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PartyGaming Owner Makes a Deal with US DoJ

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Posted on 16 December 2008 by "T".

Today the online gaming portal PartyGaming revealed that they are close to making a settlement with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in order to avoid a criminal plea.

This announcement was made before they were expected to appear in court in New York. Anurag Dikshit is the biggest shareholder in PartyGaming and he was the one who was expected to show up in court and plead guilty to a charge relating to taking wagers over the internet from US players.

Mr Dikshit is a co founder of PartyGaming and holds 27% of the shares in the company will have to pay the sum of $300 Million in fines on continue to co-operate with DoJ's investigations.

Dikshit is a resident of India and is risking going to jail for 2 years by going to the US in order to make the plea agreement.

PartyGaming is a company that is publicly traded at the London stock exchange and has seen its value decrease a lot after the US passed the UIGEA bill back in 2006 making it impossible for PartyGaming to operate in the US. However a lot of people within the US government believe that the US will eventually take a different stance at online gaming and maybe even try to make it a regulated market.

The recently appointed PartyGaming Chief Jim Ryan said: "We're hopeful that, in the fullness of time, the new [Obama] administration will take steps to regulate it."

According to reports coming from the UK it is expected that PartyGaming will report to the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday regarding Mr Dikshit's plea agreement with the US. If they manage to reach a settlement this could be a way for PartyGaming to resume consolidation negotiations with other companies.

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8 comments on "PartyGaming Owner Makes a Deal with US DoJ"

 riveredTTM16/12/2008 22:21:45 GMT
Mr Dikshit

 snoppan16/12/2008 23:54:24 GMT
hmm.. is that seriously his real name ???? Pooooor guy... !!! Big Smile Mr. Dikshit... can't imagine him having fun in school Disagree
 M3turbo17/12/2008 00:45:18 GMT
Imagine that guy that guy shaking hands at important business meeting....Hi im Mr Dikshit Big Smile ROFL
That name is hilarious, but I guess I could live with it with his fortune.

One should think he could afford to visit a numerologist Smile
 NoReflex17/12/2008 01:14:15 GMT
cant stop laughing Big Smile Dikshit
 snoppan17/12/2008 02:52:22 GMT
Posted by M3turbo:

One should think he could afford to visit a numerologist Smile

He should do that and name himself Gaylord - make some balance in his first and last name... Big Smile

Mr. Gaylord Dikshit - millionaire Worship Tongue
 chankie17/12/2008 10:09:29 GMT
damn... stupid US laws...
 taavi1917/12/2008 15:02:22 GMT
stupid laws.
Bush has failed as president lol
 Chomp17/12/2008 16:11:20 GMT
thats lots of money Sad

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