Online Slots: Real Money or Fun Mode?

When it comes to the world of online gambling, do not worry too much if you have never played at an online casino. Thing is, if you have had experience playing online games (and paid real money to unlock special items or upgrade to higher levels), then it is kind of the same as that, the only difference is that in online gambling, you have a higher chance of winning money that can potentially change your life for the better.

For first-timers who try out gambling at an online casino, two choices will arise when they decide to play an online slot machine game: play for fun or play for real money mode. Of course, some will say that you must learn first the ropes of a specific online slot game before actually putting your real money in it, while others will immediately tell you that there's not much sense wasting your time on free play. So, what to do?

Check out the game in Fun Mode

Whenever you encounter a new slot game, it is perfectly fine to first try it out on its fun mode. Fun mode is also called practice mode/practice play or free mode/free play, which basically means that you can check out the entirety of the game before actually putting in some of your hard-earned money. Fun mode allows you to get a feel of the game whether it is to your liking or not.

With fun mode, you get to see what a particular slot game has to offer - free spins, how many wild or scatters can improve your chances of winning, double or nothing round and lucrative bonus rounds. You can also inspect closely the paytable, getting a feel on all the buttons, from "Spin" and "Autoplay" to "Min/Max Bet", selecting how many paylines and coin sizes available, and after you have tried everything for yourself and got interested on the overall game, you can then go ahead and start playing for real at your chosen online casino.

Playing Slots in Real Mode

Of course, everyone who's new to something they have never tried yet will definitely feel anxious or worried, and that includes playing online slots using real money. In fact, most people who have tried it say that playing slots with real money is the ‘only' best way to really understand what it feels like to be having fun and at the same time potentially winning actual money in the amazing world of Internet gaming.

The notion of being able to win real cash is something that free play can never provide you with. Of course, if you're someone who highly values your time, then you know that doing free play for a while can get you to feel, well, bored...exactly not the purpose of playing online slots, which is supposed to be fun and exciting, right?
Think about it, if you win a lot of "make-believe" money in free play, would it be awesome if it's the real deal?

When you play and win in real money mode, even your wildest dreams can come true. Jackpot prizes are within your reach when you decide to play with real money.

The best thing about playing for real money is that there are online slots made to suit every budget. Some online slots can be played for real money with as little as 0.01 per bet! There are a multitude of games suited for the average Joe and even high rollers as well, some with huge jackpot prizes that make the game not only irresistible, but also these get featured on the Guinness Book of Records whenever their jackpots are actually won.

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