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RummyRoyal Hosts Four BankrollMob Freerolls for Xmas Month

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Posted on 03 December 2009 by "K".

RummyRoyal BankrollMob freerollDuring December, the home of online rummy games will be hosting four private freerolls specially made for BankrollMob members. All freerolls have $100 prizes and will be played with games of Kalooki 51 and Rummy 500, one by one. So you collect the freebies elsewhere, RummyRoyal is all about cash Smile
Here is the Freerolls schedule and the games for each one:

  • Tuesday, December 8th, 19:00 GMT – Kalooki 51
  • Tuesday, December 15th, 19:00 GMT – Rummy 500
  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 19:00 GMT – Kalooki 51
  • Tuesday, December 29th, 19:00 GMT – Rummy 500

If you have never played there, here’s how to join the freeroll:

  1. Click here and download the software
  2. When done, choose “Real Mode” (no deposit needed here, but just fill in some details)
  3. In the lobby, choose “$Real Mode” tab and “Multi Tourney” tab
  4. Search for tourney name “BRM private”, click ‘join’ and register!
  5. Practice some Kalooki and Rummy 500 games and come back to play at the freerolls!

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9 comments on "RummyRoyal Hosts Four BankrollMob Freerolls for Xmas Month"

 Davoodoo03/12/2009 18:00:59 GMT

What are the cash-out restrictions if i win money on a freeroll ?
 ZmxPowah03/12/2009 18:11:11 GMT
I like playing rummy .. at home with family when i was a child Tongue.
I tried playing at rummy with people but i sux and lost everythink so.
Anyone could make some guide how to play best? Tongue
 BhStaljin03/12/2009 20:33:33 GMT
I never played that rummy game,nor I know what that is,so I skiping this one
but its god,hope it will be more poker freerolls for a xmas,there I will be
 Larrosa04/12/2009 09:00:28 GMT
Never Played rummy as well , gambleeee!!
 kushguy10104/12/2009 09:59:33 GMT
i got the free $5 they offer then they were like oh you cant use it till you deposit cash. funny haha
 SuperNoob04/12/2009 19:01:38 GMT
only thing i like about rummyroyal is their brm freerolls. nice to have some fun game besides poker. gl everyone
 umarplus06/12/2009 18:23:54 GMT
thanks bankrollmob and rummyroyal. these are always fun. Sleepy
 Ronsaki06/12/2009 21:05:50 GMT
Thanks BRM and RR. Always nice to have some extra free rolls Big Smile

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