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Posted on 09 February 2009 by "K".

Vulcan PokerJust wanted to let you know, that all of you who applied for Vulcan Poker bonus and were approved, have now been paid.

We're sorry for the delay!

Don't forget we have 2x $300 Vulcan Poker freerolls scheduled, 1 in February and 1 in March.

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78 comments on "Vulcan Poker - ALL BONUS REQUESTS PAID!"

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 channy_8910/02/2009 13:04:10 GMT
what a load of bullsh1t this is a think there just trying to fob us off with lame excuses!!! am not happy with this at all!!!!

think we should all start a war with vulcan lol.

just arguin with online surrport on vulcan poker about theres no bonus code to put in hes more a less calling me a lier!!!
 Flangel10/02/2009 14:36:43 GMT
Same here
Now they claim I never dealt with Bankrollmob WTF
 channy_8910/02/2009 14:40:18 GMT
not only was the guy calling me a lier but bankrollmob too!
 Davoodoo10/02/2009 15:39:58 GMT
this (no deposit bonus offer) is a good way to see if a poker site is working smooth and without problems wich in this case it ISNT ...
 channy_8910/02/2009 15:52:48 GMT
very true a know a wont be putting cash on that site!

might turn round and ask me if a want too wait 8 days till it goes onto my account
 Flangel10/02/2009 16:19:54 GMT
Well I made a huge complaint against Vulcan, but they dont seem to care.
I am an affiliateon ipokernetwork for 2 rooms with even a no deposit bonus I offer and country manager / marketing for another one ( I cant mention wich ones Smile )
But I never have problems dealing out those Bonuses.
 channy_8910/02/2009 16:24:59 GMT
a dont think they do care for the people who play there or there site!! a will carry on asking surrport about my bonus on vulcan am not letting this 1 slip
 bodra10/02/2009 16:45:45 GMT
Until now i have nothing to complain about vulcan.
 channy_8910/02/2009 16:59:25 GMT
well now u do lol and a thought we might have heard somthing from brm by now!
 richlynx10/02/2009 17:35:57 GMT
still nothing from brm (
 ressa10/02/2009 17:45:08 GMT
VPR97199922 still awaiting payment Sad
 channy_8910/02/2009 18:03:46 GMT
still nothing here! dont know why brm aint got back too US!!
 Davoodoo10/02/2009 20:35:12 GMT
Why is it that way that the majority of the persons claiming that vulcan poker is a great site only have 1-2 posts and are very fresh members???!!! Big Smile Blink (joke)

Probably vulcan support team that are posting good comments about Vulcan poker instead of answering our questions about the no deposit bonus HAHAHAHA (REALLY joke)
 Flangel10/02/2009 22:31:54 GMT
This is totally crap, a big Joke.
Luckily I dont work with Vulcan Poker. They keep lying, and there support tells different stories to me
 channy_8911/02/2009 00:41:05 GMT
yup a think they need too take the finger out there a$$ and start paying people there bonus money a might make an offical complaint about the site!
 M4KUM8A11/02/2009 01:28:00 GMT
che alguien que hable españ dicen como recibir el bonoy como jugar????
espero respuesta gracias
 mlkiii11/02/2009 11:12:41 GMT
my bonus has just come through in the last half an hour! Patience is the key all. Thanks BRM!!
Good luck all!
 ukgunner11/02/2009 13:01:54 GMT
omg i have now rcvd my bonus better late than never tyvm brm
 mastergryne12/02/2009 19:29:28 GMT
Hope the offer will come back soon. I missed it Sad
Well good luck to the players that received it
 DUDEHIGHLAND12/02/2009 21:36:00 GMT
o yeh. cash...cach and cach out.
 soreflo13/02/2009 06:00:42 GMT
thank you so much very good forum
 ITiLt4FuN02/03/2009 04:14:47 GMT
I missed the offer too Sad But for sure they will bring it on Blink
 Noogey02/03/2009 09:15:52 GMT
Sad Sad

Missed the offer, when are you going to offer new bankroll for Vulcan ?
 boyndahood02/03/2009 13:36:22 GMT
thanks, and thanks for the reminder, i almost forgot i have been registered to vulcan poker, i'll play those freerolls Worship
 Calmplay02/03/2009 13:39:38 GMT
Posted by Noogey:
when are you going to offer new bankroll for Vulcan?

I also wanted to know when, I think we'll need to wait a couple of months once again. Be patient mates.

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