Introduction to Online Poker

Lets face it: setting up a home poker game can often prove itself nightmarish. With the challenges of finding people to play, setting up a convenient time for everyone, and providing all the amenities necessary to make a comfortable game, the investment of time, effort, and funds can often prove frutile when only a handful of people manage to show up. What's a poker player to do, then, when all he or she wants to do is sit down for a couple of hours, play a few hands, and make some extra money?

    The advent of online poker brought about huge success, for obvious reasons. Player no longer had to go through the mind-numbing hassle of trying to put together a home tournament, or spend dollar upon wasted dollar filling up the gas tank while on a road trip to their nearest casino. Online poker, arguably more importantly than anything, brought about convenience for the average poker player. Just as eBay did for shopper all over the United States, online poker sites such as PokerStars or FullTiltPoker did for poker player all of the world.

    Especially recently, online poker has become more popular than ever, with dozens of online poker rooms servicing dozens of countries. In the United States, even with the UIEGA bill having been passed back in 2006, banning all types of online gambling activity from American citizens, top online poker rooms still service thousands of United States players. Not completely unlawfully, these poker rooms operate often on foreign soil, accepting payments and issuing cash outs to thousands of American players.

    It's important to recognize, however, the legality of an American based online poker player. In no way can a United States citizen be persectued for gambling with online software. If any fault at all, all would land on the poker room accepting the deposting players, not the players as individuals. If United States based, it is completely legal for you to deposit and play at an online poker room the accepts American players.

    The largest online poker room in the world, legally, even accepts any person residing on American soil. For a long time, PokerStars has been a staple room used by thousands of poker players the world over.

    Through the years, online poker has become a multi-billion dollar industry. With dozens of rooms serving millions of players, online poker is a great convenience to poker players at any level. Whether you're wanting to play for spare change, or play to make your living off playing the game you love, online poker is your dream come true.

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