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Rummy Royal - free $5 no deposit bonus

Tags: BankrollMob, no deposit bonus, RummyRoyal.
Posted on 02 March 2009 by "K".

Rummy Royal free $5 no deposit bonus - skillgame bonusRummyRoyal is now offering you a $5 no deposit bonus! Here's how to claim it:

  1. Click here and download.
  2. When finished, choose "Real Mode"
  3. Fill in the required information and the bonus code: 5WELCOME
  4. As soon as you have validated your email address, you will receive $5 directly to your account!

If you somehow missed some steps and already in the platform, just click on "cashier" and continue from step 3.

*Note: You can use this bonus at: "Beginners Tables" - marked in the lobby in purple with the color (B). These tables are available in the "Single Tourney" and "Quick Games" tabs. If you make a first deposit, you can use the bonus in any "real money" table in the application.

Good luck!

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50 comments for "Rummy Royal - free $5 no deposit bonus"

 Administrator02/03/2009 08:53:52 GMT
You asked for it - now you have it ... so start playing some Rummy guys Smile
 doomdy02/03/2009 08:59:51 GMT
Lol i knew it Cool
It was just a matter of time, knew this was coming Big Smile
 XbeckX3202/03/2009 09:26:54 GMT
hmmm well i DONT understand that game sooo ! tryed yesterday but jesuz Aww crap!
 RUMMYROYAL02/03/2009 09:30:45 GMT
Hey XbeckX32,

This really isn't that complicated as you think... just focus on one game - I recommend starting with Kalooki 51 - and play a few games of it until you get. Then if you want, move forward to other games. They are all pretty similar only with small differences anyways.

I suggest you do the flash demo again before playing real time games... it's really easy and fun once you get the hang of it Blink
 XbeckX3202/03/2009 09:37:00 GMT
hmm yes no maybe so i dont know... Big Smile
 intentcity402/03/2009 12:25:17 GMT
no need to thank me mobsters, just vote ME on the best posters thread. Worship Worship
 zsiz8802/03/2009 12:39:03 GMT
i will try it Big Smile now i'm downloading
 MANUEDO02/03/2009 12:45:00 GMT
Thanks for this opportunity.
I'll download it this evening.
Is there the possibility to play NL hold'em ?
 XbeckX3202/03/2009 12:54:23 GMT
no only that wierd game lol hmmm i still dont understand it Aww crap!
 intentcity402/03/2009 12:56:15 GMT
can you play in play money mode ?? if so just practice with that. Blink
 Noogey02/03/2009 13:10:30 GMT
Didn't received my "confirm e-mail" ... So can't try this game that seems really hard to undrstand ...
 boyndahood02/03/2009 13:32:18 GMT
thanks admin, this post rocks, i love free money, and i hope i can win something, but in the first case i'll try and learn how to play it LOL hope i can withdraw my money if i win sick moneey Big Smile
 Tabby02/03/2009 15:47:27 GMT
aint no way in gonna start playing casino games hehe
 Noogey02/03/2009 16:48:41 GMT
Problem : I received my 5$ bonus but I can't use it for playing in real money...

They say to me " In order to play you have to make a first deposit ... " It's not a "no deposit bonus" ???


Ok, had to play "beginner"
 lomax02/03/2009 18:42:37 GMT
i don't know this game...what are the rules?? please where i can find the rules (in italian language because i speak a very bad english) Smile
 preedator7602/03/2009 19:37:00 GMT
i've just tried this offer and played gin. too hard for me, i did'nt know rules. i thought i had to get more points than the other player...
 Chinatello02/03/2009 21:34:53 GMT
It is better to expalain the rules and stuff! xD
 Noogey02/03/2009 21:52:32 GMT
Really easy to understand, they made a video...

Start playing for fun 1 games, Lost 2 games won 2 ---> BR 6.96$ Tongue
 abarr03/03/2009 03:39:22 GMT
gotmine thanks brm. learned 3 versions off the game real easy. nice to have a break from poker. thanks again Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 RUMMYROYAL03/03/2009 07:35:13 GMT
lomax: go here for the italian website, where you will have flash demos, rules etc:

In the platform you can click on the italian flag and that will automatically change it to Italian, and you will not have to see English anymore Smile
 GeneYuss03/03/2009 09:19:37 GMT
Awesome, I was looking to try Rummy.I'll try it out later. Too tired right now.
 doomdy03/03/2009 11:19:38 GMT
Thankyou BRm and RummyRoyal Worship
When i have time i gonna try this offer Smile
 lomax03/03/2009 13:01:09 GMT
thank you so much Rummyroyal... Big Smile i have some problems with english...it't more difficult to find an italian that speak a good english Smile
 allaboutpoker03/03/2009 19:05:45 GMT
lol its really simlpe game, i signed up for the freeroll i had only 10 minutes to learn the game, its pretty straight forward, and i managed to win the freeroll $50 Smile
 Noogey03/03/2009 21:31:06 GMT
nice job allaboutpoker ...

