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PartyGaming's quarterly earnings report

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Posted on 24 November 2008 by "T".

PartyGaming has just released the latest quarterly earnings report. In this report it shows slightly down numbers compared to last year's report and the poker section of PartyGaming is the main reason for this.

In the recently released quarterly earnings report for 2008, PartyGaming announced a reduction of 15% in poker earnings to about $65 million. The latest numbers do not fully capture the recent relaunching of the PartyPoker site, which was the world's largest poker room until the end of 2006 when they had to leave the US market for its publicity traded status.

Partygaming however have hope for the future as they have signed a deal with UK broadcasting company ITV which will promote their bingo, casino and other games more so they can make up for some of the looses they have had since the end of 2006 when they had to leave the US market with a market value of $7 billion (today only in the 400-500 million range). PartyGaming also hope for a more relaxed and friendly business environment with the new Obama administration.

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8 comments on "PartyGaming''s quarterly earnings report"

 Yukas24/11/2008 23:25:24 GMT
SO it`s said here that this theme "Online Betting Companies not affected by the economic crises" is bullshit=| it`s affect but less then in other spheres?!
 Poeinkie25/11/2008 07:02:05 GMT
I think it deffinitely will affect Gaming sites but less then other branches, cause all the gambling addict will be playing, economical crisis or not
 tibore25/11/2008 07:21:18 GMT
oh, no, they will be going broke at this rate .... cough
 shokaku25/11/2008 09:31:16 GMT
Party has left the US market and so it is no surprise that they have falling numbers. Stars and Full Tilt can target all players at party, but party can only target a fraction of players.
 polevaulter25/11/2008 13:14:07 GMT
$65 million...Maybe it's less than the year before, but it's still a huge profit, so don't complain!
 taavi1925/11/2008 20:33:19 GMT
I think its not bad numbers as they left US market. They are doing good work.
 primar200825/11/2008 22:59:06 GMT
can i have it the 65millions$........ Smile......... i love you guys ! lolll
 polevaulter26/11/2008 22:21:20 GMT
yes, you can have the $65 millions! Just take it! No problem.
But please give me just one million. Ok?

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