Beetle Frenzy (Net Entertainment)

Beetle Frenzy is a colorful and classic online video slot game from Net Entertainment that has been released on May 2008.  This online video slot machine game has 9 reels and 5 pay lines.  The theme of Beetle Frenzy is, of course, different types of beetles and other bugs set on a wonderful field of flowers (with a backdrop of tall green grass).
At first glance, you would mistakenly think that Beetle Frenzy is a 3-reel slot game.  Thanks to Net Entertainment’s ingenious tweaking, the symbols were made to spin independently, making it a 9-reel, 5-pay line slot machine game.  This slot game can reward you with lots of free spins, thanks to its 3 different types of fun-filled Bonus Feature games – the Lucky Spin, the Bug Collector, and the Flower Frenzy bonus games.  In the regular game of Beetle Frenzy, it has a maximum jackpot payout of 500x line bet, with the second highest payout being 400x line bet.  Beetle Frenzy is categorized as a fruit slot machine, but instead of fruits, beetles and flowers are the symbols used.  In case you are familiar with this kind of slot game, you must be careful when you hit the “Bet Max” button as you will be wagering 5 coins per pay line at whichever coin size you use.
Net Entertainment is always so generous when it comes to their slots games, and letting interested players to play instantly without having to download anything is one of the many reasons why they are very well-loved by all online slots players all over the world.  If you were one of those who spent some of their childhood days catching bugs and picking flowers off the road, then for sure you will love playing the Beetle Frenzy video slot machine game! Take a trip down memory lane with this classic 9-reel, 5-line slot game which has a maximum cash jackpot of $2,500, a maximum coin jackpot of 500, 3 bonus feature games, unique payouts, and last but not least, it has a sweet 95% payout ratio!

Graphics & Sound
What most online slot players love about Net Entertainment is that it provides state-of-the-art graphics and positively happy sounds, which make online slots more fun and entertaining to spend time with.  Beetle Frenzy is just as its name implies, a slot game that has full of colorful beetles and other bugs as well as flowers, mushrooms and even a nice golden apple! The background setting is similar to that of a flower field that is commonly seen on untouched provinces.  The symbols are drawn in a cartoonish manner and playing this game will not hurt your eyes as its main color is green, which is a color known for its calming and refreshing properties.  The overall graphic design of Beetle Frenzy displays primarily the color green, with other colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink.
There is actually no constant background music you will hear when you are playing Beetle Frenzy. However, when you spin the reels, you will hear background music that resembles like someone is in a hurry (when you are used to playing classic arcade games).  If you stop the reels and wait for a bit, you will suddenly hear an insect’s wings getting zapped by an electric-shock bug zapper, which is the perfect complement to this bug-filled online game. A short, celebratory, trumpet-like music will fill your ears whenever you manage to hit a win!

Game Symbols
There are no card deck symbols available in the Beetle Frenzy online video slot game.  The regular symbols you will find in Beetle Frenzy are bugs (such as the red Lady Bug, the yellow Milkweed Bug, the green Stink Bug, and the blue Beetle), flowers (Blue, Pink and Yellow/Orange) and a purple Mushroom.
The Wild Symbol is the Firefly.  The Firefly acts as a substitute for all other symbols (except the Scatter symbol) in order to help you complete a winning combination.
The Scatter Symbol is the Golden Apple.  The Golden Apple Scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on the reels to complete winning combinations, and as long as there are 2 or more Scatter symbols that appear.  Your winnings are calculated by means of multiplying the Scatter symbol combination payout (check the Scatter Payout Schedule by clicking the Paytable) by the total number of coins you have bet.  Take note that if you manage to get both a Scatter win and a Regular win, you are paid out for both of these wins, because the Scatter symbols are not required to appear on an enabled pay line in order for you to win.  The Scatter win is added to your pay line win.

Gamble Feature
There is no Gamble Feature in this game.

Bonus Feature
Online slot players will truly love playing Beetle Frenzy because it has 3 amazing Bonus Game Features to watch out for!
Lucky Spin Bonus Feature – The Lucky Spin Bonus Feature is activated when all the 4 corners   or all the 4 middle sides have similar symbols appearing   after a single spin.  You will be rewarded 1 extra spin on the middle reel for each activating combination.
Bug Collector Bonus Feature – The Bug Collector Bonus Feature is activated when 3 Bug Jar symbols show up on an active bet line.  You can win multiple bonus games per spin!  The number of bonus games won is based on the number of activating bet lines.  You are given the chance to choose Bug Jars to reveal your Mystery Bonus Prize.  This bonus game ends whenever you pick a Bug Jar with the Exit symbol.  When the Bug Collector Bonus Feature game is over, you are then returned to the main Beetle Frenzy slot game, and your bonus game wins are automatically added to your total win.
Flower Frenzy Bonus Feature – The Flower Frenzy Bonus Feature is activated when 3 Flower symbols of the same color show up on a bet line.  You can win multiple bonus games per spin!  The number of bonus games won is based on the number of activating bet lines. This bonus feature game has spinning reels that are enclosed by a tiled frame, with a tile selector that continuously moves around that frame.  The reels will stop spinning when you click the Spin button.  When the reels stop, a symbol with a corresponding value is shown on each reel.  The tile selector, on the other hand, still continues to move around the frame. The tile selector will stop moving when you click the Spin button. The tile selector gradually comes to a halt on one of the tiles.  If the symbol on the tile matches any of the reel symbols, you win!  The bonus feature game will finish when the tile selector stops on an Exit symbol.  When the Flower Frenzy Bonus Feature game is over, you are taken back to the main Beetle Frenzy slot game, and your bonus game wins are added to your total win.

Betting Options
Beetle Frenzy has 9 reels where you may bet on 5 pay lines.  The minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum bet is 5.00 per line (if you activate all the pay lines and bet 5 per spin, it would be 25).
Playing online video slots is much more fun when it has an Autoplay function.  You can play Beetle Frenzy automatically by clicking on the Autoplay button located on the lower left side of the game screen.  You can set the number of spins by clicking on any numbered button, from 10 to 1000, and after choosing the number you want, click Start and the game will automatically spin for you.  If you want a more complex Autoplay setup, you can click on the Advanced Settings button and Stop Autoplay: on any win, if Super Win is won, if the bonus game is won, if a single win exceeds a certain amount, or if your cash increases/decreases by a certain amount you have specified.  When you are done with your preferred Advanced Settings, just click on the Start button and the game will automatically play for you.


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