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theASHMAN103 Wins $25K Heads-up Event at Full Tilt Poker

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Posted on 26 May 2009 by "M".

The winner of the 2009 Full Tilt Poker Heads-Up Championship with a $25K buy in has been crowned. After beating David Benefield in the last head-up match it was "theASHMAN103" that took down the first prize in this tournament which was $551.250.

In total there were 63 players who participated in this tournament and a lot of these players were some of the biggest names in poker.

Here are the results from the tournament:

1. theASHMAN103 - $551.250
2. David Benefield - $315.000
3. WinnerFish - $165.375
4. yogiblair - $165.375
5. Past - 94.500
6. Kadabra - $94.500
7. IvanLendL - $94.500
8. Vaga_Lion - $94.500

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10 comments on "theASHMAN103 Wins $25K Heads-up Event at Full Tilt Poker"

 Zindra26/05/2009 13:45:45 GMT
Congratulations for him ^^, and all the other winners of course!
 shokaku26/05/2009 14:40:28 GMT
Full tilt pros didn't run to well. Ivey, Lindgren, Bloch were all eliminated in the first round.
 guille22xt26/05/2009 16:18:15 GMT
I watched some matchs, I thought Benefield was going to win, but he was totally owned by theashman haha.
 Gottfriedx26/05/2009 16:26:03 GMT
I watched most too, lovely matches. Congrats...
 MAKKINA26/05/2009 16:34:49 GMT
Congratulations. Go for it
 Jodoli26/05/2009 22:24:38 GMT
Congratulation tho the winners! I like playing heads up tourneys. But sometimes it can be really difficult. When I was playing in titan my strategy was 5$ sit&go heads up, so i have some experience. But now i give up of that and in the future i will only play cash games!
 Bizla26/05/2009 23:00:34 GMT
I'm glad benefield did well. I read his blog everyday. Seems a nice guy in real life
 GeneYuss27/05/2009 08:13:54 GMT
How does it work when there is an old number of players, won't some players have to play more then once in the round?
 alexfirst27/05/2009 15:32:48 GMT
Congratulations. Some time and my name will be in the list of winners Smile

I hope...
 Fakiry27/05/2009 16:23:23 GMT
Congratulations theASHMAN103! Its always good to ear that a "John Doe" poker player (please don't be offended) beats pokerstars. That works as an incentive to amateur players who dream on becoming big!
Now you just have to take your prize to the tables and double ou triple it! Big Smile

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