Break da Bank Again (Microgaming)

Break da Bank Again is an online video slot machine game released in April 2008.  It is offered exclusively at online casinos powered by Microgaming.  This online video slot game has 5 reels and 9 pay lines.  Break da Bank Again is a sequel to Microgaming’s highly popular classic online slot game Break da Bank, wherein the theme is “all about the money”.
The simple yet highly lucrative traditional 3-reel and 5-pay line Break da Bank online slot game was so successful that it prompted Microgaming to come up with a newer and more entertaining version, and thus, the Break da Bank Again online slot game was born!
Microgaming online slot games are available to players in 2 formats – download and no-download.  Whether you like to download their software first or you prefer to play instantly without the need to download, then Microgaming surely has online slot machine games to accommodate your every slot gaming preference.  Good thing that Break da Bank Again is available for instant play, so you do not have to download anything to find out if this game interests you in a way that you would like to spend some real money on it.
In gambling, “breaking the bank” is when someone wins a substantial amount of money from the casino.  The extremely rare and accurately literal situation of breaking the bank is when one wins more than the house has on hand.  In slang, “breaking the bank” refers to the act of spending more money beyond one’s means. Well, whatever you know about this phrase, you should give this slot game a spin especially if you think you can break the bank!  If you dream of winning a lot of money while playing a game of chance (be it slots games, bingo, or even the lottery), then you will surely love spending some time playing the Break da Bank Again online slot game as it features 5 reels and 9 pay lines, scatter wins, a wild multiplier symbol that multiply your wins 5x, a Gamble Feature that can double or quadruple your wins, a maximum coin jackpot of 1,500, a maximum cash jackpot of $18,750, and it even has an Autoplay function to make your game play easier and more exciting!

Graphics & Sound
The graphics and sound quality that Microgaming provides is absolutely amazing and excellent.  They have an impeccable reputation of making the most spectacular graphics and entertaining sound effects that will truly transport you to “that specific theme” they used in any of their slot games.  Most people love to play games incorporated with Microgaming software because they have smooth animation and interesting yet non-interfering sounds.  In the Break da Bank Again online slot game, you will be taken to a high-security vault of a bank where you are presented loads of gold coins, bullions, and precious jewels. The game somewhat tells you that you can win an amount equivalent to these symbols they used if you play the Break da Bank Again online slot game (which is actually quite possible!) for a certain period of time.  The symbols used are presented in 3D so the money and gold look pretty much the real thing.  Simple animated programming is used on the symbols when you successfully hit winning combinations.  The main colors used in this game are silver (for the vault) and purple (for sophistication, or maybe it’s just the color of the carpet?), which is guaranteed not to hurt your eyes even if you play for a long time.  The overall graphic design of Break da Bank Again typically displays the awesome richness of this slot game, in terms of gold coins, gold bars, jewels, and cheques – all safely tucked away in a high-security vault.
The constant background music you will hear in this game are tinkling sounds of the xylophone and the faint chattering of a crowd.  When you spin the reels and hit winning combinations, very short celebratory sound effects are programmed to rejoice in your wins.  If you manage to hit winning combinations involving 2 Vault scatter symbols, the sound of the heavy vault door opening will be heard as a well-dressed gentleman appears when the door opens, presenting you heaps of gold coins and cash that you may win in this slot game!

Game Symbols
The card deck symbols available in the Break da Bank Again online video slot game are 10, J, Q, K, and Ace, and they are designed with crowns (Q and K) or a shield (J) to make them look more interesting.  The regular symbols that you will find in Break da Bank Again are the Gold Coins, Gold Bullion, Cash, Cheque, and the (purple gem) Tanzanite.
The Wild Symbol is the Break da Bank Again Logo.  It is a wild multiplier symbol.  Thus, the Break da Bank Again Logo wild symbol not only acts as a substitute for all other symbols (except for the Scatter symbol) in order to you help you form winning combinations, but it also can multiply the payout!  The Break da Bank Again Logo wild symbol awards a 5x multiplier value on the payout of any winning combination it completes, as long as it acts as a substitute symbol.  Please note that the Break da Bank Again Logo wild symbol only multiplies payouts if it acted as a wild symbol.  There will be no payouts for any Break da Bank Again Logo symbol combinations.
The Scatter Symbol is the Vault.  The scatter symbol is not required to appear in a line (on an enabled pay line) for you to win.  The Vault scatter symbol can be found scattered anywhere on the 5 reels, and you are able to form winning combinations as long as there are 2 or more Vault scatter symbols that appear.  Your winnings are calculated by multiplying the Vault scatter symbol combination payout (refer to the Payout table) by the total number of coins you’ve bet.  If you manage to get 3 or more Vault scatter symbols, you will trigger the Free Spin Bonus Feature game.
Please take note that if you get a scatter win and a normal win, then you are paid out for both of these wins, because the Vault scatter symbol is not required to come out on an enabled pay line for you to win.  Scatter awards are independent from pay line awards, and thus they are added to the pay line win.

