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Free 30 no deposit for Virgin Poker

Tags: BankrollMob, Free, No Deposit, Virgin Poker.
Posted on 27 November 2008 by "K".

Virgin Poker Free €30 no deposit bonusPlease welcome the newest addition to the free bankrolls here at BankrollMob: Virgin Poker.

Virgin Poker is offering a free €30 no deposit bonus for qualified BankrollMob members. The offer includes €10 free upfront once your request has been approved and another free €20 after earning 60 V*Points.

But, there's more in the goodie bag. In addition to the free €20 after earning 60 V*Points, you will also be entered into our monthly "BankrollMob Free Airmiles Tournament" where 3 x 50,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Packages will be up for grabs - that's enough for a free return flight to Las Vegas. Give our bests to Richard Branson if you bump into him...

Making a deposit at Virgin Poker later on will give you a 100% welcome / deposit bonus.

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114 comments for "Free 30 no deposit for Virgin Poker"

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» Free 30 no deposit for Virgin Poker

 KidRitalin28/11/2008 23:17:08 GMT
My bankroll was rejected at first for some reason, but I've contacted the live support (Thomas) and he said to me they would contact Virgin poker, and no problem, my Bankroll will be there, just be patient.
 mylatbm28/11/2008 23:29:38 GMT

"Bankrollmob players with more than three Boss IPN poker room accounts are not eligible to these promotions due to Boss IPN Poker Network Rules."

Witch site/rooms are this?
 mapleleaf529/11/2008 02:17:53 GMT
Posted by biggibeld:
virgin poker does not allow canadian players to take advantage of bankroll mobs free bank rolls... awe

Yes they do, I have been approved for mine.
 lumppu6929/11/2008 07:21:22 GMT
i cant put my adress details there and live chat wont work
 shokaku29/11/2008 09:49:02 GMT
Posted by lumppu69:
i cant put my adress details there and live chat wont work

Like said in an earlier post you have to klick "deposit". There you can write down your address details. Looks like a good client software. Aww crap!
 doomdy29/11/2008 12:49:15 GMT
looks like a good site, sadly its not for the dutch Sad
 fresh780029/11/2008 13:10:36 GMT
Doomdy but u have something we dont have lagally in any country Big Smile
 ylight29/11/2008 15:07:08 GMT
Hungary is not eligible Sad. It looks like a pretty good site.
:O, the logo is same as the Virgin Interactive's logo lol! Same company???
 primar200829/11/2008 15:31:00 GMT
dont like virgin poker! Tongue .......
 BluffOnly30/11/2008 00:12:28 GMT
Posted by fresh78:
Doomdy but u have something we dont have lagally in any country Big Smile

yea. hash
 dunotra30/11/2008 03:39:08 GMT
Posted by fresh78:
Doomdy but u have something we dont have lagally in any country Big Smile

And what might that be...I did not know the French where jelus of our great food or are talking about our coffee shops Smile

But back on point if you click on Mob Account at the top of every page and then go about halfway down the page to where it say's... " Witch No Deposit Poker Bonuses Can I Get"....And click the buton, Show Me The List.It will give you all the bonuses that you can get in your country.

 TheZippo30/11/2008 23:51:49 GMT
Go to the Virgin Poker site and click on "Deposit" after entering your account. You will be able to change your personal information, after clicking "Submit", go back to "My profile" and your information will be changed.
 KidRitalin01/12/2008 00:47:03 GMT
Rejected again!! Ok, I won't apply anymore.

And by the way, Virgin Poker software's sucks, and also, my antivirus went crazy.
 ChitStripper01/12/2008 02:19:02 GMT
Rejected as 'not traced'. I don't mind if I make a mistake but I followed the instructions to the proverbial 'T', no that they're difficult, and end up with this.....not happy guys Angry
 BluffOnly01/12/2008 04:04:59 GMT
I also got rejected... Crazy shit.

Do they not want to give the bonus, by just rejecting all? Smile
 biggibeld01/12/2008 04:58:56 GMT
i recently tried to get a bonus from titan poker.. it says its approved but ther eis no cash in the account... im not sure what to do...
 Rainb0w01/12/2008 07:31:14 GMT
I registered for this bonus but I cant update my personal information? The fields are dark grey.. Any suggestions? Thanks..

Edit: I got it, had to click on "Deposit" to update personal information.
 amslim01/12/2008 19:11:34 GMT
Where can I locate my V*points? I can't activate V*Points at homepage, it says I need to deposit...
 minibt01/12/2008 22:42:10 GMT
nice i got the money Smile

but i have the same problem. when i try registre my v"point it says i need too make a deposit?? plz help Aww crap!
 T3ddyKGB01/12/2008 22:49:28 GMT
not quite sure, but as far as i remember you have to play 50 raked hands before you can register your Vpoints....if im wrong then just check out their site Smile they have Info´s on almost everything.

