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WPT Venice: Two Swedes dominated the final table

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Posted on 11 May 2009 by "T".

It came to be a final table dominated by two Swedish poker players in WPT Venice. Ragnar Åström took home the whole tournament after beating his fellow countrymen Martin Jacobsson in heads-up. Ragnar Åström received €397,960 for the win.

Michael "Timex" McDonald was the most notable player that made it to the final table in WPT Venice. But it came to be the two Swedish poker players, Ragnar Åström and Martin Jacobsson that had the final battle for the first prize of €397,960 as they were playing heads-up.


This is how the final hand was played out

Ragnar Åström 4Spade4Diamond
Martin Jacobsson KHeart6Heart

The flop came 7Diamond 7Club JHeart and turn AHeart, no action cards with other words. But when the river card 4Heart landed on the table the action was really on. Åström was first out to act, he checked with his full house. Jacobsson was quite sure he had the best hand at this point, with his rivered nut flush, therefore he made a smaller bet to get something out of the pot. But to his surprise, Ragnar Åström, moved all-in and was then called almost instantly by Martin Jacobsson, who probably wasn't that happy with the river card which gave them both a monster hand.

Martin Jacobsson recieved €238,840 for his second place, and Ragnar Åström got €397,960 for the win.



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8 comments on "WPT Venice: Two Swedes dominated the final table"

 Fakiry11/05/2009 18:04:36 GMT
And that "kid" McDonald came to the final table still huh? Who would say? The only star passing to the second day ... I do not know how he was eliminated from the final table, I can't find that info anywhere. Congrats to the swedes, who are beginning to trace a way in poker!
 SpeedMix11/05/2009 18:07:46 GMT
Why you say he's star, he just complete 2 ITM at European Poker Tour... if you talk about Joao Barbosa the best ITM of the year
 Jodoli11/05/2009 23:48:27 GMT
Yeah Joao Barbosa is the real star in this EPT he made a lot of " iin the money" positions! He is an excellent revelation. He won the warsaw EPT event and I think he gonna win a a lot of more live events!
 Vishera12/05/2009 09:04:21 GMT
good job
 GeneYuss12/05/2009 09:45:54 GMT
Pretty bad river card for the guy with the flush.
 doomdy12/05/2009 10:55:16 GMT
Sick but very nice last hand.
Both guys must be stunnished after they saw eachothers hand Smile
 shokaku12/05/2009 13:02:14 GMT
Don't go bananas with a straight or a flush on a paired board Smile

Online some people would speak of an "action river" Blink
 MANUEDO12/05/2009 14:24:31 GMT
Congratulations of course.
I lloked at this tournament with attention and I mind for big pro's were eliminated before going to final table.
In particular Mineri played wey aggressive, reasing and reraising almost every hand: you could buy a ticket just to see him playing.

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