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Ladbrokes Poker Joins the Microgaming Network

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Posted on 13 February 2009 by "T".

Ladbokes will be joining the Microgaming Network which means that they will start sharing traffic with poker rooms like Unibet and Cool Hand poker. As a player at Ladbrokes Poker you will not notice any difference when it comes to the actual poker software as they were already using the Microgaming platform.

What you will notice however is a huge increase in traffic at the site since they will now be sharing traffic with all the other sites on the network. For you as a player this is a really good thing as you will find a greater selection of tournaments now and the Sit and Go's will fill up at a much faster pace.

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15 comments on "Ladbrokes Poker Joins the Microgaming Network"

 shokaku13/02/2009 17:51:28 GMT
Migrogaming network??? Never heard of. Blink
 thewizard21313/02/2009 19:21:27 GMT
Microgaming is pretty big, what stone have you just crawled from lol!!!!!(Joke) I've used ladbrokes as one of the main sites i've played on, and really liked it. I guess it's good as they will offer more tournaments more tables etc, but it's a shame as I can't stand the Prima/Microgaming Network. I enjoyed ladbrokes as an independent so i guess i won't be playing there anymore. Such a shame.
 mastergryne13/02/2009 19:51:41 GMT
Oh no, not another site that joins microgaming. Im getting tired of that network. The software used to be good, then they went ahead and updated it and made it all confusing.
 polevaulter13/02/2009 20:37:18 GMT
Yes, Migrogaming sounds strange. Smile
But Microgamig is already a huge network, it has many rooms.
I hope that Ladbrokes will have good promotions now!
 ljuban13/02/2009 22:33:08 GMT
ya i lot of us regular player didnt like the swich, we like ladbrokes as it was, but been playin now for few days and think i will get over it, ther way more action, u can start a sng verry fast now, plus i got euro tables now, but ive seen a lot of regular players leave because of the change 2 bad, but ull never see me turn my back at Ladbrokes, because they got some good promo's runnin like the rakerace, and the 10000 added mtt with buyin just for ladbrokes player and as low as $ 5.50 buy in, and there freezouts!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 reede14/02/2009 18:51:13 GMT
This is good. Microgaming has got everything a pokernetwork needs
 guille22xt14/02/2009 22:10:08 GMT
They will be holding 2k freerolls all week too :O Nice news haha
 Calmplay15/02/2009 05:59:20 GMT
I'm not a big fan of this network's poker software, it's now worse since the updates. But I like Ladbrokes because it's sportsbook is simply worldclass imo Thumbs Up
 tipa15016/02/2009 08:46:28 GMT
i plai and that is cool
 mild7717/02/2009 20:26:39 GMT
Очень хорошо!!!

Very well!!!
 vetiver18/02/2009 20:36:13 GMT
about bloody time..
 river_mantel23/02/2009 10:20:12 GMT
ive not played on the ladbrokes site since they ditched the forum,they dont seem to be very customer freindly.
 Calmplay23/02/2009 12:48:50 GMT
Posted by river_mantel:
ive not played on the ladbrokes site since they ditched the forum,they dont seem to be very customer freindly.

If you like a sportsbetting, then you're missing a lot for not playing at Ladbrokes.
 Tabby02/03/2009 15:49:25 GMT
well i guess it was about time. good thing is that there is going to be more fishes hehe
 kekambas30/03/2009 18:07:02 GMT
Ladbrokes is a great room to play and they have always nice and agressive promotions.

If you like betting on sporst events, the place is really convivial and complete too.

You get also nice and prompt support

One of my favorite Cool

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