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Titan Poker November Leaderboard: $500 In Prizes

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Posted on 02 November 2009 by "K".

Titan Poker leaderboardCan we repeat the success of our $400 August Titan Poker Leaderboard in November?
With $500 in prizes, you bet we can!

Throughout November (1st-30th) you can participate in our Titan Poker Leaderboard where the Top 10 players will be rewarded with $500 in prizes, according to the points you earn in the 30 day period.

This leaderboard is BankrollMob exclusive, meaning your Titan Poker account must be created through BankrollMob's links in order to qualify.

Leaderboard Updates

We strive to update the leaderboard a few times every week. You can always view the latest updates at this page: Titan Poker Leaderboard.

New to Titan Poker?

We have two bonuses available for new Titan Poker accounts:

  1. Free $150 No Deposit Bonus
  2. 5000 MobPoints ($50) Gift Offer Bonus

Simply select the one you like, follow the instructions and you could be on your way to the top of the leaderboard in no time!

If you're a Macintosh user or just want to play Titan Poker in your web browser instead of downloading, click here!

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14 comments on "Titan Poker November Leaderboard: $500 In Prizes"

 Administrator02/11/2009 13:37:27 GMT
Anything regarding the Titan Poker November Leaderboard can be discussed in this thread.

Are YOU going to play at Titan Poker this month? Smile
 blazingpf02/11/2009 14:54:53 GMT
ARGHH..... not in accepted country......................
.. =/
 Administrator02/11/2009 15:15:09 GMT
blazingpf, I assume you mean the no deposit bonus? Take the gift offer instead, much, much better value (including deposit bonus):
 fejset02/11/2009 16:00:33 GMT

Had som issues whit them so my answer will be no.. Cool
 s1m0nmp02/11/2009 18:06:13 GMT
unfortunatly i have signed for Titan like about 3.5 years ago when i started playin a bit Smile grrrr i wish i have never done that now... im missing on sooo much great offers on titan Sad damn it
 snapcall42003/11/2009 08:27:34 GMT
where can i find the october leader board?
 Administrator03/11/2009 08:35:56 GMT
Posted by snapcall420:
where can i find the october leader board?

It doesn't exist. We had one in August which is now replaced by the current one.
 SuperNoob04/11/2009 00:10:00 GMT
Too bad my account is created through another affiliate, anyway i don't play that much in titan. gl to the ppl participating in it and don't lose too much $$ for just topping the leaderboard
 mazas04/11/2009 11:19:20 GMT
good price but i no play in titan Sad
 xxxbchxxx07/11/2009 02:43:27 GMT
Titan was one of the first sites i played many years ago but havent played there for long time . cant even remember the password?
 moloko66608/11/2009 08:23:33 GMT
Big Smile Very much it would be desirable выйграть this tournament
 Administrator10/11/2009 11:10:56 GMT
The leaderboard was just updated - sorry it took so long for the first update Smile

Go check it out!!
 Administrator25/11/2009 14:57:19 GMT
The leaderboard was just updated (again). This is the last update until it ends:
 pothead201225/11/2009 15:16:00 GMT
I wonder if it would be possible to set up something like this on full tilt Confused

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