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Vanessa Rousso got herself a "small gift"

Tags: Lamborghini Gallardo, pokerstars, Vanessa Rousso.
Posted on 14 October 2009 by "T".

Vanessa Rousso, 26, is a French American law student who's sponsored by PokerStars, which means that she gets to travel all over the world and play in all the major poker tournaments for free. In live poker she's one of the most successful female poker players right now, and also through all time. She has won around $2,4 million dollars during her career as professional poker player, and with that she's on 5th place on the list over the female poker players who have won the most money through all time. Apart from being a good poker player, she's someone that very often get lots of comments for her good looks from poker players all over the world. Earlier this year she also got her good looks confirmed by others than poker players as she got to be on the front page of the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Not long ago Vanessa decided to get herself a "small gift" for some of the poker winnings. A yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (costs $180,000-$210,000 in USA) as in the picture on the right side is what she bought. Even though this model is the most produced car by Lamborghini, there are only 5000 of its kind in the world. This car (Apart from the big engine) comes with a computer, IPod connections, USB connections, heated mirrors, and hand knitted seats, just to mention few of the things this luxury sports car has.


What "small gift" would you allow yourself to buy if you were in the same situation as Vanessa Rousso?


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17 comments on "Vanessa Rousso got herself a "small gift""

 jevo14/10/2009 16:48:59 GMT
She'd get it.

VR FTW Heart
 Joe_Average14/10/2009 17:08:41 GMT
Wow, if only I were that succesfull at poker and that rich, I'd get myself 2 gifts:
 B1gfoot14/10/2009 17:15:05 GMT
Wont be long b4 she gives it back.
Its a car for the garage, A guy i worked with made it big a few years back and got one, yes its an awsome car but even he admitid he hated driving it cause you couldent. Now has a gangster land rover, show off...
 MANUEDO14/10/2009 19:18:21 GMT
I would allow to buy a castle where to host here for a couple of weeks, but I wouldn't play poker ahahahah
 jevo14/10/2009 20:43:35 GMT
 locati8614/10/2009 20:52:31 GMT
omg what a poker player!
she is one of my favourites female players... and now she has a hell of a ride!
 Lutenatik14/10/2009 21:08:15 GMT
Wow what a waste of money... A car like that shouldn t go on the streets with a woman driving it Big Smile
 SuperNoob14/10/2009 21:09:38 GMT
Lamborghini is also a showoff, . i doubt she'll use it regularly.
but with the amount of money she has i think anyone will buy that car.
 wero4ka14/10/2009 22:23:50 GMT
nice =)
 Plexo14/10/2009 23:16:51 GMT
I would like to ask 3 things:

1-I want this woman (I think she's so pretty)
2-I want also her poker skills
3-And of course I want her car.

Those will be my next birthday wishes.
I hope to get at leat one (Would choose the first one ahah)
 Bizla15/10/2009 02:03:06 GMT
photoshop Thumbs Down
 TinTin15/10/2009 07:16:16 GMT
Lamborghini shmamborghini. For my poker winnings this year, I'm gonna buy that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
 EimsbushKing17/10/2009 14:28:04 GMT
wow the car is hot

just like vanessa
 Fakiry20/10/2009 14:39:42 GMT
My car already have heaten mirrors and only cost me €16K so, i think i would go for a good vacations. Ok, so i am a pro and i travel all around the world to play, but i dont get to know the places museums, beaches, night bars and neither get to take cool pics, so i pay myself and my family a nice time at a cool spot with lots of things to know and enjoy!
 LaBaiz07/11/2009 23:10:38 GMT
Nice toy, but for a daily use it is not useable. Better a Bentley - sporty and comfy.
 Mast3rKush08/11/2009 06:11:41 GMT
She's a pretty good player, i saw her beat Phil Ivey heads up a couple of days ago on youtube so she defintley earned some respect off me for that; even though he was running terrible with cards & she was catching alot of PP's... but still her stats seem to do her justice.
 RIPStuNov2208/11/2009 07:23:42 GMT
I hope she hits a tree

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