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Win a date with poker babe Jackie Navarro at HotjugPoker

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Posted on 19 September 2008 by "K".

Recently launched pokersite, HotjugPoker, is offering a series of promotions at the moment, including "Win a date with Jackie Navarro". While Jackie Navarro might not be a poker babe per say, she's certainly a babe worth playing poker for and that's exactly what you will be able to do now - for free!

"HotjugPoker offers you to win a night in company with this russian/finish/spanish/philippian/swedish beauty, who, for the last many years havent done anything but to get boys all over the globe to think naughty thoughts. In the company of Jackie you are never bored. It should be mentioned that Jackie recently became single, so tune on the pokerface and show who is the king of HotjugPoker." - HotjugPoker Promotions.

While this specific promotion is only available for poker players living in Denmark, foreigners will still be able to take advantage of the other promotions going on at the moment, including a huge depositbonus of 1000% up to €15,000 and up to 60% cashback as well as tons of freerolls.

HotjugPoker gave us permission to show you a few pictures of Jackie Navarro in return for some feedback, so if you experience any problems with the signup or in general, please leave a comment below.

Without further ado, Jackie Navarro...


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31 comments on "Win a date with poker babe Jackie Navarro at HotjugPoker"

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» Win a date with poker babe Jackie Navarro at HotjugPoker

 B1gfoot23/09/2008 13:50:02 GMT
In the words of Quagmire, giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy!
When i get back from my date with shauns GF i will let you all know if her puppys are real.
Has any one played there yet, is it anygood?
 weakfishy23/09/2008 15:04:48 GMT
Posted by Administrator:
Explain yourself please, or I will delete your post as it's completely irrelevant to this topic. There's no fake/scam about this news or pokersite at all. And what's a "donk site"?

just compare a site such as and Hotjugpoker , and perhaps you will understand what i want to say .... i know it 's not a scam site , i know it 's not a fake BUT when you log on this site , you can be surprised , isn't it ??

1/concept is strange ... mix between dating with woman and poker
2/ the bonus is strange too : 100% bonus up to 15 000€ deposit !!!!!!!!!!!


Administrator , all apologies if i chock you with my first post on this topic .. it was "French humour"
 Administrator23/09/2008 15:21:26 GMT
Posted by weakfishy:
it was "French humour"

That explains Big Smile

Well, I assume they just want to get some attention and some new players by offering that pretty nice deposit bonus (100% up to €15,000).
 Miravos3323/09/2008 15:56:20 GMT
nice tits
 Roxxmob23/09/2008 15:57:51 GMT
Hotjug poker ? never heard but sound naughty hehe Smile
 weakfishy23/09/2008 16:05:29 GMT
Posted by Miravos33:
nice tits

indeed , i cannot tell you the opposit !!! Big Smile Big Smile
 Avalonn23/09/2008 16:30:50 GMT
Wow didnt see those pics before, nice Tongue
 Predobar23/09/2008 22:16:25 GMT
Posted by Miravos33:
nice tits

What is nice about silicons?
 kreel24/09/2008 00:16:14 GMT
mm looking good i will treat you as a lady...........hehehe you dont know me yet
 ddjuric24/09/2008 07:53:55 GMT
nice body Smile
 Yanz101024/09/2008 21:37:05 GMT
Well, very good challenge Big Smile
 gimmemoney9825/09/2008 02:59:32 GMT
wow she is hot, id hit it
 xxxitaliaxxx1301/10/2008 15:31:54 GMT
lol pffft i dont have to "win" a date with her Blink... lol but yea shes sooo hot..
 lockept9301/10/2008 18:40:47 GMT
i will win I WILL WIN............what mus i do????

but i dont know her from poker but it doesent matter^^
 MANUEDO07/10/2008 14:41:09 GMT
Has anybody played to this site ? And, most of all, has anybody won the '' prize '' ?

 squirrm07/10/2008 17:17:44 GMT
lol.. poker porn Tongue

post if you've signed up and let us know what you think of the site please Cool
 pooya01/01/2014 10:10:55 GMT
maybe dating with her and asking her to play live strip poker works much better but ofc the 1st step is to joining the site Smile)
 doubletop77702/01/2014 10:50:23 GMT
I would love to win a date with Jackie Navarro because i think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Imagine how great it would be to date this woman! She could win you a fortune on the tables and you still get to take her home at the end of the night Big Smile
 qzmag02/01/2014 11:30:36 GMT
pooya you're the "BEST" , post in 5 years and half old something. WHAT THE HELL? Are you looking at the bootom of the forum or what? STOP DOING THIS. its annoying , and you give false hope to the other peoples. SO... STOP POSTING IN A freaking 5 years old stuff.
 magatt96602/01/2014 14:29:40 GMT
Posted by qzmag:
pooya you're the "BEST" , post in 5 years and half old something. WHAT THE HELL? Are you looking at the bootom of the forum or what? STOP DOING THIS. its annoying , and you give false hope to the other peoples. SO... STOP POSTING IN A freaking 5 years old stuff.

his time machine is not working properly imho
 damosk02/01/2014 16:25:45 GMT
Who on earth thought of this name and thought it may even be anywhere near appropriate.......

From another perspective, Not only am I amazed at the prizes and bonuses on offfer by this site, I am more surprised that POCHUI has not seen it yet and thought to make some relevant comment!!!!!
 DaCapo7102/01/2014 17:31:12 GMT
Hot pictures from this beautiful woman, i hope this promo means that are all inclusive!? Cool Or does it mean a game strip poker hu (hyper turbo off course)? One of the interesting promos in the last time Thumbs Up
 noonlion02/01/2014 20:21:42 GMT
She's very beautiful..but this is essentially prostitution. The way it is worded is like she's recently single and ur never bored in her company...OOOOOOOKKKKKKK.

What a cheap way to try and generate traffic. And the site name is laughable.
 Theapple02/01/2014 21:17:44 GMT
for some reason im not getting brm points so ill have to say a coupel of wise words in this topic

i think this site looks awesome. no really it does

i also like how it totally looks like a dating site and that 1000% bonus... i like that one too.

never tried it but i already like it that much.

yours truly,
 vaskarch2303/04/2017 10:47:40 GMT
would there still be any chance to have this awesome opportunity of dating such a hottie by playing poker. i guess not and its my bad

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