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USA: Armed men robbed poker players

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Posted on 06 October 2009 by "T".

During the night between Sunday and Monday, three men broke into a house in North Carolina (USA) where a poker game with around 30 people was held. The three robbers were all armed, 2 of them had handguns and one had a rifle. The man with the rifle used his rifle butt to knock down 2 of the poker players before firing a shot into the wall and demanding the other poker players to lay down on the floor.

The robbers then escaped with an unknown amount of money from the house, and still the police haven't been able to catch anyone of them. However, the police are going to continue the search for the three men until they get some results according to Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina.


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21 comments on "USA: Armed men robbed poker players "

 Btownd8706/10/2009 18:23:05 GMT
For anyone to run in there strapped like that, there would have to be some SERIOUS money involved.
 Gabri06/10/2009 19:55:34 GMT
I wonder how a poker game with that much money involved, isn't full of security. Dumb move imo. The men probably knew that there wouldn't be much security involved.
 Xincome06/10/2009 21:04:07 GMT
Truly an inside work...maybe mafia...who knows...robbers was also amateurs hahaha..
 Joe_Average06/10/2009 21:13:57 GMT
30 man "under the gun" in just one hand, and they all moved all-in... Smile
That's the reason to only play in low-stakes housegames and not to bring much cash... unless there is good security.
 magatt96606/10/2009 21:31:24 GMT
good reason to play only online poker Cool
 arsenej106/10/2009 22:01:33 GMT
lol 2 hand guns n a rifle? well come to nova scotia...thats jus ppl tryin to get by...ppl get shot up everyday i figured theyd atleat be armed...hardly a holdup and hardly well armed
 Plexo06/10/2009 22:12:04 GMT
I agree with magatt966. Playing online is much safer than these kind of house games, but you have to be aware thay you also need security on Internet.
 SuperNoob06/10/2009 23:09:45 GMT
surely someone from inside must be involved, they must be knowing that there is no security and a lot of money would be there due to the poker game. can't believe ppl were playing high stakes game at someone's house without adequate security
 ih8usukouts07/10/2009 08:49:56 GMT
Sounds like an inside job, maybe the host or one of the players themselves. In the long run when they catch who ever did this, it would be interesting to see who these robbers were linked to. I didn't see it, but did the guy holding the game get in trouble for illegal gambling. Sometimes the local authorities don't like that kind of thing for some reason.
 B1gfoot07/10/2009 11:44:24 GMT
Looks like they have been watching too many movies.
So theres a snich in the group, re play the CCTV footage you used to see villians cards, now look for the guy who was not supprised when the masked men broke in, he is in on it too.
Now find the SOAB and turn him in to a human bag of jelly.
 phaxaq07/10/2009 15:02:05 GMT
That is why internet poker is better. You cannot loose your life playing by internet.
 Btownd8707/10/2009 15:12:54 GMT
One thing to keep in mind is that since this was a private game, it was likely Illegal.
 Dacntry07/10/2009 19:47:22 GMT
well,,,they had to know the game was on,,,and have an idea of how much cash was look to an inside type job,,mabey a big loser from a few weeks ago..or is the game just sooo well known that it could have been anyboody,,,??
 diogomp07/10/2009 23:21:25 GMT
I don't know how it is there but in my country (portugal) we can only play games with money in casinos so if we get robbed I don't think the cops will do anything. or maybe they try to find the robbers and in the meentime they give us a fine for playing with money Smile
 Jewcifer07/10/2009 23:43:22 GMT
Yet another reason why the "secret hand-shake" is under-rated... Evil
 B1gfoot08/10/2009 10:29:45 GMT
Have to rob a comment from twitter, "3 of a kind beats full house" Smile Thumbs Up
 magatt96608/10/2009 11:48:42 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
Have to rob a comment from twitter, "3 of a kind beats full house" Smile Thumbs Up

n1 Worship Thumbs Up
 Fakiry08/10/2009 16:07:36 GMT
It must have been people who knew the game was going to have place in that house. Usualy, home made tourneys are only told to those who can participate, so the first suspects should be those who were invited but coudnt go that night, and those who knew their friends were going to play but didnt invited him... this second is most probably the author of this crime. Solved!
p.s. Sorry, just ended watching a CSI episode Big Smile
 Davoodoo11/10/2009 17:21:27 GMT

A smith n wesson beats four aces ...

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