 Whiskerer01/12/2008 23:10:55 GMT
I think mine got through the seccond time over, just waiting for payment, so hopefully ill get it.
 csarbomb01/12/2008 23:13:35 GMT
i had already recieved it..i multiply it already 5times Smile

had already recieved it..i multiply it already 5times Smile
 Whiskerer01/12/2008 23:18:27 GMT
Ye i should have gotten it, but stupid as I am i registered with the wrong email Tongue, but hopefully it will work out now that i have changed it.
 ex_bolo01/12/2008 23:33:17 GMT
Virgin Poker is great, I`ve recieved my bonus after 1 day of waiting :]
 csarbomb02/12/2008 01:38:56 GMT
i have already made 70euros.
how many points are neeed in order to be elegible to cashout?
 Flyfreeforever02/12/2008 08:59:29 GMT
60 V points. How much you got?
 blascocomo02/12/2008 10:35:43 GMT
I also received the 10 $ but i can't see how much vpoints i earnd...

On livehelp the told me to register a credit card to see it but i don't know how!
 cyber02/12/2008 12:29:31 GMT
recieved my bonus about 2 hours ago, but can i see my points?
 Administrator02/12/2008 12:41:14 GMT
Posted by cyber:
recieved my bonus about 2 hours ago, but can i see my points?

You need to contact their support to get an update about your V*Points. When you reach 60 V*Points the final €20 should be transferred within usually 24-48 hours.
 pokersmurf02/12/2008 15:16:00 GMT
When do i get the bonus? says here on BRM that its approved and paid out 28/11, but still havent got any? Confused
 minibt02/12/2008 16:22:42 GMT
is anyone abel too activate ther v*point i can not

and support says i need too make a deposit??

butt then it is not a no deposit bonus

pretty hard too realese the 20€ when i can not earn any v*point Aww crap!

plz help

have talk whit support again and nothing too do if you want too relese the last 20€ you have too deposit wtf
thats bs
then it is a 10€ no deposit u can not cash out because u need 120 v*point
and 20€ more if u make a deposit Aww crap!

admin plz do something
 aissou02/12/2008 16:48:13 GMT
i was request virgin poker free bankroll 1 weeks agao but i never receive it rofl but i receveid my other bankroll 2 days after request and i have a question i dont see tournaments in virgin poker lobby where are them thanks Sad Sad Sad
 minibt02/12/2008 16:48:43 GMT

are you looking at there homepage. or in the pokerlobby
because on homepage i have 0 but in poker i have got my 10

p.s there support sucks!!!

lol i result the problem if u have and old card whit no money just try make a deposit and it fails
then u can activate u v*point
 Rainb0w02/12/2008 21:02:53 GMT
I got rejected for this bankroll:

Reason for rejection:
Not tracked to bankrollmob.com

Is this a joke? I did follow the link from BRM and all.. But yeye. Disagree
 KidRitalin02/12/2008 21:08:48 GMT
Looks like many people here are being rejected.

My guess is that we must register our personal data (Name/Address) at the Cashier. I've only noticed just now that my personal data was blank.
 amslim03/12/2008 14:41:38 GMT
This is bullshit! they said that i have to deposit and earn those 60points and the i can get that 20€....
 T3ddyKGB03/12/2008 14:56:48 GMT
of course you have to register your personal data else no money. i think it already has been mentioned several times in different threads that you have to click on "deposit" to enter your name etc.
and not tracked to bankrollmob means you havent done that, or made a mistake...wrong email or something.

worked fine here, thx !
 csarbomb03/12/2008 15:35:56 GMT
u need to transfer funds from the account to poker
 Tsaarnou03/12/2008 15:36:35 GMT
Works fine for me also. BTW I'm at 77€ now Smile Haven't received extra 20€ yet..
 dlkiv03/12/2008 15:40:02 GMT
mine went through ok although i had to put my address in twice as went blank 4 some reason.
 pamella04/12/2008 00:05:57 GMT
i signed up for the new virgin poker and you only get $10 the 65 v*points can only be earned once you have deposited to release a further $10 dollars. Sad
 carlitace04/12/2008 00:54:26 GMT
when you have make your deposit, does the cashier update your points and give you directly the 20€?!
 GeneYuss04/12/2008 01:25:54 GMT
Anyone know how much rake you have to pay to be able to cashout? Anyone complete the bonus? I checked the site and they say 2-3 points per €10 sng. So 20-30€ in rake to get 60 V*points, did I make a mistake?
 baniix04/12/2008 08:59:46 GMT
no luck for me,,,,,,, can't sign up........... Thumbs Down
 neol-20/12/2008 23:07:44 GMT
the link still not working

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