Crusade of Fortune (Net Entertainment)

Crusade of Fortune is a fantasy adventure-themed online video slot game released in July 2011 and it is offered exclusively at online casinos powered by Net Entertainment.  This online video slots game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines.  The theme of Crusade of Fortune is largely based on the fantasy adventure movies of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, complete with dwarves, axes, orcs, and even elves.
This slot game features different types of characters of different origins – humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs.  What’s great about this online slot game is that it can reward you with up to 50 free spins when you hit 3 or more Scatter symbols, and your winnings during the Free Spins bonus game will be multiplied x3!
Since the Crusade of Fortune online video slot machine game is powered by Net Entertainment, it can be played instantly, without the need to download anything.  With action-packed graphics and sound, free spins, a maximum coin jackpot of 100,000, a maximum cash jackpot of $20,000, 20 pay lines, and an adrenaline-pumping Battle Bonus Feature game that can award you up to 300,000 coins, Crusade of Fortune is absolutely perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike who love to play fun online fantasy-adventure slots games!

Graphics & Sound
Crusade of Fortune has been designed to suit arcade game players as the symbols are drawn to look more creepy and gory, the typical characteristics for a fantasy-battle-themed game.  The setting of this online video slots game is on a battlefield surrounded by barren lands and high mountains (if you have watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, this is much similar to that of Mordor, where the Ring must be destroyed in the volcano’s lava).  The overall graphic design of Crusade of Fortune displays the colors red, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, gray and pink.
Crusade of Fortune has sound effects that are similar to war and adventure-themed arcade games that you may have played in the past (if you are a gamer).  The background game sounds that you will hear is the constant sound of the wind, with a horse snorting softly and someone breathing heavily, which will make you think there is a huge battle that is going to break out anytime soon.  If you love playing online slots games that have a touch of arcade game features, then for sure you will love staying for a while, spin the reels, grab some gold coins, and kill your share of Orcs on this fantasy adventure-themed slot game!

Game Symbols
There are no card deck symbols available in this slot game.  The regular symbols that you will see in Crusade of Fortune slot game are: the green High Elf, the purple-haired female Witch Hunter, Chaos (the Minotaur), the Goblin (head only), the purple Large Shield, the red Shield (with two axes behind it), the War Hammer, and the Ironbreaker (a pole weapon with spikes at both ends).
The Wild Symbol is the purple-skinned female Crusade Wizard.  It can act as a substitute for other symbols in order to help you complete winning combinations, with the exception of the Scatter symbols and Bonus symbols.  Multiple Crusade Wizard Wild symbols on an enabled pay line rewards you varying winning combinations, which you can see in their Paytable button.
The Scatter Symbol is the Dwarf Hammerer (with an Axe) symbol.  If you hit 3 of the Scatter symbols, you are awarded 10 Free Spins; if you hit 4, you are awarded 20 Free Spins; if you hit 5, then you are awarded an awesome 50 Free Spins!  Your Scatter wins pay you the total bet x multiplier.  Your Free Spins wins will be paid x3! (Exclusions are bonus game winnings and additional Free spins).
There is a Bonus symbol here which is the Orc.  If you hit 3 Orc Bonus symbols, you will activate the Battle Bonus Feature Game wherein you must slay the orc to win the prize.

Gamble Feature
There is no Gamble Feature in this game.

Bonus Feature
Crusade of Fortune has two awesome Bonus Feature games:
•    Crusade of Fortune Free Spin Bonus Feature Game – If you hit 3 or more Dwarf Hammerer Scatter Symbols that appear anywhere on the 5 reels, you will activate the Free Spin Bonus round.  If you hit 3, you will be rewarded 10 Free Spins. If you hit 4, you are awarded with 20 Free Spins.  If you hit 5, you are awarded 30 Free Spins!  What’s more interesting is that when you win during the Free Spins, your winnings are paid x3!  If during the Free Spin bonus game you manage to hit another 3 or more Dwarf Hammerer Scatter symbols, you are awarded another 10, 20 or 30 Free Spins and it will be added to your remaining number of Free Spins.  During the Free Spin bonus game, an infinite number of additional Free Spins can be given.
Note #1:  If you have a Scatter win and a regular win, you are paid out for both of these wins, because the Dwarf Hammerer Scatter symbol does not have to appear on an enabled pay line for you to win.  Scatter wins are independent from pay line rewards and are therefore added to the pay line win.
Note #2:  The Battle Bonus Feature Game can be activated even if you are in the Free Spin Bonus Feature game; however, the Free Spin multiplier does not work in multiplying your winnings gotten during the Battle Bonus Feature game.
•    Battle Bonus Feature Game – If you hit 3 or more Orc Bonus Scatter symbols that appear anywhere in consecutive order and on an active pay line, you will activate the Battle Bonus Feature Game wherein you are given the role of a warrior who must slay the Orc and steal his treasure.  In this bonus game, you will win bonus amounts based on how successful you are in inflicting damage to the Orc, and you also get bonus amounts for successfully defending yourself against the Orc’s attacks. You are given 3 rounds to kill the Orc and get the Bonus Prize Treasure he is carrying.  Two stages comprise this game. In the first stage, you must attack the Orc with your sword. You have 3 choices – Do a High, Middle or Low attack.  You get coin wins when you inflict a Hit or a Critical Hit on the Orc, but you get none if the Orc successfully blocks your attack.  In the second stage, you must defend yourself.  You have 3 similar choices – Do a High, Middle, or Low defense position.  You get coin wins when you successfully block the Orc’s attack, but you get none when the Orc successfully inflicts either a Hit or Critical Hit on you.  When the Battle Bonus Feature game is over, you are then taken back to the main Crusade of Fortune slot game and your game wins are added to your total win.
Hint:  If you successfully “Slay” the Orc, you will also win an additional Bonus Prize Treasure that the Orc is carrying.  Consider it a reward for a job well done!

Betting Options
Crusade of Fortune has 5 reels where you may bet on 1 to 20 pay lines. This means that there are 5 reels available from which you can form your winning combinations.  For every coin you put in, you enable another pay line.  When the reels stop, the combinations of the symbols along each enabled pay line are then checked by the computer.  The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum bet is 0.20 per line, and you can wager from 1 up to 20 coins per pay line bet.
Crusade of Fortune can be automatically played for a number of spins, thanks to its nifty Autoplay function.  You can simply choose how many spins the game will automatically play for you, or you can customize your Autoplay game by clicking on the Advanced Settings button.  You can Stop Autoplay when you win, if you win Free Spins, if your single win exceeds a certain amount, or if your cash increases or decreases by a certain amount you have specified in the blank field they have provided.  When you have made your preferences, simply press Start and the game will automatically help you spin the reels while you sit back, relax, have fun and let the winnings begin!


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