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Win Daily Prizes During Christmas - More Than $10,000 In Prizes

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Posted on 30 November 2009 by "K".

BankrollMob Christmas Calendar PrizesThe first BankrollMob Christmas Calendar has arrived. We have more than $10,000 in prizes to be won by our Mob Members between 1st and 24th of December.

We have lots of different prizes available, such as:

  • Tournament buy-ins for various pokersites
  • Merchandise from poker sites
  • Mob Points for your Mob account
  • Bonus shots at the Mob Safe
  • Tickets for a weekly $50 Mob Draw

It's so simple, all you have to do is login and click - once a day.

Go to your Mob account page and you'll find the Christmas Calendar. Click on the door that corresponds to the date of each day (for example, click on door "1" on December 1st) and you'll instantly know if you have won one of the daily prizes.

Don't have a Mob account yet? Click here to sign up now, for free!

If you don't win any prizes during December 1st, you will get a consolation prize: Entry to an exclusive BankrollMob $600 freeroll at Bwin Poker, December 1st at 20:00 CET.

In addition there will also be a special prize for all Mob members that have opened at least 20 of the 24 daily doors, so be sure to check out if you have won a christmas present every day! You can see the calendar already in your Mob account page, but you will only be able to open the first hatch at 00.01 GMT (Dec 1st).

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BankrollMob would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you enjoy our Christmas calendar promotion!

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199 comments on "Win Daily Prizes During Christmas - More Than $10,000 In Prizes"

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» Win Daily Prizes During Christmas - More Than $10,000 In Prizes

 haarten8719/12/2009 23:20:57 GMT
won so far..... nothing! Sad
 KMSLuice20/12/2009 14:47:06 GMT
I have no luck Sad Who can share a small piece of luck? Smile
 ADACTA20/12/2009 14:53:59 GMT
Posted by haarten87:
I haven't won anything so far Sad

check my joindate, i spend more than 6k points on the the draw - no win
ca. 500 shots at safe - no win
calendar - no win
 chiller00120/12/2009 15:24:44 GMT
awesome that is,

but i never won something till now :S hope for better luck the next days
 magnatusa20/12/2009 17:58:21 GMT
It is a deceit! The prize is not received!
 marble2220/12/2009 18:03:05 GMT
i,m still looking forward for thijs promo 1
nothing won until now. Evil
 Fakiry20/12/2009 22:58:26 GMT
Have a wonderful christmas too BRM staff, you deserve. Even being a time to pass with family, i think i will leave my "present" (coment) in here, just to mark the date. Everything of good foryou, and thanks for ll the gift you already gave me, a big one this year and, by the wa things are going, perhaps a very big one too in the begining of 2010! Smile
 CKemp121/12/2009 07:04:23 GMT
I think this is fun
 Fafik198821/12/2009 09:22:22 GMT
I won 7 days ago and I still don't have bonus in my account...
 Administrator21/12/2009 09:30:28 GMT
Posted by Fafik1988:
I won 7 days ago and I still don't have bonus in my account...

That's why it says, in bold letters, when winning a prize: Please allow up to two weeks for the prize to be issued/sent!

 Badcall8421/12/2009 14:00:26 GMT
i won[10$ nordic poker] but i didnt knew i had to register using link from this site...
Can i get my bonus somehow?
 chrystyna21/12/2009 15:13:21 GMT
I also won nordic poker 10 euro bankroll on 7. dec, but today 21.dec I unfortunally still havent get it.
I just mention that after my won my account was rejected and after I sent my id again I got message that I have not account in nordic bet but I had and after that BRM just not answer me anymore Sad
I am just little bit dissapointed on BRM, but okey. it is still good site Thumbs Up
 Jordipsx21/12/2009 21:32:42 GMT
21 days and I don't won nothing. I expect to win something during this 10 days.
 M3turbo21/12/2009 22:27:32 GMT
Congrats to winners and for the non winners....don't give up yet you still got a couple of shots to win Smile
 tiltfish6622/12/2009 20:23:59 GMT
nice promo yes...but i never get lucky in this Aww crap!
 KG197522/12/2009 20:58:58 GMT
$10,000 sounds a LOT for so many losers. I've got nothing yet, and I don't see anyone saying they won anything significant yet.
 LazyHunter23/12/2009 00:27:58 GMT
At last I win! Thanks for the nice promotion !
 koneisto23/12/2009 01:17:18 GMT
hits anyone?
 Badger8124/12/2009 11:02:07 GMT
YEESS!!! Thanks.. Just won a Party Poker monthly milliom entry!!! TYTY
 keram24/12/2009 11:59:25 GMT
Clicked EVERY SINGLE DAY and won nothing... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! But well still think BRM is the very best Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up What is the prize for those unlucky ones that clicked at least 20 times???
Anyway, I wish all the best for the upcoming holidays to All the people and others associated with BRM (including McSnake) the verrrrrrrrrry Merry Christmas! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Wish your Christmas be filled with peace and love. Merry Xmas. Agree Agree Agree Agree
 SimpLe-SI24/12/2009 14:42:20 GMT
yeah, won the 300k guaranteed seat on PartyPoker on the 2dec :]
Thought it was a prank at first but after seeing my name on the winners list I realised that I had got extremely lucky.
still kinda waiting for my account to be credited though...
 B1gfoot25/12/2009 11:14:04 GMT
Congrats SimpLe-SI and to all outhers who bagged a win.
Hopefully next year ill have more luck.
 playwear28/12/2009 07:47:57 GMT
what is one supposed to do to win for once.
 Fafik198829/12/2009 19:16:14 GMT
16 days and I still don't have money in my account...
 xaero10/01/2010 23:12:08 GMT
does any1 who have won something has received the prize ?

I won a ticket on titanpoker and still haven't received anything yet.

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