Gamble Feature
Any winning combination can activate the Gamble Feature game as long as the amount of the win will not exceed the gamble limit when gambled.
Please take note that if you get any winning combination, you can choose to gamble it in the Gamble Feature game, or you can just continue playing the regular Break da Bank Again online video slot machine game.
Your wins will be multiplied a certain number of times:
•    If you correctly guess the card color, your wins are doubled.
•    If you correctly guess the card suit, your wins are quadrupled.
If you want to play the Gamble Feature game, simply click on the Gamble button.  The second-screen Gamble Feature will be shown.   You can choose one of the Gamble types:
•    Card Color: Black or Red.
•    Card Suit: Club, Spade, Heart or Diamond.
If you correctly guessed the correct Card Color or Card Suit, you have the option to gamble again or collect your winnings.
    If you choose to Gamble again, then you can select one of the gamble options.
If you click the Collect button to collect your winnings, the Gamble Feature game will end, and you will be returned back to the regular Break da Bank Again online video slot game.
Please take note that you can gamble your winnings until the gamble limit is obtained; during the Gamble Feature game, all winnings are collected automatically; and the gamble limit is set at 5 gambles per game, or up until the gamble amount limit of 5,000 coins is obtained.

Bonus Feature
Free Spin Bonus Feature Game – If you manage to get 3 or more Vault scatter symbols anywhere on the 5 reels, you will activate the Free Spin Bonus Feature game.
If you triggered the Free Spin Bonus Feature game with 3 Vault scatter symbols (that appear anywhere on the 5 reels), you will start the game with 15 Free Spins; if you get 4 Vault scatter symbols, you will start the game with 20 Free Spins; if you get 5 Vault scatter symbols, you will start the game with 25 Free Spins!  What’s even more exciting in these Free Spins is that all of the winning combinations you get are multiplied by 5x!
The Break da Bank Again Logo wild symbol will award you a 25x multiplier on the payout of every winning combination it completes while you’re playing the Free Spin Bonus Feature game.
If you manage to get another set of 3, 4, or 5 Vault scatter symbols (anywhere on the 5 reels) while playing the Free Spins, you will be given another set of 15, 20, or 25 Free Spins respectively.  The additional Free Spins you get are included to your remaining number of Free Spins.  While in the Free Spin Bonus Feature game, you can win an infinite number of additional Free Spins.
When the Free Spin Bonus Feature game is over, you will be then taken back to the main Break da Bank Again online slot game, and your winnings from the Free Spin games will be included to your overall balance.

Betting Options
Break da Bank Again has 5 reels where you may bet on 9 pay lines.  The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum bet is 0.25 per pay line.  You can wager 1 up to 10 coins per pay line bet.  Thus, the maximum bet amount is 22.50 per spin.
Please take note that the amounts mentioned are in Pounds, but they will remain the same if you choose to play in US dollars, Euros, or Canadian dollars.  Also, for every coin that you wager, you will enable another pay line.  You will be paid out for winning combinations on enabled pay lines only.  The maximum payout in the standard Break da Bank Again online video slot game is 1,500 coins per line bet.
People who regularly play online casino games naturally love to stay longer on online slot games that have an Autoplay function.  Good thing that Break da Bank Again is furnished with this function!  In Microgaming online slot games, they have 2 game modes – Regular mode and Expert mode.  You can have the game spin automatically for you with the Autoplay function that can be found by clicking the Expert button (if you look closely at the brown line at the bottom part of the game screen, you will see the Expert button just below the Bet Max button).
In the “Expert” mode of game play, you can click on the following 2 buttons:
•    Spin 5x button – 5 consecutive spins will be automatically done for you.
•    Spin 10x button – 10 consecutive spins will be automatically done for you.
Spins box – displays the number of games that have played according to your Autoplay settings.
If you want to customize your Autoplay settings, simply click on the “Autoplay” button itself.  Here you will see the:
*Spin Settings
•    Number of spins to play:  Choose from 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500
*Spin Stop Settings – you can choose to Stop:
•    When all spins are complete, or
•    If win exceeds or equals to an amount you specify
Autoplay will stop on any feature contained in this game.
After customizing the Autoplay function to your preferences, just click on the Start button, and the game will automatically spin for you while you just sit back, relax, and enjoy playing this “it’s all about the money”-themed online video slot game!


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