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WPT statistics by Daniel Negreanu

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Posted on 27 October 2009 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu, the Canadian PokerStars PRO, have 3 big passions in life - Poker, golf and statistics. A few days ago one could read in his blog that he had made statistics over how much the most successful World Poker Tour players have made from the tournament. 

In the spreadsheet with the statistics, Daniel only included poker players who played a minimum of 30 WPT events so the information wouldn't be to misleading. 176 players qualified for his investigation. Here are the results.

Top 10 Players in Earnings Per Event:

1. Carlos Mortensen $107,354.29
2. Jonathan Little $93,077.19
3. Martin deKnijff $92,130.72
4. David Chiu$91,053.53
5. Gus Hansen $90,816.93
6. Tuan Le $90,781.26
7. Nick Schulman $77,838.60
8. Michael Mizrachi $69,479.43
9. Daniel Negreanu $68,591.79
10. Alan Goehring $59,936.17

Bottom Ten Players in Earnings Per Event:

Don Barton $2,056.33
Matt Glanttz $1,794.71
Jean-Roberte Bellande $1,792.57
John Esposito $1,678.67
Yosh Nakano $1,547.50
Jason Lester $1,010.52
Robert Williamson III $1,000.00
Alan Schien $938.45
Dan Alspach$728.47
Frank Kassela $606.29

Top 10 Players Based on Cashing Percentage:

1. Casey Kastle 30.0%
2. Stan Goldstien 26.7%
3. Nenand Medic 25.9%
4. Dave Ulliot 25.8%
5. Can Kim Hua 25.7%
6. David Oppenhiem 25.6%
7. CHris Bell 25.5%
8. David Chiu 25.0%
8. Dteve Sung25.0%
8. Lee Markholt 25.0%

Top Ten Players Based on Final Table Percentage:

1. Gus Hansen 15.6
2. Scotty Nguyen 11.1
3. Jonathan Little 10.8
4. Phil Ivey 10.5
5. Ted Forrest 08.8
6. Daniel Negreanu 08.6
6. Can Kim Hua 08.6
6. Humberto Brenes 08.6
9. David Pham 08.4
10. Steve Sung 08.3
10. Hoyt Corkins 08.3

Women's Earnings per event including all women who have played 30 events:

1. J.J Liu $29,222..86 (35th overall) out of 176 tabulated
2. Kathy Liebert $19,610.25 (58th overall)
3. Jennifer Harman $18,222.49 (61st overall)
4. Mimi Tran $11,174.64 (86th overall)
5. Vanessa Rousso $10,088.00 (90th overall)
6. Annie Duke $6,503.27 (119th)
7. Clonie Gowan $6,340.26 (122nd)
8. Kristi Gazes $5,238.10 (128th)
9. Jennifer Tilly $5,204.71 (130th)
10.Isabelle Mercier $5,061.45 (134th)
11. Evelyn Ng $4,639.54 (141st)
12. Cyndy Violette $3,012.00 (159th)

Daniel's conclusion after finishing his investigation is that very, very few players makes good money from WPT in the long run considering that they have to pay a buy-in of at least $10,000 for each event, need money for traveling, taxes, accommodations etc. According to Daniel it's better to play satellites to WPT if you want to make some big money without having too risk losing a lot of money.


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5 comments on "WPT statistics by Daniel Negreanu"

 SuperNoob27/10/2009 18:01:45 GMT
well its no surprise, obviously only few players who are good/ lucky will make money in long term as there's no money added in the prizepool .
btw nice statistics
 Mast3rKush27/10/2009 21:06:14 GMT
Wow that must have taken a bunch of time for Daniel to gather and tabulate all of that information.
 Plexo28/10/2009 00:12:41 GMT
Interesting to know that the guy who has make more in the money (Casey Kastle 30.0%) does not appear in the first 2 categories. That propably mean that the stretegy to win an event and to get in the money are quite different.
 Lurk3r28/10/2009 07:51:34 GMT
Only a couple outside the top ten would even make money..
that's very interesting
 s1m0nmp28/10/2009 07:59:05 GMT
well i guess 176 of them "earned" money Smile...hehehehe
but no wonder Gus Hanses was at the most final tables Smile the guy is one of the best... plus he is in top 5 in earnings per event...
GO Gus

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