Pandora’s Box (Net Entertainment)

Pandora’s Box is an online video slot machine game from Net Entertainment that has been released in August 2009.  This online video slot game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines.  The theme of Pandora’s Box is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Pandora’s Box.
In case you aren’t that familiar or you have forgotten the story about Pandora’s Box, this is how its short version goes.  Zeus asked the gods to create Pandora (the first woman) for Prometheus (the first man) and bestowed her with many different positive and negative traits: Hephaestus molded her out of clay and gave her form; Athena clothed her; Aphrodite gave her beauty; Zeus made her idle, foolish and mischievous; Hera gave her curiosity; Hermes gave her cunning, charm and boldness; Apollo gave her musical talent and the gift of healing; Demeter taught her to tend a garden; Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace and the gift to never drown.  Thus, the name Pandora was given, which means “all gifts”.  The most important of the gifts given to Pandora was a pithos (or storage jar), given by either Zeus or Hermes.  Pandora was warned not to open the pithos (we normally call it the box); however, because of the traits curiosity and boldness given to her by the gods, she opened the box when no one was looking. Out came all the chaos, disease, and misfortunes of mankind.  However, the last one to come out was a good thing, and it was known as hope. Thus, mankind always has hope in times of despair and sorrow.
Numerous online slot players would love to play for free first whenever they encounter a new online slot game so that they can find out if they like that game enough to spend real money in it. Thus, every time they see that a particular online slot game is powered by Net Entertainment, they are certain that they can instantly play that game, without the hassle to download anything!  Pandora’s Box online video slot is an absolute delight to play at, especially for those who love Greek mythology and ancient Greek-themed slots games!  Pandora’s Box features Free Spins, scatter wins, a Wild Multiplier Symbol, a Golden Wild Multiplier Symbol, a maximum cash jackpot of $40,000, a maximum coin jackpot of 40,000, and last but not least, it has a 95.1% payout ratio!

Graphics & Sound
Renowned for their high-quality graphics and realistically theme-related sound effects, Net Entertainment does a great job in creating the Pandora’s Box online slot machine game.  This online slot game has been showered in traditional ancient Greek paraphernalia.  The reels are separated by carved stone pillars, and even the pay line indicators have been designed with the leaves of a grapevine.  The background of the reels is of a solid color of gray, purple and black, which is actually a nice color palette for depicting an ancient Greek slot.  The symbols drawn correspond nicely to the theme, and you will definitely not strain your eyes if you play this game for a long time.  The symbols will become animated whenever you form a winning combination, especially for the Wild and Scatter symbols.  The overall graphic design of Pandora’s Box displays many different colors such as red, purple, blue, green, yellow, black, gray, brown and white.
The background sound effects that you will constantly hear are made by the blowing of the wind and wind chimes.  Ancient Greek music will fill your ears when you hit winning combinations. When you hit the Zeus wild symbol and get a winning combination, sound effects of thunder will be produced.

Game Symbols
The card deck symbols that are available in the Pandora’s Box online video slot game include 10, J, Q, K, and Ace.  The regular symbols that are also used in the game are the Greek Helmet, Greek Shield, Greek lute, Pithos (storage jar), Grapes and Olives.
The Wild Symbol is Zeus.  It acts as a substitute for all other symbols (except the Scatter symbol) in order to help you complete a winning combination.  The Zeus Wild Symbol in Pandora’s Box online video slot game is actually a Wild Multiplier Symbol.  This means that it can double (multiplier x2) the payout of any winning combination you get, as long as it acts as a substitute symbol. There is only 1 winning combination to be paid out per pay line.  If you get more than 1 possible winning combination on a pay line, you are then paid out the value of the highest combination only.
In Pandora’s Box online slot game, you will encounter a Golden Zeus symbol, which is a Wild Multiplier Symbol.  It has two functions: (1) It acts as a substitute for all other symbols (except the Scatter symbol) in order to help you complete a winning combination; and (2) it quadruples (multiplier x4) your payout!  The Golden Zeus Wild Multiplier Symbol only appears on the 3rd reel.
The Scatter Symbol is Pandora herself.  The scatter symbol does not need to appear in a line, on an enabled pay line for you to win.  The scatter symbol can be found scattered anywhere on the 5 reels, and you win coins when you get 2 or more Pandora scatter symbols in a spin.  If you manage to get 3 or more Pandora scatter symbols, you will activate the Free Spin Bonus Feature game.
Do take note that if you get a scatter win and a regular win, you will be paid out for both of them, because the Pandora scatter symbol is not needed to appear on an enabled pay line to win.  Scatter rewards are entirely independent from pay line awards and they are added to the pay line win.

Gamble Feature
There is no Gamble Feature in this game.

Bonus Feature
Free Spin Bonus Feature Game – If you hit 3 or more Pandora scatter symbols (that can be found scattered anywhere on the 5 reels), you will activate the Free Spin Bonus Feature game.  If you hit 3 Pandora scatter symbols, you will be awarded 10 Free Spins; if you hit 4, you will be awarded 20 Free Spins; and if you hit 5, you will be awarded 30 Free Spins!  All of the winning combinations you complete while playing the Free Spin Bonus Feature game are tripled (multiplier x3).
The Free Spin Bonus Feature game is very fun and exciting to play at because if you manage to get another 3 or more Gold Medal Scatter symbols while still playing the Free Spin Bonus Feature game, you are rewarded another set of 10, 20, or 30 Free Spins and the same multiplier value!  The extra Free Spins are included to your remaining amount of Free Spins.  While in the Free Spin Bonus Feature game, you can win an infinite amount of extra Free Spins!  When the Free Spin Bonus Feature game is over, you are then taken back to the main Pandora slot game, and your Free Spin game winnings are included to your win total.

Betting Options
Pandora’s Box has 5 reels where you may bet on as many as 20 pay lines. The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum bet is 1.00.  You may wager from 1 up to 4 coins per line.
People who regularly play online casino games naturally love to stay much longer on online slot games that specifically have an Autoplay function.  Good thing that Pandora’s Box has one!  You can program the game to spin the reels for you automatically with the Autoplay function that can be found on the lower left side of the game screen. With the simple setting, just choose a button (from 10 to 1000) which means that those are the total number of spins that will be done automatically for you.  With the advanced settings, you can choose to Stop Autoplay on any of the following conditions: on any win, if Free Spins is won, if a single wins exceeds a certain amount you indicate, or if your cash increases or decreases by a certain amount you indicate. After indicating your preferences, just click on the Start button, and the game will automatically spin for you while you just sit back, relax, and enjoy playing the Pandora’s Box online video slot machine game!


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