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Doyle Brunson inducted into the Athletic Hall Of Fame

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Posted on 19 October 2009 by "T".

What many people probably don't know about Doyle Brunson is that he once was a very talented basketball player and also was one of the key players in his school team. Doyle's school team were very successful and even made it all the way to the NCAA playoffs back then. Now, 40 years later, Doyle Brunson has been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame by his old school. However, it's with mixed feelings he's going to his old school to celebrate his induction.

"I'm leaving in the morning for Abilene, Texas. My University is inducting me into their athletic Hall of Fame. After being turned down for 40 years I have mixed feelings, but all my old teammates will be there, so I'm going down and will be on my best behavior."


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13 comments on "Doyle Brunson inducted into the Athletic Hall Of Fame"

 Davoodoo19/10/2009 14:55:15 GMT

He was born on the time when men were men ... not like today. Sad
 MANUEDO19/10/2009 18:44:00 GMT
Agree, what kind of man.
A legend not only for poker but for his personality and behaviour too: always smiling, always ready to talk with journalists, never miseducated
 B1gfoot19/10/2009 19:45:41 GMT
Yep true manuedo, possably the greatest man in poker.
But if had mills in the bank it would be hared to knock the smile off my face.
 mglaude19/10/2009 21:42:34 GMT
good for doyle he lived a very hard and tragic life; he deserves this.
 pothead201219/10/2009 22:06:07 GMT
wtg Doyle u did it Thumbs Up
 Lutenatik19/10/2009 23:41:16 GMT
wow very impressive! Had no idea he played basketball in his younger days! Congratz with the induction Smile
 xxxbchxxx20/10/2009 00:48:04 GMT
Well it looks like he had lead a very active life.
Good luck to him.
You dont get many sports persons now days that can or have made a sucessfull transaction from one sport to another? infact i cant think of any?????
He's a legend thats for sure.
shame he cant play poker thou hahaha Angry jokes.............
 Plexo20/10/2009 00:49:38 GMT
Wel.. I little late to award him. I think that's the reason why he has mixed feelings. Anyway he derserves this and more.
 SuperNoob20/10/2009 20:01:00 GMT
don't get why they are inducting him so late, but better late than never.
He's indeed a true legend in the world of poker, but didn't know he was a good basketball player also, congrats to him
 Fakiry22/10/2009 13:37:42 GMT
Nice way to honor the man! I bet he can still basket some balls (not from 3 points area...). His team mates got to be really mad with him because they didnt follow him, they prefered the sport which, at that time, it wast much of a way to win life.
 Yuki55522/10/2009 14:32:19 GMT
Thumbs up for Doyle Worship Thumbs Up
 NANACONDA22/10/2009 17:19:03 GMT
bout time tho
 oli27722/10/2009 20:53:35 GMT
i agree! it was the right thing to do! what a man this doyle! an American professional poker player who has played professionally for over 50 years. He is the first two-time World Series of Poker main event champion to win consecutively Poker Hall of Fame inductee, and the author of several highly influential books on poker. Brunson is the first player to earn $1 million in poker tournaments and has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets throughout his career, tied with Johnny Chan for second all-time, one behind Phil Hellmuth's eleven. He is also one of only four players to have won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker multiple times, which he did in 1976 and 1977. He is also one of only two players, along with Bill Boyd, to have won bracelets at the WSOP in four consecutive years. In addition, he is the first of five players to win both the WSOP Main Event and a World Poker Tour title. In January 2006, Bluff Magazine voted Brunson the #1 most influential force in the world of poker.
good job doyle what a great career you had!

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