level status, so make sure that your big bets at an online casino aren't just done at one time only.

Just like VIP reward programs in the real world, know that even if you have achieved VIP status online, it will not last forever. You need to stay active at the online casino and bet a specific minimum amount of money at certain timeframes if you wish to keep your status and if you want to keep getting access to their high roller rewards and bonus offers. Fail to reach the set amount and you will lose your VIP status.


  • Rewards offered at the Best VIP Online Casinos

If players can make it into the VIP club of top online casinos, they can enjoy a nice list of rewards such as:

High Roller Bonus Offers - Anyone who has played at an online casino knows that they will do whatever they can to entice players to come back regularly. They offer extras or bonuses on the money they deposit. For instance, there could be a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100. This means if you deposit $100, you will get $200 to play with.

Online casinos that offer the best VIP casino perks for their valued players would be offering the same bonus but more frequently and for higher amounts. For instance, instead of just a 100% bonus on $100, they will offer 100% on $2,000, which means one would get a total of $4,000 to play with.

Personal and Dedicated Host - Online casino sites that offer VIP programs automatically give valued players a personal and dedicated contact that will help you anytime with anything you need regarding the site, such as sorting out issues you encounter and getting to know what's the best offers, promotions and bonuses currently available that you can take on.

Unlimited Cash Deposits and Withdrawals - Regular online casino players aren't allowed to deposit or withdraw huge amounts in one go. This rule is lifted when it comes to high roller patrons. Your dedicated personal host can even advise you which deposit or withdrawal method is the best way for you. This way you can get the most out of your deposit or avoid paying more fees when you withdraw your winnings.

Exclusive VIP Games - To express their heartfelt thanks for their players' loyalty, an online casino could potentially give special access to games that regular players can't. These games may just be the high-stakes versions of classics like craps or roulette, or they may be newly-released games that VIPs get to play with first before everyone else can.

Invites to Big Events - Online casinos will bulk-buy corporate tickets to top sports games, music gigs and other famous shows and then give them to their VIP Club members as a special treat.

Special Treats - Online casinos that give extra care to their VIP players may award the following perks: a special birthday gift, free spins at the slot machines or extra credits they can use to play games with, free merchandise such as the latest gadgets, and even holiday trips or luxury cruises.


If you are a High Roller, then you know for a fact that you are a different breed of casino player with different ambitions and unique needs.

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