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November 9 Countdown - 1 day: James Akenhead

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Posted on 06 November 2009 by "T".

James Akenhead, from England, is a 26 years old Full Tilt PRO who will start the final table tomorrow with the least chips of the 9 remaining players. James hasn't been playing poker for a very long, but he has still been very successful and won over $800,000 online and live so far. At the 2008 World Series of Poker, he finished second in event #2 ($1,500 NL Texas Hold'em). With other words, he's not a newbie when it comes to playing in the World Series.

James will only bring 6,800,000 chips with him to the final table on Saturday, and he will need to double up at least 2 times quite fast in order to have some kind of chance of becoming the World Champion.

The 2009 WSOP final table is only 1 day away folks! Don't forget to vote for your favorite to win in our "Who will become the World Champion"-poll. For those of you who want to bet some money on the November 9 finalists, we can recommend KickOffPoker who also offers a €5000 deposit bonus & 45% cashback.


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Who will become the World Champion?

10 comments on "November 9 Countdown - 1 day: James Akenhead "

 sirthomas06/11/2009 14:48:27 GMT
Have a good weekend everyone! Lets hope for a thrilling final table!
 SuperNoob06/11/2009 16:55:34 GMT
don't think he has any chance, he's fairly shortstacked and not playing much poker too, but who knows....
ppl surely don't like Buchman here only 6 votes, Confused
 Mast3rKush06/11/2009 17:02:34 GMT
I would love for James to win this thing, he's a great player, but the fact is he's very shortstacked so his only hope is for some quick double up/triple ups before the blinds get him so he atleast has some chips to work with. But my money is on Ivey (even tho moon is likely). He's been getting bad cards pretty much all the way through so if he starts catching something & doubles up then he's right back in this & guna be a big problem.
 NANACONDA06/11/2009 17:06:39 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:

ppl surely don't like Buchman here only 6 votes, Confused

Yeah Don't know why that is . I voted for him anyway, I think he'll play solid tight poker all the way through, and with such a big stack he's a great chance I feel.
 shokaku06/11/2009 17:11:19 GMT
Difficult to do something with that chip disadvantage. He needs to double up quite early to have a shot at the first places.
 Combo4Super06/11/2009 20:29:28 GMT
Sorry James, Phill is who's going to win it..
 MANUEDO07/11/2009 17:59:17 GMT
Not so many chances for him but all can always happen.
Guess who will be the first one out of the final table ?
Yes, right answer.
 Harry929508/11/2009 16:28:50 GMT
I agree
 ZmxPowah09/11/2009 06:57:07 GMT
Phil will win for sure... he will double fast and k.o others.
 shokaku09/11/2009 07:07:55 GMT
Posted by ZmxPowah:
Phil will win for sure... he will double fast and k.o others.

Phil went out in 7th.

It is heads up between Cada and Moon. Cada has double the chips of Moon.

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