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Free $35 Bankroll at for BankrollMob members

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Posted on 04 May 2009 by "M".

We are happy to announce a brand new no deposit bonus at VC Poker for all our members at Most of our members will be able to take part of this no deposit offer as the only countries that are excluded at the moment are America Samoa, Antigua and Bermuda, Estonia, Hong Kong, Israel, Micronesia, Netherlands Antilles, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United States, US Virgin Island and US Minor Outlying Islands.

This is a $35 no deposit bonus and it is available right now. All you need to do in order to get this free bankroll is to go to our VC Poker no deposit page and follow the instructions.

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26 comments on "Free $35 Bankroll at for BankrollMob members"

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» Free $35 Bankroll at for BankrollMob members

 dlkiv04/05/2009 21:01:42 GMT
Thanks BRM just applied Big Smile
 hum11104/05/2009 21:14:04 GMT
very nice news =)
i just lost my stack in action poker =(
 codipet04/05/2009 21:37:43 GMT
very nine news ...but i use this bonus .....a long time ago
 racpxt04/05/2009 21:40:38 GMT
More iPoker. Ok, nice, but I will try it later. To much bonus to clear for now.
Waiting for the next one.
 w00zy04/05/2009 23:29:59 GMT
too bad i allready have an account in vc poker. maybe the next no deposit bonus i can use Smile
 xxxbchxxx05/05/2009 02:42:55 GMT
errr ive already had an account with them so ill no be winning there Aww crap!
 Albert05/05/2009 06:54:34 GMT
thanks Will use it.
 zsiz8805/05/2009 08:33:22 GMT
thank you, but i have an account there Big Smile and i already used this bonus
 shokaku05/05/2009 08:35:32 GMT
Posted by zsiz88:
thank you, but i have an account there Big Smile and i already used this bonus


It was a $10 + $25 in pending bonus. The bonus released in chunks of $5.
 vjspain05/05/2009 09:29:34 GMT
Thanks I used this wonderfull bonus and be very good for my bankrool
 zsiz8805/05/2009 11:08:10 GMT
Posted by shokaku:

It was a $10 + $25 in pending bonus. The bonus released in chunks of $5.

It is an another bonus?
But if I have an acc I can't request now Sad
 shokaku05/05/2009 12:05:27 GMT
Posted by zsiz88:
Posted by shokaku:

It was a $10 + $25 in pending bonus. The bonus released in chunks of $5.

It is an another bonus?

Was one direct from VCPoker. (~ a year ago)

But the terms of the new one look similar.
 bless905/05/2009 13:41:55 GMT
I appreciate this, too bad I already used their bonus Confused
 fcumred05/05/2009 14:08:21 GMT
No offence, but you can get this anyway with or without BRM.

This promotion is open to anybody that signs up to VC Poker and enter the code FREEMONEY
 Jodoli05/05/2009 15:42:51 GMT
Yep the promotion is open with the code freemoney, but with an exception. I tried that promotion, the promotion include players from Portugal when i signed it. Two days after the money wasnt there! I talked to support and they said that the promotion NOW do not include Portugal!!! The day after I adhere they decided that Portugal wasnt eligible! How can I trust in a room like that!
Anyway, I can see that here in bankrollmob Portugal is in the list of the eligible Countries.
 Davoodoo05/05/2009 18:33:19 GMT
Yes i now have 50 $ when playing against a super DONK ... what are the cash out restrictions Big Smile Big Smile
 B1gfoot05/05/2009 20:15:31 GMT
Been there, done that, got the emails.
Good site and a very easy bonus to release, think it was of my first NDB that i ever got, and I got it almost the second i asked :} so should be no probs, cash out was reasonabull and lots of action, GL guys.
(also VC liet you or did let you get a 2nd NDB after 6 months of not playing, any chance admin)
 SaLVaRSaN05/05/2009 21:28:14 GMT
sound s good
 keram05/05/2009 21:53:26 GMT
Thx BRM, Finally soem new no deposit bonus that where I don't have an account yet Agree I will apply for it soon, but first I need to built up my bankroll at PKR. I'm doing pretty well there so far, in a couple of days I have almost $100 starting with the BRM bonus of $25 in tourney tickets Big Smile
 partyraiser305/05/2009 22:16:42 GMT
thnx brm I now this site it's a verry good poker site
 Fakiry06/05/2009 12:52:25 GMT
Too bad i already have an account here... What a stupid i was! Sad When i was a kid i was hanging around on poker sites just to get to know the game, and now i can't open a real account. I think one day i will contact poker hosts to see if they solve my problem letting me open a new account, with their knowledge... lets see...
 ifp13/05/2009 10:51:40 GMT
Great offer....i will play mine soon... Big Smile
 goofyboy13/05/2009 10:59:11 GMT
Nice offer... too bad made account to VC Poker about 6 months ago.
Good for newcomers
 MrMan13/05/2009 11:05:44 GMT
VC Poker was the site I got my first no-deposit bonus from.
Directly, not trough a site like BRM.

But I did not play so good in the begining so I lost the money the first week.
Have not tried it since.
 partyraiser313/05/2009 15:21:41 GMT
this is a very good poker site. i already have an account here al so.

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