Lost one game had just time to pick one card on the desk ...

RIGGED !!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 cata198204/03/2009 11:56:28 GMT
hello! I have a problem with the bonus; he is saying that:
What should i do?

 just4poker04/03/2009 13:08:07 GMT
lol.......ive been playing @ rummy royal for over a year now.i wasnt able to play the freeroll because of this Sad ....however i have to say kalooki 40 and 51 are so addictive ..if your new to kalooki i would advise people to play rummy first as its the easiest ..and when you want to try kalooki id start with 51 as it is much more easier to get the hang of .......but if people do enjoy and decide to deposit ill see you at the tables ....p.s my name in rummy royal is kitzzz ... goodluck all xx
 paledos04/03/2009 16:36:35 GMT
argh.. just changed my interner provider and it'l take up to 2 wks before I get home connection.. hope this offer lasts a while.. Cool
 laama11/03/2009 16:48:48 GMT
Wov, I have never played rummy before, gotta try it now. Do you have any tips for a beginner?
 Calmplay11/03/2009 16:50:06 GMT
I went broke too but it was a good experience Thumbs Up
 Noogey11/03/2009 18:02:38 GMT
Broke too ...

2nd no deposit bonus ? Agree
 Administrator11/03/2009 18:12:38 GMT
Posted by Noogey:
2nd no deposit bonus ? Agree

Sure - done! It's called "My own credit card" ... say after me everybody: "I will use my own credit card for the 2nd no deposit bonus" Big Smile
 Calmplay12/03/2009 14:57:25 GMT
No no, everybody say: "I will wait for the BRM $100 freeroll first for the chance to win a 2nd no deposit bonus" Big Smile
 Whiskerer12/03/2009 21:06:39 GMT
I played rummy for a couple of hours, but this far it seems awfully luck based to me. There doesn't seem to be much to the game either, fast to master but still from what I have played it's pretty much 95% luck
 Administrator13/03/2009 12:36:36 GMT
Posted by Whiskerer:
from what I have played it's pretty much 95% luck

Rummy is mathematically proven to be a game of skill which is why it also legal in USA and other countries that prohibit online gambling, which is not the case about poker, unfortunately. In my opinon, online poker is more about luck than offline poker, but Rummy is even less about luck than poker Smile
 intentcity413/03/2009 12:45:47 GMT
Posted by Whiskerer:
I played rummy for a couple of hours, but this far it seems awfully luck based to me. There doesn't seem to be much to the game either, fast to master but still from what I have played it's pretty much 95% luck

i agree, sometimes there isnt anything you can do with your hand, its an easy game to learn, so yeah i would say luck has a major part in this game, and poker too.
 Calmplay13/03/2009 14:10:58 GMT
Yep, rummy is really less luck than poker, ok probably a lot more Big Smile hey today I got an email from their support about once again a free $5 no deposit bonus, they sent a code then I redeemed and account got credited Cool
 KG197513/03/2009 19:05:26 GMT
Haven't tried this yet, I used to play rummy with the family years ago, not played in a while. Seems strange to see it online, have to give it a go some time Smile

[edit]Just got the $5 bonus Thumbs Up
 mrnugger15/03/2009 22:28:50 GMT
i have no idea at all what kind of game this is so i don't think i will ask for the 5 $ ... if it would have been 50 $ Big Smile ... than perhaps ...
 candy4217/03/2009 08:19:23 GMT



 tipa15017/03/2009 13:22:23 GMT
like it
 KG197518/03/2009 10:20:44 GMT
Posted by mrnugger:
i have no idea at all what kind of game this is so i don't think i will ask for the 5 $ ... if it would have been 50 $ Big Smile ... than perhaps ...

$50 wouldn't matter if you still can't play it, get the free $5, play some free play games and watch the vids. Took me a few go's to get the hang of it, I'm still crap but at least now I know what's going on Big Smile

Nice to have another card game in your arsenal.
 neviu23/03/2009 17:33:50 GMT
Its kinda hard..
 CunteN23/03/2009 20:14:25 GMT
Anyone cashed out anything yet from Rummy Royal?
 KG197524/03/2009 09:40:12 GMT
Nope and I deposited $13 on top of the free $5. It seems a pure luckster game to me tbh. Every time I play a HU game my opponent seems to take every card I drop, then lays all their cards after about 5 mins play, either that or the game goes on for about an hour with both of us having one card left over waiting on a lucky card to add to the melds.

Poker has much more skill than this.
 ReeLine25/03/2009 09:16:37 GMT
link not work
 -janne199026/03/2009 20:51:19 GMT
kalooki 51 is cool
 Dundig27/03/2009 06:25:17 GMT
I loose Sad
 teiprofi27/03/2009 14:49:47 GMT
any registerd yet in 200 brm freerol?

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