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Poker legends house for sale

Tags: Chip Reese, housing market, las vegas housing market, leemen brothers.
Posted on 22 April 2009 by "T".

After that the financial crises strike all over the world when the Leeman Brothers bank got bankrupt, the housing market hasn't been the same. But one could never ever have imagined that it would affect the sinners city of the world, Las Vegas, where more and more rich people decides to move and invest in property. Now the poker legend Chip Reese house in Las Vegas has been for sale for almost a year, and still no buyer.

Chip Reese is a poker legend that many of the best players in the world really admire and look up to. Chip had a great career playing poker and it really paid off for him. For example he won the H.O.R.S.E event in 2006 WSOP which gave him $1,784,640. Unfortunately Chip passed away 2 years ago after having a bad pneumonia for some time. Chip Reese left lots of money and property after him that his relatives would inherit.

For almost a year Chip's relatives have been trying to sell one of his houses through an estate agent. The house for sale is valued to something a bit less than $6 million U.S. dollars, but also this house has an invaluable value thanks to the legend that used to live there. But the estate agent hasn't been able to find anyone that are willing to pay something close to those kind of money. Now rumors say that Chip's relatives are getting more desperate and now they are selling the house to half its value, around $3 million U.S. dollars. This is probably a great investment for someone that have the money to spare and can wait a couple of years for the housing markets negative trend to turn?

Pictures of the house:



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18 comments on "Poker legends house for sale"

 MANUEDO22/04/2009 12:45:11 GMT
I am sad when I read news like this.
Hope he find a buyer soon to get better cure for his disease
 keram22/04/2009 12:55:12 GMT
wow thats a really nice house, I dont understand why the family wants to sell it now, when the value of the estate is lowered so much. Im sure they have inherited some nice cash after Chip's death, so couldn't they just wait some time until the estate market will come out straight???
 daverj22/04/2009 17:40:19 GMT
they should make a poker tournet with the house as the main prize. would be a nice tribute
 Jodoli22/04/2009 17:46:20 GMT
Lol nice idea, a poker tourney with his house as prizepool! Lol but really, i dont think it is a good idea trying to sell a house like that in the times we are now, we are in a big crisis, they should wait for very times. But of course money is needed everytime!!!
 fcumred22/04/2009 17:48:18 GMT
Why dont the admin at BRM arrange a huge buy in event sponsored by all the poker sites and see if they can earn enough to buy it outright then turn it into a poker museum..

Be great publicity and would keep the legends name alive

Big Smile
 B1gfoot22/04/2009 18:43:47 GMT
Indeed a nice house, but to sell it all they have to do is drop the price, it is no longer worth what it was worth, and its all relative so they wont lose out on the money that they didnt have.
And even for 3mill there are a lot of nicer places to buy.
Cmon they drop price by 50% they know they are being greedy and trying to rip ppl of over a name.
 w00zy22/04/2009 20:15:50 GMT
nice house but i wouldn't buy that house if i had the money... i would prefer a penthouse in the strip Big Smile
 thpe94ad23/04/2009 12:28:47 GMT
daverj => not a bad idea
 CunteN23/04/2009 14:02:20 GMT
Wow, that house is really sick!..
Maby i shall buy it Smile Blink Just need some more referrals and im there! Big Smile
 Soumik23/04/2009 22:38:40 GMT
lol very nice "house" because this is litle keep Smile ok lets start grinding nl 10 and after 10 years i buy it
 GeneYuss24/04/2009 03:32:29 GMT
Whoa, nice house. They have to sell cause they're losing money everyday it sits but it's always hard to sell the most expensive house in a neighbourhood..
 shuggee24/04/2009 06:19:56 GMT
It looks like a nicehiuse but I don't lkie that style very much. It would cost a fortune to redecorate. I think I'll just hang on to my $3 million for the time being.
 doomdy24/04/2009 09:40:31 GMT
Very nice house like it Smile

1 off my dreams go too vegas some day with gf and kiddo Smile
 dunotra24/04/2009 20:05:25 GMT
Yes a very nice house if I had the money I would bye it and turn it into a harfway house for drugy's and alcolicks and use the gronds for a travler carvan site ... so as to bring the price of the surounding property's down ....And then bye them all up Dollar
 xxxbchxxx25/04/2009 00:14:26 GMT
Why dont we all CHIP IN together and make it the BRM hotel.... Worship Worship Worship
 DrTre121326/04/2009 03:32:47 GMT
fcumred, that's a great idea! Poker museum AND a way to keep his legendary status alive!
 Fakiry26/04/2009 15:56:20 GMT
Now this is my dream. When i conquest a big enough bankroll to buy it, i will make an offer with cash in the hand just to see what they say!!! $ Smile$ It really should be good to be lots of rich!!! Blink
 Lordslayer26/04/2009 19:15:49 GMT
Wow hope i will get enought money wiht poker to buy this delicious house ^_°

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